Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 232

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Chapter 232: 232

Chapter 232 Slaying Ghost King

Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate . With Transcendent Flying Immortal, he traversed more than ten meters in an instant and slashed his Bamboo Blade at the white-haired ghost like a bolt of lightning

The black gas exploded from the white-haired ghost’s body, causing Li Xuan’s blood to spray . He didn’t know how many bones had been broken, but he refused to release his tight grip .

Realizing that he couldn’t shake Li Xuan off, the white-haired ghost tried to teleport with Li Xuan . However, Ah Lai, who had rushed over, hugged his other leg . The ghost was clearly much slower attempting to teleport with the two of them, allowing Zhou Wen to discover the secret of his teleportation .

It wasn’t teleportation at all; it was just a fast-moving art, but because it was so fast, it looked like it was an instant transmission .

Li Xuan risked his life to hold him back, and with Ah Lai joining, his speed immediately slowed down, allowing Zhou Wen to see the white-haired ghost’s trajectory clearly .

Transcendent Flying Immortal moved like lightning as they intertwined and slashed at the black-armored, white-haired ghost .

The extremely hard armor was cleaved apart by Zhou Wen’s redoubtable strength as if it was tofu as cracks appeared one after another .

Large amounts of black smoke spewed out from the cracks in his armor, and soon, his body appeared close to tearing apart .

However, a strange scene happened at that moment . The black-armored, white-haired ghost gave a long roar as it enveloped the entire land that was the nether realm . The white-robed ghosts and red-dressed female ghosts turned into streams of ghost aura that surged towards him .

As there were too many ghosts around him, large amounts of ghostly aura surged into his body, quickly restoring the damage to his body . The armor that was on the brink of collapse was stabilized .

Zhou Wen knew that this wasn’t going well . His body was almost at its limits . If this strike couldn’t kill the black-armored, white-haired ghost, he still had a high chance of killing him by using Transcendent Flying Immortal again . However, his body would probably not be able to withstand it either . He would probably implode while using Transcendent Flying Immortal .

Just as Zhou Wen was lamenting the turn of events, Ghost Bride beside him let out a scream as she emitted a red glow .

In the domain of the black-armored, white-haired ghost, her ghostly aura was also sucked away, preventing her from escaping . Finally, she unleashed all her potential .

Although it was said to be all her potential, there was only one talent skill that she had never used . It was also the Jinxes Husband skill that he had no idea how to use .

When the red glow radiated outwards, Zhou Wen and company didn’t feel anything, despite being illuminated by the red light . The black-armored, white-haired ghost was also illuminated by the red light . Immediately, the ghostly aura in his body was thrown into chaos . The ghostly aura that had been sucked into his body to heal it turned chaotic . Not only did it not repair his body, it even affected his own ghostly aura .

“Die!” Zhou Wen released all his strength as the remaining half of Transcendent Flying Immortal was unleashed with even more terrifying might . It transformed into bolts of lightning that meshed together, striking the black-armored, white-haired ghost .


The black-armored, white-haired ghost’s body was shattered as the black armor was scattered everywhere . The ghostly aura in his body also exploded, sending Li Xuan and Ah Lai flying

Zhou Wen retracted the power of Sigh of the King and landed back on the ground . He lost his balance and fell to the ground . His skin was crimson red—a result of his blood vessels and meridians bursting . Under such immense pressure, all his bones would have fractured . If he had delayed a little while longer, he would have been killed by his Life Providence without needing the black-armored, white-haired ghost to do the honors .

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“Li Xuan, Ah Lai, are you alright?” Zhou Wen struggled to stand up, but it was to no avail no matter how hard he tried . His bones were fractured and he couldn’t stand the pain even if he didn’t move . Any movement made it excruciating

Meanwhile, Ah Lai helped Li Xuan up from the rubble . “I’m fine . Li Xuan’s condition isn’t too good . ”

“I won’t die . ” Li Xuan was covered in bloodeven his face was indiscernible, making him look extremely terrifying . With his powerful recovery abilities, he still didn’t show any signs of improvement, proof of his serious injuries .

They had just said a few words when their expressions turned nasty . They were already unable to continue fighting, but the red-dressed female ghosts suddenly surrounded them . They bared their fangs and brandished their claws as if they wanted to skin them alive .

If this were in the past, Zhou Wen and company wouldn’t have been afraid of the red-dressed female ghosts . No matter how many of them blocked their path, they could still charge out .

But now, three and a half of the four were equivalent to trash . They were not combat-fit . More critically, they didn’t even have the ability to escape . They could only stand their ground and await death .

“I never expected that I, Li Xuan, would die in the hands of a female ghost . Alright, dying in the hands of a beautiful female ghost is better than being eaten by those ugly beasts . ” Li Xuan also knew that he was unlikely to survive today, but he didn’t feel any fear . He looked up and said to Zhou Wen, “Old Zhou, I’m afraid you and I are both going to hell . When we go to hell, remember me . Don’t forget me . When the time comes, let’s wreak havoc in hell . ”

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen also knew that there was no way they could survive this ordeal as he nodded in response .

Ah Lai sighed softly . “It’s a pity I still haven’t remembered what happened in the past . ”

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Zhang Yuzhi hobbled towards Zhou Wen and company with her injured legs, but she collapsed to the ground . Only Zhou Wen’s pets were still fighting, but the red-dressed female ghosts were like an unending tidal wave . With the opening the red-dressed female ghosts detected, they lunged over and threw the four into despair .


A beam of light flashed as the heads of the red-dressed female ghosts flew into the air . At the same time, a figure appeared in front of them .

“Brother Sheng, you aren’t dead?” Li Xuan was overjoyed when he saw the person . It was An Sheng

However, when he saw An Sheng’s appearance, Li Xuan’s expression turned odd . He saw that An Sheng’s clothes were ironed and his shirt was clean and white . Even his hair was neat and tidy . There was no messy hair and there was a smile on his face . He did not look like he had gone through an intense battle .

Furthermore, it was clearly very strenuous for him to kill the ghosts previously, but, this time, this strike had managed to behead dozens of red-dressed female ghosts . This was clearly different from his previous performance .

“Don’t tell me you’re bluffing?” Li Xuan asked with widened eyes .

The others looked at An Sheng as well, but An Sheng said with a smile, “Didn’t I mention that I would take you to a few dimensional zones for training? This Yin Yang Ghost World that just appeared is one of them . I originally thought that I would save you when you were on the brink of death, but I never expected that you could actually kill Ghost King . You did pretty well . Don’t you feel a sense of achievement?”

Li Xuan did not say a word as he showed An Sheng his middle finger . He suddenly understood why many people in Luoyang called An Sheng the Devil’s Adjutant .

An Sheng wasn’t angry either . He played with the dagger in his hand and casually killed the red-dressed female ghosts until they fled in fear, no longer daring to lunge forward again .

He walked to the spot where Ghost King had died and picked up something before stuffing it into Zhou Wen’s hand . “Young Master Wen, this is your spoils of war . It’s very meaningful . The experience gained from life and death is something that no amount of wealth can compare with . ”

Zhou Wen didn’t have the strength to speak . He received the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal that emitted black gas and flipped An Sheng off as well .

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