Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: 243

Chapter 243 Deserving of a Commendation

The calamity of the Sky Spider was finally over . The damaged city could be repaired, but the dead would never come back to life .

“Bury our brothers who died properly . Arrange to disburse the bereavement money as quickly as possible . Make sure that not a single cent goes astray . Also, if they have any problems at home, do your best to take care of them . We can’t let their family cry while our brothers are bleeding . ” An Tianzuo sat behind his desk as he looked at the list of casualties An Sheng had brought over . His expression wasn’t the best .

He had said that he wanted to protect Luoyang, but today, Luoyang City nearly became a ruin .

“Everything has been arranged . Do you want to attend their funeral personally?” An Sheng asked .

“Yes . ” An Tianzuo nodded with a heavy expression .

“Also, this is the list of those who contributed from below . Most of them are fine, but since many students from Sunset College had participated in the battle, our subordinates have also submitted their names . Three of them were personally added by Deputy Governor Qin, but…” An Sheng paused for a moment .

“But what?” An Tianzuo asked .

“Those three students didn’t report to the military headquarters for registration, so they don’t know their names . Deputy Governor Qin only mentioned three students, but didn’t write their names,” An Sheng said .

“Since they didn’t head for the military headquarters, it means that they don’t care about the rewards . They likely come from the big and powerful families . It’s fine if they didn’t register, but why would Uncle Qin especially highlight them? There should be some reason for this, right?” An Tianzuo said thoughtfully .

“Overseer, you’re wise . These three students helped our troops destroy sixteen spider wells, significantly reducing our casualties . The officers below wish to report their names, but they don’t know them . Deputy Governor Qin especially highlighted them after learning of the matter . I believe he hopes we can find out who they are and give them the commendations that they deserve,” An Sheng said .

“There aren’t many youths these days who are so responsible . Such acts are indeed worthy of commendation . Find them and hold a commendation ceremony at Sunset College . I want to personally award them a reward and set them as a classic example . ” An Tianzuo nodded slightly when he heard that .

“Yes, Overseer,” An Sheng replied . He took note of this matter and went to settle it after he was done with his other more pressing issues .

The two clearly didn’t realize that Zhou Wen was one of the three . This was because, from their understanding of him, Zhou Wen was clearly not someone who was willing to take risks .

To be able to do such a thing as venturing deep into the spider’s lair was definitely an action a hot-blooded youth would take . And Zhou Wen’s character was clearly not one .

When Zhou Wen returned to his dorm, the shocking sword beam from An Tianzuo still appeared in his mind from time to time .

From the looks of it, I’m still very far from An Tianzuo . It’s no wonder Lance said that he wants to advance to the peak of the Epic stage before challenging An Tianzuo . That does make sense . Zhou Wen also hoped that he could reach that level one day .

Of course, thinking about it was useless . Therefore, Zhou Wen took out his mysterious phone and planned on continuing to enter the game to hunt monsters so that he could quickly increase his strength .

Before Zhou Wen could enter the instance dungeon, the antelope came over to tug at his clothes . Zhou Wen knew that it wanted to eat again, so he took out the soy sauce beef he had placed in the chaos space .

When he picked up the soy sauce beef, Zhou Wen saw a necklace beside it . Only then did he recall that he had snatched the necklace from John .

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John was immune to the Grand Yin Wind from Banana Fairy because he was wearing the necklace . Although it was because the level of the Banana Fairy was still low, it was undeniable that the power of the necklace gave him a strong resistance against the wind element .

However, Luoyang basically didn’t have any wind-elemental dimensional creatures . It hadn’t come in handy after Zhou Wen had received the necklace .

He took it out and saw that the gems embedded in it seemed to have a swirling vortex within . It was rather magical .

Banana Fairy, who was flying around on a banana leaf, flew over when she saw the Goddess of Wind’s protection . She landed on Zhou Wen’s hand that was holding the necklace . She looked pitifully at Zhou Wen with her large eyes, her mouth producing a voice that Zhou Wen couldn’t understand . It was unknown what she wanted to say .

“You want this necklace?” Zhou Wen asked Banana Fairy .

Banana Fairy hurriedly nodded as she looked at Zhou Wen with anticipation .

“What do you want it for? You can’t wear such a huge necklace . You can’t treat it like a snack, right?” Zhou Wen casually asked .

However, just as Zhou Wen finished his sentence, Banana Fairy grabbed the gem on the necklace and bit down . The stone that seemed to have wind flowing within was devoured by her .

“Hey, hey… I was just making a remark… Why did you really eat it…” Zhou Wen’s heart ached . This item was a treasure that could make him immune to wind-based attacks . Zhou Wen was prepared to take it to Sky City .

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Sky City was mostly filled with wind-elemental creatures . With this necklace, Zhou Wen could kill dimensional creatures there without any worries .

Now that Banana Fairy had swallowed the gem, he didn’t know if the necklace had any effect .

However, the Banana Fairy looked at Zhou Wen with a puzzled expression . She didn’t quite understand why Zhou Wen was acting so sad even though he was the one who had asked her to eat it .

However, this expression didn’t last long . After swallowing the gem, wisps of wind gushed out from Banana Fairy’s body . The wind turned into something visible to the naked eye as it spun around Banana Fairy and the banana leaf . Furthermore, the wind was getting stronger and stronger as it gradually formed a storm .

The tables and chairs in the room were all swept up . If this continued, the entire building would probably be swept up by her .

Zhou Wen hurriedly stowed away Banana Fairy into the chaos space as he wondered in surprise, Could it be that Banana Fairy is going to evolve? She’s already at the Legendary stage . If she continues to evolve, wouldn’t she be at the Epic stage?

The hurricane in the chaos space continued as Zhou Wen’s consciousness entered . All he saw was a heavenly pillar-like hurricane swirling, preventing him from seeing Banana Fairy’s figure .

The storm was getting more intense, and it didn’t seem like it would stop anytime soon .

Seeing the mess in the room, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but shake his head slightly . He began packing up the items on the ground and just as he was done packing, he heard his cell phone ring .

“Little Wen, let me ask you something . Did my father ever give you anything special?” Ouyang Lan’s voice came through the phone .

“I used to eat at the former principal’s place often, but it seems like he never gave me anything . Sis Lan, has something happened?” Zhou Wen noticed that Ouyang Lan’s tone was somewhat odd .

“We’ve established contact with the expedition team and they said that they lost contact with my father . I plan on making a trip to Zhuolu myself to figure out the situation . During my absence, you have to take good care of yourself . If there’s anything you need, find An Sheng . He will help you,” Ouyang Lan said a few simple words and hung up before Zhou Wen could ask about the situation .

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