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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 241

Published at 23rd of May 2020 08:00:07 PM

Chapter 241: 241

Chapter 241 Entering the Temple

Zhou Wen rushed in front of a military officer and asked, “How long have you been here? How many spider balls have landed here?”

“We’ve been here for nearly an hour . We saw a total of three spider balls landing near the Duke of Zhou Temple,” the officer answered .

“The three spider balls can’t have that many spiders . Have you sent someone to charge in to take a look?” Zhou Wen asked again .

As the officer fired, he shouted, “We also suspect that there’s something wrong inside, but there are too many spiders . We can’t charge in . We’ve tried, but suffered heavy casualties . ”

“There’s no point in this endless killing . Zhou Wen and Ziya, charge in with me to take a look,” Hui Haifeng said as he charged towards the group of spiders with his shield .

His charge was extremely ferocious, but he was quickly stuck by a spiderweb and could no longer break through .

Zhou Wen and Zhong Ziya charged over and sliced the spiderweb in front of them with their saber and sword .

There were a few students standing behind them . They huddled into a group as they charged in, fighting ceaselessly against the tidal wave of spiders .

A few drops of blood landed on Zhou Wen’s face . They were from Hui Haifeng . A strand of spider silk had swept across his face, leaving a bloody mark .

The temple was in front of them, but they couldn’t see the main body of the temple at all . It was completely covered by the spiderwebs as if it was covered in snow .

Zhou Wen and company could see large numbers of spiders crawling out of the spiderwebs without stopping .

“There must be something wrong with the temple . Otherwise, how can there be so many spiders crawling out from such a tiny place?” Zhong Ziya said .

“The webs have sealed off the area . If we head in, just making contact with a few spiderwebs will trap us . When that happens, we won’t even have a chance to hide,” a student said .

“Let us rush in and take a look . Help us watch our backs . ” Two military officers rushed into the temple .

Zhou Wen and company tried their best to block the surrounding spiders as the two officers entered one after another . Not long after they entered, they heard a scream as another officer flew out .

“What happened?” Zhou Wen caught the officer and asked anxiously .

“There are too many webs in there . There’s no room for movement at all . You’ll get stuck with any slight movement . The third platoon commander…” The officer’s eyes were red and he couldn’t continue speaking . He got up and wanted to rush towards the temple again .

“Don’t go, it’s useless even if you go . The spiderwebs are like a lair . Anyone who goes in will die unless it’s an Epic expert who forcefully tears through those webs . ” Zhong Ziya held the officer down and prevented him from entering

“If we don’t resolve the problem here, the spiders will rush out like a tidal wave . There’s no way we can defend our ground . When the time comes, the entire Luoyang City will be finished . ” The red-eyed officer struggled out of Zhong Ziya’s grasp as he tried to charge inside .

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Everyone fell silent . They naturally knew that it was impossible for such a small group of people to fend off so many spiders unless an Epic expert came .

But right now, the Epic experts were attacking the Sky Spider, so how could they come here to support them?

“I hate these fellows who risk their lives for no good reason . It’s as if everything can be resolved as long as they are willing to risk their lives . ” Zhong Ziya pursed his lips disdainfully and continued, “Please help me watch the area outside . I’ll go in and take a look . ”

As he spoke, Zhong Ziya raised his sword and leaped over the officer, before entering the opening . “Ziya, I’ll go in with you . ” Hui Haifeng pushed away the spider in front of him and entered the lair-like temple .

“Stay outside for now . Before we come out, you must hold the ground no matter what . Don’t let the spider swarm spread out,” Zhou Wen said to the officer as he rushed into the temple .

The spiderweb wrapped around the doors and walls like yarn . Mere contact would cause the spider silk to cling onto them like death’s grip . When the time came, they wouldn’t be able to break free, making dodging the spiders’ attack extremely difficult . They would then be like a fly caught in a spider’s web .

When Zhou Wen rushed in, he saw that the ground was covered in spiderwebs and that if his feet were to touch the ground, he would likely be stuck to it .

However, he wasn’t flustered . He circulated the Ancient Sovereign Sutra and slashed out with his Primordial Energy . Immediately, he tore open the spiderweb in front of him and his legs landed on the ground . The moment his feet touched the spider silk, it immediately melted like snow meeting embers . It failed to stick to Zhou Wen’s body .

When Zhou Wen was outside, he had already tried all sorts of Primordial Energy Arts and discovered that the Ancient Sovereign Sutra was highly effective against spider silk . When they encountered the Ancient Sovereign Sutra’s Primordial Energy, they would immediately melt . This was why he dared to barge in .

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He hadn’t gone far before he saw Hui Haifeng’s body covered with spiderwebs . He resembled a dumpling wrapped in white silk . However, he could still charge forward . The nearby spiders who had crawled out failed to hurt him due to the spider silk that formed a protective net .

Zhou Wen scrutinized Hui Haifeng and realized that the spider silk on him had clearly been put on by him . It wasn’t connected to the spider silk outside . Although he looked terrifying, he was still able to move freely .

“That’s a good move . How did you think of that?” Zhou Wen charged over and rendezvoused with Hui Haifeng, killing all the incoming spiders .

Hui Haifeng said, “These spider silk threads look scary, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that there are actually two types . One is a sticky kind of spider silk, the other is a type that doesn’t stick . Those spiders are also walking on the non-sticky spider silk, so I used those as a form of protection . The non-stick spider silk helps against the other kind of spider silk, so it prevents me from being stuck . ”

With that said, Hui Haifeng sized up Zhou Wen from head to toe . “Dude, how did you get in? You weren’t stuck by the spider webs?”

“My strength perfectly counters these spider silk threads . They can’t stick to me . ” Zhou Wen asked again, “Where’s Ziya?”

“He rushed to the front . He’s too fast and I can’t catch up with him . I reckon he should already be in the main hall of the Temple by now,” Hui Haifeng said .

“Then take your time . I’ll head in and take a look as well . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, he used his Bamboo Blade to storm open a bloody path and charged into the Duke of Zhou Temple .

“Wait for me . ” Hui Haifeng rushed in with Zhou Wen . However, because he was covered in spider webs that made him look like a snowman, his actions appeared somewhat clumsy .

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The Bamboo Blade was extremely sharp, and with Zhou Wen’s Ancient Sovereign Sutra’s Primordial Energy, it was the nemesis of the spiders . Wherever the blade passed, the spiderwebs and spiders were sliced apart .

The two of them charged forward and killed countless spiders .

An intense battle sounded in front of him as Zhou Wen hurriedly called out to Ziya . He immediately heard Zhong Ziya’s voice: “I’m here . Quick, help me . This fellow is a tough one . ”

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