Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: 233

Chapter 233 Afraid You’ll Be Unhappy

I should have realized it long ago . With Ah Sheng’s meticulousness, why would he take us on such a dangerous path? Besides, he’s the one who led us here . Zhou Wen shook his head slightly . He was glad that Ah Sheng wasn’t an enemy while also warning himself .

This time, An Sheng was not their enemy . But if their enemy treated them this way, how would they deal with it?

Zhou Wen could only warn himself that he had to be more careful in the future .

However, he didn’t lose trust in anyone because of this matter . At the very least, Li Xuan and Ah Lai had chosen to fight alongside him in the life-and-death situation, instead of running for their lives .

Between trust and distrust, Zhou Wen knew that he needed to find a balance .

There was one thing An Sheng was right about . A battle that threatened his life was far more memorable than Zhou Wen gaming . Some things were difficult to understand unless it was a life-and-death situation . The penalty of death in-game ultimately failed to reach the bottom of his heart .

On his way back, Zhou Wen was fiddling with the Ghost King’s Primordial Energy Skill Crystal in his hand . An Sheng told Zhou Wen that the Yin Yang World had only appeared recently, and it was difficult to kill a Ghost King . In fact, a Ghost King was very rare as well, not something that would be encountered every time . Therefore, up to now, very few Primordial Energy Skill Crystal had dropped . The one in Zhou Wen’s hand was the first . Even An Sheng didn’t know what Primordial Energy Skill the Ghost King would drop .

An Sheng also said that he had watched Zhou Wen and company’s entire battle process . If it wasn’t for the strange powers of Ghost Bride restraining the Ghost King, the outcome would have been completely different . The restrictions Ghost Bride had on the Ghost King were too great . It was a very effective weapon against him .

If Zhou Wen was interested and had the time, he could use Ghost Bride to earn money here in the future . There would definitely be people who would hire Zhou Wen’s Ghost Bride .

It was also An Sheng’s first time finding out the abilities of Ghost Bride . In fact, he had never seen a Ghost Bride before, and this was also his first time seeing her .

Not long after the Yin Yang World was discovered, all An Sheng knew about were the red-dressed female ghosts, white-robed female ghosts, and the Ghost King .

However, An Sheng had the ability to control dimensional creatures like ghosts . Therefore, even if two Ghost Kings appeared at the same time, he was confident that he could protect Zhou Wen and company . That was why he brought them here to experience the sensation of life and death . At the same time, he wanted Zhou Wen to experience the dimensional creatures of the ghost type . Otherwise, he wouldn’t be mentally prepared when facing them in the future .

What kind of Primordial Energy Skill is it? Zhou Wen didn’t directly absorb it . It was an Epic Primordial Energy Skill Crystal, so directly absorbing it was too dangerous . Zhou Wen planned on absorbing it in-game after returning to the college .

Nothing happened on the way back, as An Sheng successfully got them to Luoyang . When they passed by Eastern Capital, Zhang Yuzhi got out of the car and thanked them . She even added them as friends on social media .

“Did everything go well on the way?” An Tianzuo asked casually as he read the documents in the military camp .

“It went well,” An Sheng answered . “That’s good . ” An Tianzuo frowned slightly as he continued reading the documents .

However, after waiting for a while, he still didn’t hear An Sheng speak . An Tianzuo looked up at An Sheng, who was standing by the side, and asked, “Don’t you have anything to say?”

“Overseer, do you want to know about my matters? Or do you want to know about Zhou Wen’s matters? If it’s the former, you can feel at ease . I was very safe the entire journey,” An Sheng said with a smile .

“Humph, you are becoming more and more presumptuous . ” An Tianzuo’s face sank as he reprimanded An Sheng before continuing, “I heard that he caused quite a stir in Holy City . I’m afraid he will bring trouble to our An family . ”

“In terms of the ability to stir up trouble, he definitely can’t compare to you, Overseer . Besides, even if he were to cause trouble, the An family would be the one causing trouble for him, don’t you think so?” An Sheng blinked as he spoke .

