Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 231

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Chapter 231: 231

Chapter 231 Fight to the Death

The chick that had been standing on Zhou Wen’s shoulder suddenly spat out a golden flame that sprayed onto the black-armored, white-haired ghost’s palm .

When the golden flame touched the white-haired ghost’s palm, it was as if a spark had encountered gasoline . It immediately ignited and the ghastly hand caught fire .

Good bird . Zhou Wen was overjoyed as he turned around and continued fleeing .

Although the chick was magical, it had not long been born . Its level was too low now, so no matter how powerful its flames were, it would probably not be able to burn the black-armored, white-haired ghost to death .

Indeed, the black gas emitted by the black-armored, white-haired ghost surged out, extinguishing the golden flames that engulfed his palm . His charred palm also rapidly recovered amidst the black gases, and his eyes showed anger as he chased again .

What a haunting presence! Zhou Wen suddenly felt that at times, people really couldn’t believe in superstitions . Ever since he had the Bamboo Blade, his luck had really deteriorated significantly .

On this return trip, a new dimensional zone had appeared out of nowhere . There were even creatures that had broken out of containment and they were unlucky enough to encounter them .

Truth Listener and Banana Fairy rushed over to help Zhou Wen fend off the black-armored, white-haired ghost . Zhou Wen had also pushed Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to its limits, hoping to escape the calamity .

However, the black-armored, white-haired ghost had extremely high intelligence . He already knew that Truth Listener’s and Banana Fairy’s weakness was that their levels weren’t high, so he ignored them . He sent them flying and continued targeting Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen kept ordering Ghost Bride to fight, but all she did was tremble as she slowly floated towards the black-armored, white-haired ghost . Clearly, she was horrified .

Zhou Wen dodged in the air like an eagle several times, but he failed to completely dodge the black-armored, white-haired ghost’s palm attacks . He was just seconds from having his neck grabbed .

Seeing his furious gaze, Zhou Wen had no doubt that he would snap his neck .

After I return, I’ll definitely stay at home and game in peace . I won’t come out again no matter what, Zhou Wen thought to himself as he prepared to activate his Sigh of the King .

Although the Sigh of the King was potent, his body couldn’t withstand such immense power . Furthermore, it was unknown if it was effective against the black-armored, white-haired ghost, but now, using it meant a last-ditch effort . If his attack failed, death was certain for him .

The white-haired ghost dodged the flames spewed out by the chick . Just as it was about to grab Zhou Wen, a bolt of lightning suddenly descended from the sky and struck the white-haired ghost’s head . It was Li Xuan who cleaved down with the Thundergod Sword .

The white-haired ghost frowned slightly . He moved his body sideways and flipped his hand, sending the ghastly gases to blast Li Xuan and his sword away .


Li Xuan’s body slammed into the ground paved with stones, shattering the area .

“Li Xuan!” Zhou Wen cleaved at the white-haired ghost while shouting .

Li Xuan did a backflip from the rubble and charged at the white-haired ghost again, his Thundergod Sword weighing him down .

The white-haired ghost’s figure flashed as he grabbed the Bamboo Blade with one hand and grabbed the Thundergod Sword with the other . He violently flung Zhou Wen and Li Xuan to the ground .

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As gravel flew, Zhou Wen felt his face deform from being smashed . It was possible that his bones were fractured as blood gushed out from his nose .

Li Xuan’s condition wasn’t any better as he crashed into the stony earth .

The white-haired ghost’s body descended and its feet were just about to step on both of their heads .


Ah Lai rushed over and kicked the white-haired ghost in the chest, sending him flying backward .

Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate any further as he channeled the Sigh of the King . Instantly, the strange power blasted out like a volcanic eruption .

A beam of light descended on Zhou Wen . Li Xuan and company couldn’t see the shadow, but Zhou Wen could sense that it was a woman, but he couldn’t see her clearly .

Terrifying power instantly filled Zhou Wen’s entire body, making him feel like he could blast through everything .

He was unwilling to waste any more time since the Sigh of the King’s power only grew stronger . If too much time passed, the power might explode his body . Zhou Wen had to finish off the Ghost King before his body crumbled .

Seeing the Ghost King charge at him again, Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate to use Transcendent Flying Immortal . His body transformed into a lightning flash as he faced the black-armored, white-haired ghost .

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The Bamboo Blade slashed at the Ghost King’s black armor once again, tearing open a deep rift . The black gas in it immediately surged out like a fountain .

The black-armored, white-haired ghost’s expression changed . His figure flashed like a ghost and disappeared into thin air . The subsequent attacks of Transcendent Flying Immortal missed due to the target suddenly disappearing

When the black-armored, white-haired ghost appeared again, it was already tens of meters away . Its trajectory didn’t show, as though it had teleported over .

Zhou Wen felt the power in his body turn increasingly violent . Without any hesitation, he used Transcendent Flying Immortal again .

Originally, with his Primordial Energy, he could only use Transcendent Flying Immortal once before being enervated . However, with the Sigh of the King, Zhou Wen felt that he could use Transcendent Flying Immortal countless times . He didn’t need to worry about over-exerting his Primordial Energy, as though his body had infinite Primordial Energy .

This feeling made Zhou Wen excited and extremely worried . He was like a baby swinging a sledgehammer-he could hurt himself at any moment due to his lack of power . His body’s strength was insufficient to control the Sigh of the King .

Transcendent Flying Immortal streaked across the sky instantly and appeared in front of the black-armored, white-haired ghost . However, his figure phased away and vanished once again . It made Zhou Wen unable to sense his aura, preventing him from locking onto it . This Transcendent Flying Immortal missed again .

Zhou Wen’s expression changed slightly as his body showed signs of overexertion . If he couldn’t quickly finish off the white-haired ghost soon, he would probably implode .

However, the white-haired ghost possessed a technique that was similar to teleportation . No matter how strong or fast he was, it was useless if he couldn’t touch the white-haired ghost .

When the white-haired ghost appeared again, Li Xuan charged forward and slashed at its head with the Thundergod Sword .

The white-haired ghost was somewhat afraid of Zhou Wen’s strength, but he thought nothing of Li Xuan . With a slight blink, he dodged Li Xuan’s Thundergod Sword and pressed Li Xuan’s head to the ground with one hand .


Rocks flew everywhere as Li Xuan’s head crashed into a huge crater on the ground . Blood splattered out along with the rubble .

Zhou Wen was alarmed . This strike had probably crushed Li Xuan’s head .

However, just as the white-haired ghost was about to retract his hand, Li Xuan suddenly grabbed his arm with both hands and leaped up . He clung tightly to the white-haired ghost and shouted at Zhou Wen, “Kill him!”

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