Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 24

Published at 21st of February 2020 04:15:11 AM

Chapter 24

Zhou Wen picked up his pace and entered the battlefield in a most ingenious manner, appearing behind the Skeleton General .

The Skeleton General keenly noticed Zhou Wen’s appearance and gave up attacking Li Xuan . It struck backward, transforming the bone spear into a cold beam that stabbed at Zhou Wen’s head .

Without waiting for the Skeleton General to raise his spear, Zhou Wen crouched down and lunged for the underside of the skeleton horse . This prevented the bone spear from locking onto him; thus, resolving the Skeleton General’s thrust .

Xu Miantu struggled to his feet as he looked at Zhou Wen with a look of disbelief . Zhou Wen had actually managed to hold back the Skeleton General!

Zhou Wen oscillated between the skeleton horse’s sides, occasionally tumbling to the ground . It looked extremely pathetic, but his actions worked .

Xu Miantu knew how difficult it was . He had the same idea as Zhou Wen earlier, hoping to hold back the Skeleton General to give Li Xuan time to finish off Jiang Hao .

However, he had been swept away the moment he approached the Skeleton General and nearly died from severe injuries . It made him deeply realize the huge differences between the Mortal stage and the Legendary stage .

Zhou Wen was likewise at the Mortal stage, but he had managed to hold back the Skeleton General . It might look pathetic, but he remained unharmed the entire time . It left Xu Miantu amazed .

Thinking back to his mockery of Zhou Wen, his originally pale face blushed an abnormal red .

Jiang Hao was alarmed to see Zhou Wen hold back the Skeleton General . Despite all his plans, he had never expected a Mortal stage high-schooler to be capable of holding back a Legendary Skeleton General .

In fact, Jiang Hao long knew of the existence of the Skeleton General in the vicinity . He had planned on taking Li Xuan nearby and letting the Skeleton General finish him off .

Unfortunately, this plan had been foiled by Zhou Wen . Jiang Hao had no choice but to take action himself, but he ultimately failed .

While Zhou Wen was holding back the Skeleton General, Li Xuan had already rushed towards Jiang Hao . He unleashed a barrage of punches that shimmered like shooting stars at him .

He knew that it wasn’t pragmatic to expect a Mortal stage hold back the Skeleton General for extended periods of time . He had to finish off Jiang Hao before Zhou Wen was killed by the Skeleton General .

Jiang Hao now truly realized how terrifying this intemperate scion, Li Xuan, was . Despite using similar Legendary Companion Beasts—even with him having two—he was still completely overpowered by Li Xuan .

“I don’t believe I can’t last two minutes . We are both at the Mortal stage and are using Legendary Companion Beasts!” Jiang Hao battled Li Xuan with gritted teeth .


In less than twenty seconds, Jiang Hao was hit on the left elbow by Li Xuan, snapping the bone armor in two .

The color in Jiang Hao’s face drained as he rapidly retreated . However, upon seeing Li Xuan pursue him like a leech, his eyes flashed with a ruthless glint . With a swing of his left arm, the Explosive Scaled Snake tattoo shimmered as a brightly-colored blue-green venomous snake tore out from his arm, coiling towards the pursuing Li Xuan .

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Seizing this opportunity, Jiang Hao pushed his speed to the limit, allowing him to traverse four to five meters . He was attacking Zhou Wen from behind with a dagger!

“Ah!” This sudden development caused Xu Miantu to cry out .

Zhou Wen was already in a perilous situation while holding back the Skeleton General . Now, with Jiang Hao sneaking an attack on him, death seemed inevitable for him .

Li Xuan was alarmed and furious as well . However, with the Explosive Scaled Snake blocking him, he didn’t have the time to rescue Zhou Wen .

While the bone spear thrust around at lightning speed, a dagger stabbed at Zhou Wen’s waist from the back . At this critical moment, Zhou Wen exerted strength into his legs, allowing him to do a sharp turn . A powerful twisting force erupted from his waist muscles as his body twisted at an odd angle .

Zhou Wen’s feet were still facing the Skeleton General’s side, but his torso had already turned to face Jiang Hao .

The bone spear stabbed at Zhou Wen, just brushed past his cheek . This left a faint wound on Zhou Wen’s cheek, but he remained stoic . Without even blinking, he threw a punch at Jiang Hao’s dagger .

A look of mockery flashed in Jiang Hao’s eyes . Although the Explosive Scaled Snake had left his body, he still had the bone breastplate protecting him . It was also a Legendary Companion Beast and, although it wasn’t a Strength-type, it augmented his Strength a little . It wasn’t something a typical Mortal stage human could withstand .

Furthermore, the jade dagger was made of special materials . Not only did it have the ability to kill dimensional creatures, but it also had a terrifying sharpness to it .

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“Die!” Jiang Hao steeled his heart as he exerted all his Strength, gathering it at the blade tip . He wanted to slice through Zhou Wen’s fingers .

“Dodge! You can’t handle it!” Li Xuan cried out in panic .

Xu Miantu spewed another mouthful of blood—a result of his anxiety, not his injuries .

At the instant the fist and blade met, a sanguine glow shimmered across Zhou Wen’s fist . The red carapace instantly wrapped around his fist, condensing like a dark red boxing glove .

“Companion Beast!” Jiang Hao’s eyes constricted as an ominous feeling arose in him .

As Mortal stage Companion Beasts were rare, he had subconsciously imagined the Companion Beast to be at the Legendary stage . This alarmed him greatly .

However, the distance between the fist and blade was just too narrow . Just as the thought came to Jiang Hao, Zhou Wen’s fist had already struck the blade of the jade dagger .


The mighty force tore through the blade as cracks rapidly extended, shattering the entire dagger, turning them into countless fragments .


Zhou Wen’s punch didn’t pause as it struck Jiang Hao’s dagger-wielding fist . It smashed the bones in his hand and arm .

The fractured bone tore out of Jiang Hao’s flesh as blood gushed out . Without the protection of the bone armor, his arm popped like popcorn . He flew out with a tragic cry .

All of this happened in a split second . As Xu Miantu watched, he glared with a wide-open mouth, momentarily speechless .

Li Xuan was thrilled . Ignoring the Explosive Scaled Snake that embroiled him, he charged forward and smashed open Jiang Hao’s head in midair . There were no more chances for him .

Zhou Wen was calm . After destroying Jiang Hao’s arm, his body twisted around like a loach and, using the momentum, lunged for the skeleton horse’s back . This made the Skeleton General miss once more .

Everything happened with such fluidity, as though it had been practiced countless times . It was a beautiful sight .

“Who the hell is he?” Xu Miantu snapped to his senses as his mind was filled with puzzlement . He refused to believe that Zhou Wen was merely an ordinary high-schooler from Guide City .