Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 236

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Chapter 236: 236

Chapter 236 Selling on Behalf

The Companion Eggs Zhou Wen had snatched were Legendary Companion Eggs which were specially prepared for sale by the various major merchants . Most of them were unique to certain regions and were very few in number . They were considered rather rare types that were scattered all across the globe .

Even if one went to a large Companion Egg store in Holy City, it would be very difficult to see so many different types from so many different regions .

“You’ll know if it’s true if you buy one,” Zhou Wen said .

“That’s fine, but isn’t your price too high?” Li Yu glanced at Zhou Wen’s bid . The Broken-Winged Angel was worth 188,000 . Typical Legendary Companion Eggs could be bought at 10–20,000 . The rare ones went for about 70-80,000 . Only excellent-grade Eggs could exceed 100,000 .

“I referenced the price on the Internet . It’s non-negotiable,” Zhou Wen said .

He had checked the prices on the Internet, but due to the frequent appearance of dimensional zones across the world, traffic was greatly obstructed . The supply chain had become slow and unsafe, and there were often severe losses of goods . Therefore, the scale of Internet transactions was gradually shrinking

If he couldn’t sell it in the college, Zhou Wen could only try his luck at Luoyang’s market . If he still couldn’t get a buyer, he could only sell it to merchants . If that happened, the price would be very low .

Li Yu smacked his lips . “Zhou Wen, I don’t have the money to buy such things . However, if you try here, I’m afraid you won’t be able to sell it either . Why don’t we do it this way? Why don’t you hand over your Companion Eggs to me for selling . I’ll take a ten percent commission for my hard work?”

“Why will you be able to sell it if I can’t sell it here?” Zhou Wen looked at Li Yu with interest .

Li Yu handed a business card to Zhou Wen . “To be honest, I’ve already been accepted by the Royal Pet Store . Although I haven’t graduated yet, I’m already an official employee there . As you can see, there’s no one here . I’m only setting up a stall here due to the company’s requirements . If your Companion Eggs are real, I can help you sell them through the company’s channels . The prices will definitely be high, on the premise that these Companion Eggs are definitely real . ”

Unfortunately, most people didn’t know of the battle in the Holy Land, nor did they know what Zhou Wen had done in Holy City . Otherwise, Li Yu wouldn’t have suspected the authenticity of these Companion Eggs .

“There’s no need . I’ll just sell them by myself . After all, I have nothing to do . ” Zhou Wen knew that Li Yu was planning on doing a lossless business . The risk was all Zhou Wen’s, but the profits had to be shared with Li Yu . Furthermore, Zhou Wen didn’t know how much Li Yu would sell them for .

However, Zhou Wen knew that the fellow wasn’t reliable based on the name of the Royal Pet Store . Together with three other pet stores, it was known as one of the top four scammers in the League . They were well-known to purchase at low prices and sell at high prices, and they liked to play cheap tricks .

Zhou Wen wasn’t too busy himself . He could game while running a stall, so there was no rush .

“Let’s do this . Since it’s not easy to sell these Companion Eggs, why don’t you sell them to me as a package deal? As long as you can guarantee their authenticity, I’ll give you 80,000 each . Four of them makes it 320,000 . Let’s round it off to 300,000 . How about that?” Li Yu added .

“Non-negotiable,” Zhou Wen said as he gamed .

“This Ice Frost Bear is clearly too expensive . An ordinary Ice Frost Bear Companion Egg is only 70-80,000 . Why are you pricing it at nearly 200,000?” Li Yu pointed at the Frost Bear Companion Egg .

“It’s worth every penny . ” Zhou Wen’s Ice Frost Bear was indeed priced very high, but that was because he had seen its stats and knew that it was worth the price .

“If you do business like this, you won’t even be able to sell it in the Luoyang market, much less here . ” Li Yu had never seen Zhou Wen’s sales tactics before . He decided to wait and see; he believed he could buy Zhou Wen’s Companion Eggs at low prices after Zhou Wen realized the cruel reality of the world .

There were very few people in the market . Occasionally, students would come for Li Yu . From the looks of it, his identity as a Royal Pet Store employee wasn’t fake . Occasionally, the student council would entrust him to sell the Companion Eggs they obtained from the dimensional zone .

Although he didn’t offer a high price, the benefit was that money could be directly received without going through the trouble of selling it themselves .

However, the ones that were sold to Li Yu were mostly common Companion Eggs that were nothing spectacular .

“How about it? Did you see that? The students acknowledge me . The price is fair and honest . The price I gave you isn’t low . ” Li Yu took another Companion Egg and flaunted it at Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen ignored him as he continued gaming . By the side, Huang Ji was also doing something on his laptop . His fingers were rapidly tapping on the keyboard, having no time to chat with Zhou Wen .

Seeing that Zhou Wen was ignoring him, Li Yu couldn’t help but mumble, “That’s not the way to do business . You definitely won’t make any sales . ”

As he spoke, another person walked over . When Li Yu saw that person, his eyes lit up .

“Gu Dian, you got another Companion Egg?” Li Yu hurriedly went forward to welcome him warmly .

When Zhou Wen heard Gu Dian’s name, he looked up and indeed saw the devilish-looking man walk in .

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“How much can these Companion Eggs be exchanged for?” Gu Dian threw a bag in front of Li Yu .

Li Yu hurriedly opened the bag and was overjoyed when he saw more than ten Companion Eggs inside . As he appraised them, he said in delight, “This should be a Golden Warrior Companion Egg . Others will pay at most 5,000 to buy them out . On account of us being old friends, I’ll give you 5,500 for it…”

Zhou Wen looked at the Companion Eggs with his cell phone and couldn’t help but be astonished . Li Yu was indeed quite capable . His appraisal of the Companion Egg’s species was right on the money .

However, the price he offered was nothing but a scam . It was basically less than a third of the market price .

A Golden Warrior Companion Egg might only be an ordinary Legendary, but it was an excellent pet for tanking . They were sold for rather high prices on the market . However, the price Li Yu offered was much lower than that of a typical Legendary Companion Egg . He was truly unscrupulous .

“Gu Dian, are you selling these Companion Eggs?” Zhou Wen asked Gu Dian .

Gu Dian was ultimately a member of the Xuanwen Club despite only being recruited to make up the numbers . Zhou Wen didn’t wish for him to be cheated right under his nose .

A person like Gu Dian spent all day in the dimensional zones without even having a friend . He definitely wouldn’t know the market prices, so Zhou Wen reckoned that he had been scammed by Li Yu in the past .

“Yes,” replied Gu Dian .

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“Since I’m also selling Companion Eggs, I’ll sell it for you if you trust me,” Zhou Wen said .

“Alright . ” Gu Dian grabbed his bag and placed it in front of Zhou Wen before turning to leave without a word .

Li Yu was somewhat infuriated as he said to Zhou Wen with a cold expression, “Zhou Wen, that’s quite an a**hole thing to do . Don’t you know the rules of doing business?”

“I don’t know much about business, but Gu Dian is a member of our club . I’m not breaking the rules by helping him sell them, right?” Zhou Wen said .

“Alright, let me watch you sell them here . ” Li Yu was in no hurry . He had to sell the Companion Eggs through the Royal Pet Store’s channels . It was practically impossible to sell them here .

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