Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 239

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Chapter 239: 239

Chapter 239 Sky Spider

Mutated Overlord Snake: Legendary

Life Providence: Born Overlord

Strength: 19

Speed: 16

Constitution: 18

Primordial Energy: 15

Talent Skill: Death Coil

Companion Form: Spear

It doesn’t have Ever-Victorious! Zhou Wen was very disappointed . Although the Mutated Overlord Snake’s stats were not bad, it was useless without the Ever-Victorious skill .

After putting away the Mutated Overlord Snake, Zhou Wen had no choice but to continue grinding at Snake Cavern . He had to get the Mutated Overlord Snake with Ever-Victorious to drop no matter what .

Boom! As Zhou Wen was grinding the Overlord Snake, he suddenly felt his house shake violently as though an earthquake was happening

Zhou Wen hurriedly exited the game and rushed out of the building to see what was happening

By the time he rushed out, An Jing and Wang Lu were already standing in the yard . Furthermore, the two of them were looking up into the sky as though they were looking at something

Wasn’t it an earthquake? Why are they looking up at the sky? Zhou Wen also looked up at the sky and was alarmed by what he saw .

Up above, there were crystalline silk criss-crossed like a huge net that covered the entire sky . Perhaps not just Sunset College, but all of Luoyang .

And on the net, there was a spider with eight eyes that resembled jade . It kept spewing out spiderwebs .

A break-out creature? Zhou Wen was alarmed .

The spider was so huge that the web it spewed out nearly covered the whole of Luoyang . Just its aura alone meant that its level was definitely not low .

At this moment, an attack aircraft appeared in the sky and launched an assault on the spider and spiderweb . However, the web moved and wrapped around the attack aircraft . The attack aircraft immediately stuck to the web and exploded very quickly .

The flames created by the explosion failed to destroy the spider’s web .

The bullets and shells fired by the plane were also stuck to the spiderweb, making them seem completely useless .

The spider in the sky let out a silent roar, but Truth Listener’s ability allowed Zhou Wen to hear the strange shriek .

Then, many ventilation holes in the spider’s abdomen opened up . When they opened and closed, white spheres were spat out which landed in various locations .

Two of them landed in the direction of Sunset College . Zhou Wen focused his gaze and only when the sphere was close did he realize that it wasn’t a sphere . Instead, there were countless white spiders entangled together, making them look like a sphere .

Just as they were about to land on the ground, the sphere exploded, causing a sea of spiders to land everywhere in Sunset College . Instantly, the entire school was filled with spiders .

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“All teachers and students, may I have your attention . Please eradicate the invading spiders . This is not a drill… I repeat, this is not a drill…” The school’s announcement system urgently sounded .

Epic-stage counselors had already streaked across the air, killing many spiders that had yet to land .

However, there were too many spiders and there were still many that landed throughout the school .

Quite a number of spiders had fallen into Four Seasons Garden . There was one not far from Zhou Wen and company, the spider was snow-white in color and its hair was white . Its claws looked like translucent jade, and it was bigger than a human, but it didn’t look terrifying . Instead, it looked like a furry toy .

An Jing and Wang Lu were still sizing up the spider out of curiosity when Zhou Wen summoned the Overlord Snake and thrust forward with Penetrating Pierce .

After the battle in the Yin Yang world, Zhou Wen was instinctively wary of dimensional creatures . Regardless of their looks, he had to first ensure that he wasn’t being threatened .

Zhou Wen’s Penetrating Pierce only managed to cover half the distance when the spider spat out a strand of web that wrapped around the Overlord Spear . Then, with a flick of its head, Zhou Wen felt a powerful force surge towards him, making him feel like he couldn’t hold the spear .

He hurriedly tightened his grip on his spear as the man and spider were locked in a stalemate . Zhou Wen was momentarily unable to pull the spider over .


An Jing quietly summoned a long sword that dazzled with divine light . She then slashed at the spider .

The spider spat out another strand of silk . When the sharp sword beam touched the silk, it ended up stuck as well . It left the three of them shocked .

To have a power that allowed a spiderweb silk to cling to a sword beam was somewhat terrifying

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The crux of the matter was that Zhou Wen and company didn’t know if the spider was a dimensional creature or a puppet summoned by the spider in the sky . They felt a headache coming on .

The spider’s mouth kept spewing webs, trying to immobilize the trio . Soon, the webs covered a large area .

Wang Lu summoned a whip, but just as she lashed it out, it was stuck in the spider’s web . She couldn’t pull it back no matter how hard she tried .

In the sky, an Epic expert had already flown over on a flying bird . He slashed a stunning sword beam at the spider, but despite having the power to slice through a mountain, it ended up stuck to the spider’s web the moment it made contact with it . It was unable to move forward, and vanished without a trace moments later .

After the spider’s silk bound the flying bird, it strangled the bird into two like blade-like steel silk .

There were already five Epic experts from the military, but despite using all sorts of abilities, they were unable to do anything to the huge spider in the sky .

From time to time, it would spit out spider spheres that scattered across the city, causing the entire city to fall into a panic .

Wang Lu and An Jing were also attempting to fight the spider but to no avail . Their attacks were blocked by spiderwebs, making it impossible to pose a threat to the spider .

Zhou Wen snapped a picture of the spider with his phone, hoping to see if he could obtain its information so as to find a way to kill it .

However, the information he obtained left him somewhat disappointed . The information only mentioned that it was a Sky Spider puppet, so it didn’t look like a dimensional creature, but a puppet formed from the spider’s powers .

Zhou Wen summoned the banana fan and fanned a Grand Yin Wind at the spider . The cold wind tore through the spiderweb and swept it over the spider’s body . Instantly, the spider flew up and slammed into a tiny building in front, causing the walls to crack .

An icy glint flashed in An Jing’s eyes as she grabbed the opportunity to pierce the spider’s body with her sword beam .


The spider’s body exploded and it immediately perished .

“Zhou Wen, your fan is very useful . Let’s quickly finish off the other spiders to prevent the other students from being harmed,” Wang Lu said to Zhou Wen, overjoyed .

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t as optimistic as Wang Lu . The number of spiders that came raining down was just too many . It was already difficult for them to deal with them, so how would ordinary citizens cope? It was likely that Luoyang City was already facing an apocalyptic scene .

Before the trio could rush out of Four Seasons Garden, they saw other special admissions students battling the spiders . They weren’t much different from Zhou Wen and company . The attacks were of little use against the spider puppets, so it was extremely difficult to fight them .

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