Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: 235

Chapter 235 Setting Up a Stall

When the blood-colored avatar arrived in Ant City again, it no longer acted as cowardly as before . Zhou Wen’s pets could easily resolve the ant horde without him needing to do anything

After clearing all the ordinary ants, Zhou Wen took his pet to the ant nest at the apex .

The Golden Flying Ant charged straight out . Its speed was extremely fast, even faster than the Ghost King when not using Ghost Steps . Its feet shot out a terrifying golden beam like a blade .

Zhou Wen had allowed the Saber Shield Knight to lead the charge, using his shield to block the golden beam . However, he could only block once . Although he had used a shield Primordial Energy Skill, the shield cracked from the strikes . If another blow landed, the shield would definitely be destroyed .

The Silver-Winged Flying Ant attacked from the side but was instantly killed by the beam shot from the Golden Flying Ant’s eyes . Its wings and body were penetrated .

Truth Listener attacked from the flank but was taken down by the golden beam . Immediately, it retreated with a tragic cry .

Its stats couldn’t resist the Golden Flying Ant’s strength . It was not as powerful as when it faced the Ghost King . Even its fur revealed a wound .

However, this was already considered very strong . Ordinary Legendary creatures would have been killed instantly .

With the banana fan in hand, Zhou Wen fanned at the Golden Flying Ant and instantly sent it flying backward .

Taking this opportunity, Zhou Wen used the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill and charged towards the white cocoon . It was still difficult for him to kill the Golden Flying Ant alone, so he decided to first see what was inside the cocoon .

The Golden Flying Ant’s speed was extremely fast as it instantly charged back . A golden beam shot out of its eyes, trying to kill Zhou Wen on the spot .

Zhou Wen stepped on the nest’s wall and suddenly vanished, leaving the Golden Flying Ant stunned .

By the time Zhou Wen appeared again, he was already in front of the white cocoon . His palm struck the white cocoon in a bid to blast it apart .

However, the strike that was powered by Golden Palm made Zhou Wen feel as though his palm had struck a spring . After the cocoon slightly caved in, it immediately bounced up, sending Zhou Wen flying .

The Golden Flying Ant flashed over to him and the blood-colored avatar that was sent flying back was instantly killed by the golden beam . The game screen turned black .

My full-strength strike failed to deal any damage to the white cocoon? Zhou Wen was slightly surprised as his curiosity towards the white cocoon increased .

Unfortunately, there’s no way to bring the Bamboo Blade in-game . Otherwise, it would be much easier to use Bamboo Blade in-game to split open the cocoon . Zhou Wen wanted to try it again, but the antelope was displeased . It ran over and bit Zhou Wen’s clothes as it pulled him out .

“Alright, I got it . ” Zhou Wen helplessly put away his cell phone and took the antelope out to eat .

During the period Zhou Wen wasn’t around, he had requested Wang Lu to take care of the antelope . Zhou Wen had originally planned on getting Wang Lu to give it some fresh vegetables .

However, who knew that after Zhou Wen returned, this fellow insisted on heading to the school’s cafeteria to eat steak every day .

You are an antelope . You eat grass, alright? Zhou Wen cursed inwardly as he felt a little depressed . He could have just fed it some vegetables without spending much money like in the beginning, but after Wang Lu’s feeding for a few days, the fellow insisted on eating steak daily . If it wasn’t for Zhou Wen’s robbery of many Companion Eggs on his trip and his plans on selling them for a good price, it was unlikely that he could afford to rear it .

It’s true that one is marked by the company one keeps . I definitely can’t let my pets have anything to do with Wang Lu in the future . Zhou Wen subconsciously touched the chick on his shoulder .

After the meal, Zhou Wen planned on selling all the Companion Eggs he had on hand . The money he obtained could be invested in Huang Ji’s game . It wasn’t likely to be a problem to sell so many Companion Eggs for one or two million . He definitely would have some money for the investment .

There was a trading market in the school, so students could purchase or sell the Companion Eggs they obtained there . Zhou Wen scanned the Companion Eggs he had obtained with his mysterious phone and after seeing their types and attributes, he labeled them . Each Companion Egg was labeled with its species and price and nothing else . Zhou Wen began setting up a stall for the first time .

When he arrived at the market, the place was bleak . There was almost no one there, other than two people .

As most of the students were at the Mortal stage, they were unable to use Legendary Companion Eggs . Furthermore, Mortal Companion Eggs were extremely rare . Therefore, typical students would never come here . Those who came were basically the top students of the school .

Typically, students who could advance to the Legendary stage by now were students with good family backgrounds . They didn’t usually lack Companion Eggs, so they wouldn’t go through the trouble of selling the Companion Eggs they obtained .

Therefore, Zhou Wen looked at the empty market and began suspecting if his Companion Eggs could be sold .

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“Isn’t this Zhou Wen? Are you here to buy a Companion Egg? Come and see my Companion Eggs . They are all excellent-grade…” After the only two stall owners in the market saw Zhou Wen, one of them, a senior named Li Yu, immediately had his eyes light up as though he was a wolf seeing its prey . He nearly pounced at him .

The other person who had set up a stall was actually Huang Ji .

“Senior, why are you setting up a stall here?” Zhou Wen asked Huang Ji .

“My lack of money . What else can it be?” Huang Ji said embarrassedly .

“By the way, Senior, didn’t you say you were going to the Holy Land? Why didn’t I see you?” Zhou Wen recalled how Huang Ji had mentioned that he was going to the Holy Land, but when Zhou Wen was there, he didn’t manage to see Huang Ji, despite especially looking out for him .

“You didn’t see me, but I saw you . You were impressive . ” Huang Ji gave a thumbs up .

“I was compelled . Did you obtain anything from your trip to the Holy Land?” Zhou Wen asked again .

“I did gain something . I obtained a God Power Crystal, but that item can’t be exchanged for money, so I’m still short of cash,” Huang Ji said as he sized up Zhou Wen and said with a smile, “You seem to have obtained quite a number of Companion Eggs in the Holy Land . You should be able to sell them for quite a bit, right? Do you plan on investing in my game?”

“Once I sell them for money, I’ll immediately invest in your game,” Zhou Wen said with certainty .

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However, he was somewhat puzzled . Huang Ji had actually said that he had obtained a God Power Crystal and knew that Zhou Wen had robbed many Companion Eggs . That meant that he had likely gone to the Holy Land, but Zhou Wen was puzzled why he hadn’t seen him .

“Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and set up the stall . ” Huang Ji’s eyes lit up .

Zhou Wen set up the stall beside Huang Ji, but other than the three of them sitting in a row, there was no one to be seen .

The trio looked at each other without saying a word .

Having nothing to do, Li Yu was given a fright when he saw the four Companion Eggs Zhou Wen had placed out for sale . “Zhou Wen, isn’t your label fake? Isn’t a Companion Beast like the Broken-Winged Angel something only found in the West district? Also, this Cyclops Behemoth is unique to the West District, isn’t it? This Ice Frost Bear is something from the North district, right? We don’t typically get to see any of this over here . ”

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