Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: 242

Chapter 242 The Team for Putting Out Fires

Zhou Wen heard the sound coming from the backyard, but it was already covered in beads of silk, like a snow cave .

Truth Listener’s ability allowed Zhou Wen to see what was happening inside . Zhong Ziya was fighting a group of spiders, and in the yard, there was something like a well . Spiders were pouring out of it and, clearly, that was the problem .

“I’ll be right there . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, he circled around to the backyard . Indeed, he saw Zhong Ziya embroiled in a battle with a horde of spiders .

He didn’t have any spiderwebs on him, and his powers were clearly unable to restrain the spider silk like Zhou Wen’s . However, his movement technique was extremely odd . He was like a boneless snake as he swam through the silk, preventing it from sticking to him .

Zhou Wen took a closer look and realized that when Zhong Ziya’s body touched a strand of silk, he would land on the non-sticky spider silk . The spiders could do nothing about him .

However, Zhong Ziya wasn’t in the best of conditions . Although normal spiders couldn’t do anything to him, there was a very strange spider that left him in peril .

The spider was also snow-white in color, but on its back was a unique blood-red pattern . The pattern looked like a human face, making it stand out among a group of snow-white spiders .

The blood-patterned spider kept darting through the horde of spiders to avoid being attacked by Zhong Ziya . Zhong Ziya had been pursuing it the entire time, but there was something that left Zhou Wen somewhat puzzled .

When the blood-patterned spider burrowed into the pile of spiders, Zhong Ziya would lose his target . When he saw it again, he failed to recognize it immediately .

“Ziya, what’s the situation now?” Hui Haifeng noticed something amiss as well and hurriedly asked .

“That spider is the problem . Quickly kill it,” Zhong Ziya said .

“I see, but why does it look like you don’t want to kill it?” Hui Haifeng said as he rushed over .

“If I could recognize it, I would have killed it long ago . It’s very cunning . It’s always burrowing into the spider horde and mixing with other spiders . It takes me a while to determine which one it is,” Zhong Ziya said .

“It can’t be, can’t you see the blood-colored patterns on its back?” Hui Haifeng asked, puzzled .

“I’m colorblind, and particularly can’t identify red . ” Zhong Ziya’s answer nearly caused Zhou Wen and Hui Haifeng’s jaws to drop to the ground . If it weren’t for this critical moment, they would never have believed that such a strange illness existed in this world .

Hui Haifeng charged forward and punched the blood-patterned spider . It moved at rapid speed, allowing it to easily dodge Hui Haifeng’s attack . Speed wasn’t Hui Haifeng’s forte to begin with, so now that he was wrapped in spider silk, he became even clumsier . He ultimately failed to catch up to the blood-patterned spider, but he did kill several ordinary spiders .

Without another word, Zhou Wen used Ghost Steps and charged forward as though he had teleported . The Bamboo Blade cleaved the blood-patterned spider into two .

Unlike the other spiders, once the blood-patterned spider died, it didn’t reduce to dust . It was actually a true body of flesh and blood .

What’s going on? Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised . He thought that all the spiders were puppets, but this one was clearly not .

The moment the blood-patterned spider died, the underground well exploded and large amounts of white liquid spewed out . After that, no spiders crawled out .

When Zhou Wen and company had slaughtered all the spiders, he walked to the well and saw that it was only a few meters deep . It resembled a huge pot, so he couldn’t work out how that many spiders managed to crawl out of it .

The military was firing wildly outside and killing the spiders that crawled out earlier . However, the effects were getting worse . Quite a number of soldiers were hung up by the spider silk and some of them even had their bodies snapped into two by it .

Despite almost failing to hold the defensive line, the significant drop in spiders that crawled out of the temple allowed them to gradually stabilize the situation .

“They succeeded!” The officer in charge was surprised and delighted . He ordered the soldiers to increase their firepower and quickly eliminate all the spiders .

By the time Zhou Wen and company came out, most of the spiders outside had already been killed by the troops and other students who had rushed over to reinforce them .

“Students, thank you for everything you’ve done…” The officer was about to say something when he suddenly received an urgent notification . There was another spot in the city where another spider horde had gathered . The troops there were asking for reinforcements .

“Students, if it’s possible, can I ask you to come with us?” the officer said in embarrassment .

“How troublesome . Where is it?” Zhong Ziya asked .

Hence, Zhou Wen and company became an emergency team that was made to put out fires . They constantly shuttled through the city, in charge of clearing locations that constantly produced spiders .

There were more than ten places like this in Luoyang City . And these were the discovered ones . It was unknown how many in the suburbs had yet to be discovered .

The three of them should have split up and gone to different locations, but Hui Haifeng couldn’t catch up with the blood-patterned spider and Zhong Ziya was colorblind, so they had no choice but to rush over together .

Thankfully, with the two of them opening up a path, all Zhou Wen needed to do was focus on killing the blood-patterned spider . The effects had increased significantly .

After killing a few blood-patterned spiders, Zhou Wen discovered a Companion Egg inside a blood-patterned spider’s body . Zhou Wen glanced at it with his mysterious phone .

Sky Spider Larva: Legendary (Youngling)

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Life Providence: Son of the Sky

Strength: 19

Speed: 20

Constitution: 17

Primordial Energy: 20

Talent Skill: Sky Spider Silk, Sky Spider Sanguine Venom .

Companion Form: Sky Spider Glove

Zhou Wen knew what was going on when he saw the annotation of a youngling . Typical Companion Beasts didn’t have any room for growth . Legendaries were Legendaries; impossible for them to further evolve .

However, with the youngling annotation, it meant that there was still room for growth . As for the level of advancement after becoming an adult, that depended on its bloodline .

Since it was a youngling of a Sky Spider, it would probably grow into existence like the Sky Spider in the sky .

The three of them continuously moved to help the military kill the Sky Spider younglings . Many officers recognized them, but they didn’t know their names .

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Zhou Wen and company had killed another Sky Spider youngling and were rushing to the next location when they suddenly saw the sky light up .

It was daytime with the blazing sun high in the sky, but the radiance was even more dazzling than the sun .

The trio couldn’t help but look up . They saw a brilliant sword flash sweep across the sky, as though it had swept across the entire horizon . The gigantic Sky Spider was instantly killed .

The Sky Spider had been sliced in half and fell from the sky . It was unknown where it landed, but it caused the entire city to experience tremors for a moment like an earthquake .

Zhou Wen looked up into the sky . At the spot where the sword beam disappeared, a man in an officer’s uniform and trench coat stood in midair like a god of war .

An Tianzuo? Although he couldn’t see An Tianzuo’s face due to the distance, the latter’s figure immediately made him recall An Tianzuo .

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