Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: 237

Chapter 237 Rich

Zhou Wen ignored Li Yu and wrote the name and price on Gu Dian’s Companion Eggs before sitting behind his stall to continue gaming .

Li Yu glanced at Zhou Wen’s prices, one of the eggs was extremely expensive .

How dare you price a Gatekeeper Lion Companion Egg at 100,000? It’s ridiculously high even for a retail price . It will be a miracle if you can sell it, thought Li Yu .

Just as he was thinking about it, another person came to the market . This time, it was a young student who looked extremely handsome, like a movie star .

When Li Yu saw this person, his eyes lit up as he went forward again . “Brother Luo Xuan, are you here to buy Companion Eggs? I recently obtained quite a number of good items…”

Luo Xuan went over to Li Yu’s stall to take a look at the Companion Eggs, but when he saw Zhou Wen’s stall, he couldn’t help but take a look . He was immediately interested .

“I’ll take all four of them,” Luo Xuan said as he pointed at the four Companion Eggs Zhou Wen had placed for sale .

“Brother Luo, don’t just look at the name . How high are the chances of us obtaining a Companion Egg like the Broken-Winged Angel or the Ice Frost Bear?” Although Li Yu didn’t say that Zhou Wen’s Companion Eggs were fake, it was obvious from his tone .

Luo Xuan smiled and said, “A person like Zhou Wen wouldn’t lie on such matters . ”

“Even if they’re not fake, aren’t they too expensive? If you really want them, I’ll get the company to transfer some over for you in a few days . The Ice Frost Bear is at most 100,000 . ” Zhou Wen had ruined his business plans, so Li Yu didn’t want Zhou Wen to have an easy life .

Luo Xuan smiled at Zhou Wen and said, “Zhou Wen, can your Companion Eggs be cheaper?”

“No, they’re worth every penny . You can buy them for 100,000 elsewhere, but that’s the price for mine,” Zhou Wen said without looking up .

“Brother Luo, look at his attitude . He’s clearly trying to scam you,” Li Yu said .

Luo Xuan thought nothing of it as he directly transferred the money to Zhou Wen . “Alright, I’ll take all four of them . Help me wrap them up . ”

“Sorry, I forgot to bring any bags . You’ll have to hold them yourself . ” After receiving the payment, Zhou Wen realized that he didn’t even have a plastic bag .

Li Yu’s face turned livid as he watched from the side . He thought to himself, Luo Xuan sure is silly and rich . He’s buying those things just like that? This is really letting Zhou Wen luck out .

Luo Xuan didn’t mind . He opened his backpack and stuffed the four Companion Eggs inside . Then, he looked at the Companion Eggs placed on Zhou Wen’s counter and asked in surprise, “Why is this Gatekeeper Lion Companion Egg so expensive? The market price should be around 20,000, right?”

“This is a Mutated Gatekeeper Lion egg . It’s no ordinary Gatekeeper Lion,” Zhou Wen said .

“Mutated Gatekeeper Lion?” Li Yu was slightly taken aback as he carefully looked at the Companion Egg, but he failed to notice anything amiss . It was identical to an ordinary Gatekeeper Lion egg . He couldn’t help but sneer inwardly . It’s true that Zhou Wen is very talented, and I admit that I’m inferior to you, but when it comes to the appraisal of Companion Eggs, it’s my specialty . What I studied for three years wasn’t for nothing . Even I can’t tell the difference, but you can? What a joke .

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“This is the first time I’ve heard of a Mutated Gatekeeper Lion . What difference does it have from ordinary ones?” Luo Xuan’s interest was piqued .

Zhou Wen said, “Mutated Gatekeeper Lions are quite rare . It’s normal that you haven’t heard of them . They have higher stats than the typical Gatekeeper Lion, and they have an additional Lion Roar as a skill . It’s a relatively rare sonar wave attack . Just having this technique alone makes it worth more than 100,000 . ”

“I never knew that . I’ll buy it . ” Luo Xuan said extravagantly as he waved his hand, wanting to transfer the money .