“Ah Sheng, have you been living too comfortably recently? Do you want to go on a training expedition at the front lines?” An Tianzuo put down the documents in his hand and glared at An Sheng .

“Overseer, calm down . I’m just afraid that you won’t be happy if I say something that I shouldn’t say,” An Sheng said meekly .

“I’m very unhappy right now,” said An Tianzuo with a cold expression .

An Sheng wasn’t afraid as he blinked and said, “Alright, I’ll tell you then . If you hear something you don’t like, don’t be angry . ”

“Do you believe that I’ll throw you to the Chess Mountain to guard it?” An Tianzuo said .

“If I were to guard the mountain pass, who else would know your preferences? They wouldn’t even know what tea you like to drink or the ratio of warm water to use . I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to get used to it . ” An Sheng smiled as he made tea for An Tianzuo .

“Do you think I’m apprehensive about dealing with you just because of this? Do you believe that I can find a more capable adjutant to replace you tomorrow and throw you to guard the mountain pass?” With that said, An Tianzuo laughed .

“Yes . ” An Sheng placed the teacup in front of An Tianzuo before saying seriously, “You should already know about Zhou Wen’s situation in Holy City . So what are you asking about?”

“Your evaluation of him . ” An Tianzuo took a sip of tea and slowly said .

“Like I said, I was afraid you would be unhappy,” An Sheng said .

“Speak . ” An Tianzuo only said one word .

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“I think he’s even stronger than you were back then,” An Sheng said .

An Tianzuo immediately put down his teacup and glared fiercely at An Sheng . “Don’t use those exaggerated words . No matter how well you praise him, he will not catch my eye . ”

An Sheng said, “You said that you wouldn’t be angry . If you want to hear lies, I’ll just do as you wish . That punk Zhou Wen is extremely weak . He was capable of defeating six families and Lance not because he’s strong, but because the children of the six families are too disappointing . Zhou Wen merely enjoys undeserved fame . The reason he could kill the Ghost King is because of his sheer luck…”

“Ah Sheng, you seem to think highly of him?” An Tianzuo narrowed his eyes and asked An Sheng

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“I just feel that Zhou Wen is just what Mr . Ouyang said . He’s someone that can be trusted,” An Sheng said seriously .

“Is that so? I don’t think so,” said An Tianzuo indifferently as he picked up the document and read it again .

An Sheng knew An Tianzuo’s habits, so when he saw him pick up the document, he didn’t say another word . All he could do was sigh inwardly . An Tianzuo’s temper was the same as Zhou Wen’s . It was useless for anyone to say anything once he had made up his mind .

Now, An Sheng only hoped that the two of them wouldn’t become enemies in the future . Otherwise, it would be a disaster .

After Zhou Wen returned to his dorm, he took the mysterious phone to snap the Ghost King’s Primordial Energy Skill Crystal . However, he received the notification that his stats were inadequate .

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Zhou Wen took a look and realized that the Ghost King Crystal was the same as the Mutated Fairy Crystal from before . They both had stat and Primordial Energy Art requirements .

The stat requirement was the same as Transcendent Flying Immortal-21 points of Speed . As for the Primordial Energy Art, it required Yin-type Primordial Energy Art .

The few Primordial Energy Arts that Zhou Wen was proficient in now were more neutral . The Ancient Imperial Sutra was clearly more inclined to Yang, and a Buddhist-type Primordial Energy Art like the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra was definitely not Yin-type . As for the First Order of Chaos, it had yet to advance to the Legendary stage . The only one left was the Godfiend Era .

Zhou Wen didn’t have much confidence while switching his Primordial Energy Art to the Godfiend Era All he wanted to do was give it a try . After all, the Godfiend Era hadn’t appeared to be Yin-type in nature . At best, it could only be considered a little more feminine .

To his surprise, the mysterious phone successfully captured the Ghost King’s crystal into the game and successfully absorbed it once he switched to Godfiend Era .

‘Absorbed Ghost King Crystal . Attained Primordial Energy Skill: Ghost Steps . ’

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