Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: 244

Chapter 244 Movement Technique

Zhou Wen hurriedly called back, wanting to meet Ouyang Lan and tell her about the name card and number . However, it wasn’t convenient to call her over the phone . It could be troublesome if the call was monitored .

However, when Zhou Wen called, he heard the notification that the person he had just called had switched off their phone .

He thought for a moment before calling An Sheng . Thankfully, An Sheng’s call went through successfully .

“An Sheng, I called Sis Lan just now . Why is her phone switched off?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Madam has already set off . She left in a hurry, so she didn’t take any detours . She’s flying straight to Zhuolu County . On the way, she will pass through many areas with abnormal magnetic fields . It’ll probably be very difficult to contact her on her phone,” An Sheng said .

What happened? Why did Sis Lan leave in such a hurry? Zhou Wen frowned slightly .

“We aren’t sure of the actual situation . All we know now is that one of the people who went to the dimensional zone for research with Mr . Ouyang has returned . He said that some accidents happened in the dimensional zones . They were separated from Mr . Ouyang, and many of them died . Only he escaped alive . Later, they sent a few more groups of people in, but the outcome was terriblemany people died . Madam was really worried, so she went alone . Overseer couldn’t stop her, so he rushed people over . You don’t have to be worried . ”

“An Sheng, can you take me along? I also want to go to Zhuolu,” Zhou Wen asked after some thought .

There weren’t many people in this world who didn’t ask for anything in return . The former principal was one of them . Although Zhou Wen was a rather cold and aloof person, he wished to do something for the former principal .

Zhou Wen knew that he was lacking, so it was useless entering the dimensional zone . However, he had the mysterious phone . If he could find the tiny palm symbol there, he could explore the dimensional zone in the game’s instance dungeon and learn of the dangers ahead of time . It might be of help to the former principal .

“That ancient battlefield is extremely terrifying . Previously, those who entered with the principal were all experts at the Epic stage . Even so, only one of them survived . It’s useless for the average person to go . Don’t worry, we will do our best to save Old Mr Ouyang,” An Sheng said .

“I don’t feel at ease staying here either . I wish to wait at Zhuolu so that I can immediately learn the latest news about the former principal and Sis Lan,” Zhou Wen said .

An Sheng hesitated for a moment before saying, “The first group of people has already set off for Zhuolur . I’m afraid we won’t be able to catch up . Wait another two days first . The people that Overseer has hired will arrive then . When the time comes, you can follow them . ”

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen had no other choice but to agree .

This world is changing too quickly, but my growth in strength is just too slow . Zhou Wen recently had an increasing feeling that his improvement was too slow .

However, he didn’t realize that typical college students who advanced to the Legendary stage before they graduated from university were considered fast growers . He had already advanced to the Legendary stage in his first year of university, so he was indeed a little too impatient at wanting to advance to the Epic stage .

Even with a background like the six families, with virtually unlimited resources supporting them, it would be difficult for students to advance to the Epic stage in just a few years .

I wish to slowly advance too, but this world isn’t waiting for anyone . Zhou Wen sighed inwardly .

He went to the Golden Flying Ant once again . This time, Zhou Wen used Ghost Bride, hoping to use her ability to be immune to physical attacks . He wanted to see if she could pass through the white cocoon to see what was inside them .

When he arrived, Ghost Bride was actually able to ignore the Golden Flying Ant’s attack . This delighted Zhou Wen greatly, but just as she was about to pass through the white cocoon, she was repelled by the cocoon .

Is it still impossible? Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed . All he could do was continue grinding Overlord Snakes, hoping that he could get one with Overlord Spear as soon as possible .

“Zhou Wen, can you do me a favor?” Hui Haifeng suddenly asked while he was studying at Wang Mingyuan’s place .

“What is it?” Zhou Wen asked in surprise .

“Can you practice movement techniques with me? In the past, I’ve been too focused on strength and techniques, but I neglected my movement techniques . When we went to kill the spider, Ziya and you showed me the importance of movement techniques . I want to practice them, but it’s not an ordinary technique . I developed a technique that’s most suitable for me, so I need someone to help me,” Hui Haifeng said .

“I can do it in the next two days . However, I might have something to attend to in two days and have to leave the school,” Zhou Wen said .

“It should be done in two days . I don’t have any clue, so I need to find a direction in actual combat . It shouldn’t take too long,” Hui Haifeng said .

“Alright, let’s begin now,” Zhou Wen agreed .

When he got to the training field with Hui Haifeng, Hui Haifeng had Zhou Wen attack him with all his might, but all he did was block or dodge .

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Hui Haifeng was rather well-rounded . He was a person with a relatively balanced development, but in terms of movement techniques, he was weaker than Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen pushed Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to its limits and constantly attacked Hui Haifeng .

Hui Haifeng seemed to have learned a few movement techniques that constantly swapped . Yet, he was still constantly struck by Zhou Wen .

However, Hui Haifeng had improved very quickly . After familiarizing himself with Zhou Wen’s movement techniques, the number of times he was hit began to decrease .

The progress was extremely smooth, but after reaching a certain level, Hui Haifeng could no longer dodge Zhou Wen’s attacks . No matter how hard he tried, there was no progress .

“The pressure on me isn’t enough . Faster,” Hui Haifeng said .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen switched to Godfiend Era and used his levitation ability to push his Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to an even higher level . He flew across the sky and attacked Hui Haifeng from all directions, making it even harder for Hui Haifeng to dodge . The number of times he was hit increased .

Hui Haifeng gritted his teeth as he constantly changed his movement techniques . The number of palm imprints on his body increased, but he had no intention of giving up . He continued to persist, hoping to find a path that was most suitable for him to break through while under heavy pressure .

It’s useless… It’s still useless… My speed isn’t as fast as Zhou Wen’s… Nor do I have such powerful aerial combat capabilities as Zhou Wen… What can I do? Hui Haifeng didn’t feel vexed over his flaws . Instead, he was searching for a chance to resolve the problem with his own abilities .

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Under Zhou Wen’s relentless assault, Hui Haifeng gradually found a path that belonged to him .

Suddenly, Hui Haifeng seemed to come to a realization . His movement technique changed drastically, one completely different from the movement technique he had used earlier . It was quite a bizarre change .

Rather than saying that it was a movement technique, it was more accurate to say that it was a variation in the footwork in a fist technique . Hui Haifeng’s movements were very tiny, but such tiny movements were very fast like an explosive impulse .

This kind of movement couldn’t be maintained at high speeds, but the continuous impulse movement caused Hui Haifeng’s trajectory to become unpredictable .

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