“Brother Luo, I’ve heard of Mutated Gatekeeper Lions, but they are very rarely produced . None of us have seen them before . However, I’ve heard that not every Mutated Gatekeeper Lion has Lion Roar so it’s still probabilistic . Without the ability of a Lion Roar, there’s almost no difference between a Mutated Gatekeeper Lion and a normal one . No one knows if it’s really mutated . ” Li Yu was speaking the truth, but he was also suspecting that Zhou Wen was selling an ordinary Gatekeeper Lion as a Mutated Gatekeeper Lion .

Luo Xuan looked at Zhou Wen who said indifferently, “I can only guarantee that this is a Mutated Gatekeeper Lion egg . I can’t guarantee anything else . ”

When Li Yu heard Zhou Wen say that, he immediately beamed with joy . Only a fool would buy something like that with you saying that .

“I’ll buy it . ” However, Luo Xuan waved his hand, causing Li Yu to be dumbfounded . His mouth was agape for a long time .

He knew that Luo Xuan was rich, but he never expected him to be so rich . He was secretly depressed . If I had known that Luo Xuan was such a fool, I would have asked for higher prices in the past .

Seeing that Luo Xuan no longer had any interest in the other Companion Eggs on Zhou Wen’s counter, Li Yu hurriedly took out the few valuable Companion Eggs he had . Although they couldn’t compare to Zhou Wen’s Ice Frost Bear and the rest, they were rare ones produced at the college .

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“Brother Luo, this is a rare White-Winged Red-Tail Crane . Its skill is extremely rare and it is very rarely produced . I was lucky to acquire one . I spent 98,000 on it . For you, I’ll charge you 110,000 . ” After witnessing Luo Xuan’s wealth, Li Yu automatically increased the price to a whole new level .

“Yes, not bad . ” Luo Xuan nodded slightly .

“It’s good that you like it, Brother . Do you want to pay by card or bank transfer?” Li Yu was secretly delighted .

“I only brought so much money today . It’s all spent . Perhaps next time,” said Luo Xuan with a smile .

Li Yu was somewhat dumbfounded . He felt depressed . D*mn it, you can just swipe your card and not use your wallet . What do you mean by not bringing that much money today?

Luo Xuan ignored Li Yu and took out the Mutated Gatekeeper Lion egg . He directly injected his Primordial Energy and hatched it .

When Li Yu saw Luo Xuan doing so, he couldn’t help but nod inwardly . From the looks of it, Luo Xuan isn’t really silly . By hatching the Gatekeeper Lion on the spot, he will definitely settle scores with Zhou Wen once he discovers that he has been fooled . Zhou Wen can’t deny it even if he wants to .

Li Yu folded his arms and waited for the development to play out . Gu Dian was the one who had brought the Gatekeeper Lion egg here . Even Gu Dian himself didn’t mention anything about a Mutated Gatekeeper Lion and Li Yu couldn’t tell; therefore, he refused to believe that Zhou Wen would be able to recognize a Mutated Gatekeeper Lion . He believed that Zhou Wen was likely deliberately scamming Luo Xuan in a bid to earn more .

Soon, Luo Xuan hatched the Gatekeeper Lion . A majestic stone lion appeared in front of him . Li Yu took a look and saw that it looked identical to an ordinary Gatekeeper Lion . It looked nothing like a Mutated Gatekeeper Lion .

Just as he was waiting to see Luo Xuan and Zhou Wen fall out, he suddenly heard Luo Xuan say, “It’s indeed a Mutated Gatekeeper Lion . Apart from its Speed, all its attributes are no less than 17 . Lion Roar is indeed excellent . Zhou Wen, if you have such good stuff in the future, contact me directly . ”

Li Yu felt as if he was dreaming as he watched with his mouth agape as Luo Xuan and Zhou Wen added each other as friends .

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