Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: 238

Chapter 238 Ever-Victorious

“To be honest, my family owns a pet store, but it naturally can’t compare to a chain store like Royal Pet Store that covers the entire League . Our store is a small shop in Luoyang . In the future, if a Companion Egg is sold or if you want to buy a Companion Egg, you can look for me directly . ” Luo Xuan sent Zhou Wen a message .

“I still have some rare Legendary Companion Eggs that are about the same as those four rare ones . What kind of prices would you pay for them?” Zhou Wen replied to Luo Xuan .

The two exchanged a few words with information and after confirming the price, Zhou Wen immediately packed up and prepared to leave .

The price Luo Xuan offered was rather fair and was close to the true value; therefore, Zhou Wen didn’t wish to waste time here . He planned on selling Gu Dian’s and his Companion Eggs to Luo Xuan .

“Zhou Wen . ” Just as Zhou Wen was about to pack up and leave, Li Yu called out to him .

He turned to look at Li Yu . Li Yu hesitated for a moment before saying, “How could you tell that it was a Mutated Gatekeeper Lion?”

“Is that very difficult?” Zhou Wen asked in return before bidding farewell to Huang Ji . He carried the bag half-filled with Companion Eggs and left the market .

Li Yu was stunned for a while before he came back to his senses . He couldn’t help but smile bitterly and say, “If that isn’t considered difficult, then what’s the point of me studying for three years?”

Zhou Wen arrived at the spot he had agreed on with Luo Xuan and gave Gu Dian and his Companion Eggs to him . And without any bargaining, Luo Xuan transferred the money to Zhou Wen at the agreed price .

Ignoring Gu Dian’s portion, Zhou Wen had obtained more than two million . This was the first time he had received so much money . He felt like a nouveau riche .

“Are you interested in becoming an appraiser at my pet store after graduation? I can give you some shares,” said Luo Xuan .

“I’m not interested in the appraising business . ” Zhou Wen thought for a moment before asking, “Do you have any Legendary weapon-type Companion Beasts? The ones with extremely powerful destructive power, it’s best if their destructive power can reach the Epic stage . ”Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

“If someone were to ask that, I would definitely say no . In fact, I would even look down on him . However, since that’s what you asked, I’ll tell you that they exist, but they are very expensive,” said Luo Xuan .

“How expensive?” Zhou Wen was in desperate need of a weapon that could break through the white cocoon .

The power of the banana fan was the wind . If it evolved to its limits, it could blow an entire mountain away .

However, its power was not concentrated enough and its destructive power wasn’t potent enough . This was incomparable to a single-target skill . If one wanted to destroy something, heavy weapons were more practical . At the very least, they needed to be weapons like swords and sabers .

Luo Xuan muttered to himself, “I wonder if you have heard of a Companion Beast like Overlord Snake? It’s a very rare Companion Beast and it has immense strength . It can be considered a top Strength-type Companion Beast at the Legendary stage . Its companion form is a spear, and we give it a nicknameOverlord Spear . ”

After pausing for a moment, Luo Xuan continued, “The Overlord Spear is considered top-notch among Legendary weapons . However, if it’s compared to an Epic-stage weapon, it’s definitely far inferior . However, there are always exceptions . Just like the best offensive pet, Thundergod General, if it possesses the ability of Thundergod Augmentation, the lightning power it produces will be able to stand head and shoulders above its peers . It’s the same with Overlord Snake . The typical Overlord Snake isn’t strong, but if you have a Mutated Overlord Snake, there is a possibility of it having the talent skill—Ever-Victorious . With this skill, Overlord Spear will be able to penetrate most objects . Even the typical Epic creature can’t withstand its sharpness .

“It’s a pity that Mutated Overlord Snakes are very rare, and the Mutated Overlord Snakes with Ever-Victorious are even rarer . Our family had hired people to grind in the Snake Cavern for six months before we obtained an Overlord Snake with Ever-Victorious . And that’s under the circumstances of having excellent luck . Now, that Mutated Overlord Snake is one of our store’s crown jewels . It’s not for sale, but if you want it, I can make the decision to sell it to you . But I must warn you, it’s very expensive . ”

“How much is it?” Zhou Wen asked .

“10 million . ” Luo Xuan named the price .

“It’s indeed very expensive . I can’t afford it . ” Zhou Wen shook his head .

“There’s nothing we can do about it . An Overlord Snake’s level isn’t considered high, but it’s very rare for it to have Ever-Victorious . Furthermore, we got someone to specially incubate it . If you want it, the person needs to sacrifice his own cultivation level and damage his body to transfer Overlord Snake . That will require a huge sum of money as well,” said Luo Xuan .

Zhou Wen nodded . Everyone wanted the good stuff . Although their levels were about the same, the high price was understandable .

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Zhou Wen couldn’t afford Overlord Snake, but Luo Xuan’s words reminded him that even though he couldn’t afford it, he could try to grind one at Snake Cavern .

Snake Cavern was near Old Dragon Cave . Zhou Wen had heard Zhong Ziya mention it before, but he hadn’t paid much attention to it back then . Besides, Zhong Ziya didn’t know that Mutated Overlord Snake had the Ever-Victorious skill .

After separating from Luo Xuan, Zhou Wen transferred Gu Dian’s money to him . Zhou Wen had already added him as a friend when he entered the Xuanwen Club .

After Gu Dian received the money, he only replied with two words: “Got it . ”

Zhou Wen contacted Huang Ji again and confirmed some matters regarding the game . In the end, he confirmed his investment of 1 . 5 million . This investment was split into two tranches . The initial investment was 500,000 . After Huang Ji completed a demo, he would fund him with the remaining 1,000,000 investment .

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen took out his mysterious phone and went to Snake Cavern . There were python-like snakes everywhere . Legendary Overlord Snakes had peerless strength and were considered top-notch Legendary creatures . Furthermore, they lived in groups with numerous numbers . Typical Legendary students wouldn’t dare enter Snake Cavern .

Zhou Wen naturally didn’t have any qualms . He summoned his group of Companion Beasts and wreaked havoc in Snake Cavern .

Soon, Zhou Wen understood why Overlord Snakes were so expensive . He had killed nearly a hundred of them, but not a single Overlord Snake egg dropped, much less a mutated one .

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In the next few days, other than studying at Wang Mingyuan’s place, Zhou Wen spent the rest of his time grinding the Overlord Snakes . However, he had nothing to show for . Over the past few days, he had only obtained an ordinary Overlord Snake egg . He managed to encounter a Mutated Overlord Snake, but nothing dropped .

It’s no wonder Luo Xuan said that they were extremely lucky to have a Mutated Overlord Snake egg drop after six months . Zhou Wen thought of the matter of luck and thought of Wang Lu .

With Wang Lu’s luck, if she were to be taken to the Snake Cavern, she might be able to have a Mutated Overlord Snake egg drop . However, Zhou Wen had no intention of seeking help, so all he could do was continue grinding . After repeatedly grinding, Zhou Wen nearly vomited when he saw the snake .

Ding! Zhou Wen killed another Mutated Overlord Snake . Suddenly, he heard a crisp sound as a black snake egg dropped and landed on the ground .

Mutated Overlord Snake egg! Zhou Wen was delighted as he hurriedly got the blood-colored avatar to pick it up . Then, he prayed inwardly, Please let it have the Ever-Victorious skill . If I keep grinding, I’ll go hissterical!

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