Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: 234

Chapter 234 Ghost Steps

Ghost Steps: A moving technique of a ghost with a mysterious, unpredictable effect .

Zhou Wen tested Ghost Steps and discovered that it was a movement technique that resembled the Ghost King’s instant transmission . Ghost Steps wasn’t true teleportation, but an instant burst of extraordinary speed . Due to the sudden burst of speed and suddenness, it looked like one vanished .

Previously, with Li Xuan and Ah Lai holding back the Ghost King, Zhou Wen had seen his trajectory due to the lowering of his speed .

Although it wasn’t true teleportation, it was already enough to pleasantly surprise him . The speed at which the Ghost Steps erupted in an instant was too astonishing . Now, Zhou Wen was only at the Legendary stage, so the speed attained from using Ghost Steps exceeded some at the Epic stage .

However, Ghost Steps was similar to that of Transcendent Flying Immortal . They had higher Primordial Energy requirements, so even Ghost King himself was unable to continuously use Ghost Steps . Zhou Wen was the same, although he could switch to the Dao body to increase his frequency . Typical Primordial Energy was impossible to support Ghost Steps’ consumption .

If I were to maintain the Sigh of the King state, with infinite Ghost Steps and Transcendent Flying Immortal, I’m afraid no one at the same level as me could withstand such terrifying attacks . What a pity . Although Zhou Wen had such thoughts, he knew that it was unlikely he could accomplish that in a short period of time .

The next morning, Zhou Wen took some gifts to meet Wang Mingyuan and his seniors . He also asked Wang Mingyuan about the ivory pendant .

The ivory pendant emitting a chill to resist the flames of the sun in the Sun God Temple had clearly made it extraordinary .

Wang Mingyuan casually said, “That’s not ivory . It’s a type of tooth I found in Dragon’s Well . As for what kind of creature it is, it’s hard to say for now . I’ve carved a total of four pendants . One for each one of you . Consider it a memento . ”

Wang Mingyuan didn’t care about such worldly possessions . Although he knew that these teeth pendants had magical uses, he did not take them to heart .

Zhou Wen asked him some questions regarding combat techniques, and Wang Mingyuan answered them casually .

After Zhou Wen consulted him on Lance’s combat tactics, Wang Mingyuan told him, “It’s not that combat tactics can’t be used, but the average person’s reaction can’t reach that level of thinking in battle . Therefore, most combat tactics are inflexible . It doesn’t change on the spot in a targeted manner . A completely inflexible combat tactic is easily seen through by others, so it has to be used appropriately unless one’s thoughts can reach the standard of a supercomputer, allowing one to react in almost every way possible . Otherwise, it can only be used as support . Don’t deliberately seek out such tactics . ”

Zhou Wen naturally couldn’t reach such a level, so he chose a more normal path, a path that could match both reality and virtuality together in a versatile manner .

By being versatile, faking out the enemy was a competition with the enemy on a psychological and physical level . Although this gave the enemy some time to think, he too would have the time to think and see who was better .

Zhou Wen learned from Wang Mingyuan . Zhong Ziya and Jiang Yan were in the lab every day while Hui Haifeng often went out . He was considered the most active one of Wang Mingyuan’s disciples .

The more Zhou Wen learned from Wang Mingyuan, the more he found Wang Mingyuan’s knowledge unfathomably deep . Furthermore, he had a mild personality and wouldn’t force him to learn anything, nor would he assign him to take a particular path . He was like a lamp that illuminated the world ahead of him . As for the path an individual wanted to take, they could choose it themselves .

The sun was scorching, and the familiar cries of cicadas made the summer feel even hotter .

It was rare for Wang Mingyuan to take the four of them to a classroom . He borrowed a projector and explained some relatively advanced theoretical knowledge and equipment to Zhou Wen and company .

Wang Mingyuan was not only a researcher of dimensional forces, but he was also very accomplished in science .

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Zhou Wen wasn’t too interested in technology, so he sat quietly at the back and played games .

Hui Haifeng listened attentively, but it wasn’t clear if he was really interested or had other plans .

Zhong Ziya was lying on the table sleeping, but the cicadas’ chirping irritated him so much that he couldn’t fall asleep no matter what . He lay there weakly, his eyes staring blankly at the blackboard .

Jiang Yan supported his face with one hand and looked out of the window, as if he was looking at the cicadas on the tree outside and with great interest .

Wang Fei walked to the door and peeked inside the classroom through the gap . She wanted to know how Zhou Wen’s progress under Wang Mingyuan’s teachings .

Upon seeing this, she couldn’t help but feel a little depressed . She thought to herself, Uncle Mingyuan’s personality is just too nice . He spoiled these guys . How can he let them off like this?

Although she had such thoughts, Wang Fei didn’t enter the room to say anything . Firstly, this was Wang Mingyuan’s class, so she had to respect him . Secondly, Wang Fei knew that reprimanding a person like Zhou Wen was useless .

Furthermore, Wang Fei had also heard what Zhou Wen had done in Holy City . Although the six families had started a news lockdown, the news couldn’t be kept under wraps forever .

Wang Fei was Ouyang Lan’s best friend . She had long known from Ouyang Lan, and the tone she used to flaunt him made Wang Fei feel contempt .

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Forget it . It’s already very difficult for this fellow to find an opponent among his peers . It’s unlikely that I can come up with very good ideas to encourage him to continue working hard for the time being . I’ll let him be smug for now . After some thought, Wang Fei decided to ignore Zhou Wen for the time being . After all, Zhou Wen was only a first-year freshman . Compared to the other students, Zhou Wen’s improvement was extremely fast .

However, after Wang Fei returned, she still raised the difficulty of her homework missions . This led her students crying foul .

The students never expected that their homework missions became harder because of Zhou Wen .

Wang Lu walked out of the building with the baby tiger and, when she saw Zhou Wen return after class, she went forward to greet him . “Zhou Wen, are you interested in heading to Dragon Gate Grotto to hunt dimensional creatures?”

“I’m actually caught up with something . I’m afraid I don’t have time,” Zhou Wen said .

“What else do you do? Isn’t it just gaming?” Wang Lu curled her lips, displeased with Zhou Wen’s perfunctory answer .

“That’s right . There’s a part of the game I can’t get past . I wish to make a breakthrough as soon as possible,” Zhou Wen said with a nod .

With Ghost Steps and Transcendent Flying Immortal, Zhou Wen planned on attempting to kill the Golden Flying Ant again or see what was inside the white cocoon .

He had not been able to raise his Primordial Energy and Constitution to 21 all this time, so all he could do was place his target on something tangible first .

“Gaming nerd . ” Wang Lu puffed up her cheeks and left .

Zhou Wen returned to his room and switched on his phone . He chose to enter the Ant Nest and headed straight for Ant City .

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