Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: 240

Chapter 240 Chaos of the Sky Spider

None of the special admissions students of Sunset College were weak . Although they were unable to kill the spider, they still used various methods and abilities to deal with the spider . They were not in danger at all .

However, with the increasing number of spiderwebs surrounding them, the amount of space they and their Companion Beasts could move in became restricted . The battle became somewhat difficult .

Four or five spiders spewed out spider silk in Four Seasons Garden . Bright, crystalline spiderwebs could be seen everywhere . A Companion Beast had already been stuck to one, preventing it from struggling .

Having already discovered the spider’s weakness from her previous battle, An Jing stabbed forward like a bolt of lightning, instantly pinning a spider to the ground .

This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen An Jing fight seriously . Her swordplay was extremely intense, and each strike carried a dazzling glow, as though the void had been penetrated as well .

Zhou Wen immediately recognized the Primordial Energy Art that An Jing used . It was no doubt the Sun Strafe Art . Her sword techniques were somewhat extraordinary and although they looked simple, each strike made them look extremely gorgeous . The sword flashes were like dazzling divine beams .

She was so powerful that she looked as good as Lance . It was just that she and Lance used two completely different styles .

Lance’s technique was unparalleled, but An Jing’s every strike was like a bolt of lightning . If she could kill her opponent with one strike, she definitely wouldn’t require a second attack .

I deserved losing back then . With An Jing’s strength, Zhou Wen was indeed no match for her back then .

Seeing that An Jing could deal with the spiders in Four Seasons Garden, Zhou Wen immediately rushed out and saw that there were indeed spiders spewing out spider silk outside . A student was stuck to the spiderweb as the spider crawled towards him .

Zhou Wen raised his left hand and chopped down with Astral Slash Blade . The blade aura transformed into thin threads that sliced through the spiderweb . The remnant forces continued on and sliced the spider into two .

The schoolmate was still in shock . Before he could thank him, Zhou Wen had already rushed elsewhere .

There were many experts on campus . Besides the Epic counselors, there were also quite a number of students who could kill the spiders . The spiders in the school were quickly subdued .

“All students, may I have your attention… All students who have the ability to kill spiders… please enter the city immediately to aid the military… This is not a drill… I repeat, this is not a drill… All students who participate in the hunting of spiders will be rewarded with credits…” The broadcast rang again .

In fact, Zhou Wen had already run to the school’s entrance and ridden the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant out of the school .

The situation in the city was indeed much worse than the school . From afar, Zhou Wen could see the intertwined spiderwebs in the middle of buildings . The city looked like a spider forest with webs everywhere .

Many citizens had already been stuck to the spiderwebs . Quite a number of people had already been killed . The military were firing with their assault rifles in all directions . However, the effects looked limited . It was only possible for them to kill a spider after several consecutive shots hit the target .

Moreover, the spiders moved very agilely and they were protected by the webs . When a bullet hit the web, it was stuck and had its effects limited .

A mother carrying a child was bound by a spiderweb and was left hanging in the air, suspended in the middle of the building . They were just seconds from having the spider pounce at them .

The eyes of the soldiers below were bloodshot, but they didn’t dare fire . It was too close to the mother and son . If they shot, they might accidentally hit the innocent .

Just as the spider was about to bite the mother and son, a figure flashed across the sky . The spiderweb and the spider were split into two . The duo who fell were grabbed by the figure before landing safely on the ground .

The soldiers came over to rescue the mother and son, leading them to seek refuge . A soldier asked Zhou Wen, “Are you a student at Sunset College?”

“Yes . ” Zhou Wen nodded slightly .

“Please provide assistance to the Duke of Zhou Temple . That area has become a spider disaster zone and is spreading outwards,” the soldier said to Zhou Wen .

“Alright,” Zhou Wen replied before riding the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant towards the Duke of Zhou Temple .

The person that worshiped at Duke of Zhou Temple was Ji Dan . He was King Wu of Zhou’s younger brother, had been regent twice, and helped King Wu of Zhou in clinching victory at the Battle of Muye . He was also involved in the establishment of rites and the creation of music, earning him a consecration from future descendants .

Zhou Wen stormed through and killed several spiders on the way and rescued some citizens .

However, along the way, many citizens had already turned into corpses . They looked as if they had been sucked dry as they hung on a spider web attached to skyscrapers .

Just one break-out creature can cause such a disaster . If the various dimensional zones are unable to trap those dimensional creatures, what will the world become? Zhou Wen felt that his strength was minute .

The battle in the sky continued as a few Epic stage experts rushed over . In the sky, they were fighting the Sky Spider, but the situation didn’t look good . No one could pose a threat to the Sky Spiders . Instead, their Companion Beasts were stuck to the spiderwebs . No matter how much they struggled, they were unable to escape .

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“Zhou Wen, are you going to the Duke of Zhou Temple as well?” Zhong Ziya charged over from another direction and happened to meet Zhou Wen .

The thin sword in his hand was unbelievably fast . Wherever the sword passed, the spiders would have their foreheads instantly penetrated by a sword beam, leaving only a wound that resembled a needle hole, accentuating their deaths .

“There was a soldier who said that it needs reinforcements,” Zhou Wen said as he tore open the spider webs .

“Me too . Let’s go together . ” Zhong Ziya rushed over with his sword in hand .

Zhou Wen followed . Soon, he met a few other students who had been invited by the military to reinforce the Duke of Zhou Temple .

The military’s Epic powerhouses were rushing into the sky to fight the Sky Spider . If they didn’t get rid of the Sky Spider as quickly as possible, the spiders that it spat out would be endless . All they could do was leave the spiders below to ordinary soldiers and some Legendary military officers .

Zhou Wen and the other students from Sunset College would become officers if they chose to join the army after graduation . There was no need for them to start off as enlistees .

Usually, when the students were together, it was difficult to tell who was truly strong, but when it came to real battles, everything became obvious . Zhou Wen had never seen some of the powerful students in the school rankings before .

A person like Zhong Ziya was definitely not weaker than Wei Ge, the president of the student council . He could even be stronger; however, he didn’t have a ranking .

The pair of siblings from the Wu family were terrifying as well . Zhou Wen couldn’t help but marvel at how many hidden dragons and crouching tigers there were at Sunset College .

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Just as they were about to arrive at Duke of Zhou Temple, Zhou Wen saw Hui Haifeng leading a group of people in a battle with the spiders . The surrounding soldiers were also watching the front lines as they fired crazily .

They had yet to see the Duke of Zhou Temple, but the number of spiders ahead of them was uncountable . It was unknown how many of them were crawling out .

“This city has become a spider’s nest,” Zhong Ziya said .

“Cut the crap . Hurry up and provide reinforcements . We can’t hold out any longer!” Hui Haifeng shouted .

Zhou Wen, Zhong Ziya, and the rest of the students rushed forward and blocked the swarm of spiders . It was a chaotic scene where they killed countless spiders . Yet, the number of spiders that charged out from the Duke of Zhou Temple remained constant .

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