Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 245

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Chapter 245: 245

Chapter 245 Movement Technique (2)

“Haha, I’ve finally found a suitable movement technique for myself . No matter how fast I am, I can’t compare to you and Ziya . I can’t maintain a high speed like the two of you, but I can use my explosive impulse to accelerate myself to a speed faster than the two of you for a moment . And I have good endurance and can sustain such continuous impulses . This is the most suitable movement technique for me . ” Hui Haifeng laughed heartily .

“It’s indeed a pretty good movement technique,” Zhou Wen praised .

Hui Haifeng wrapped his arm around Zhou Wen’s shoulder and said, “This movement technique was completed with your help . Half the credit goes to you . I’ll give you half of the naming rights . You and I can think of one word and we’ll use it as the name of this movement technique . In the future, when it becomes famous, your name will definitely be recorded in history . ”

“There’s no need . I’m just a sparring partner,” Zhou Wen said with a shrug .

“It’s different . My movement technique was inspired by your movement technique . Half its name has to come from you . Come, quickly think of a name for it . I can’t wait to perfect it . ” Hui Haifeng took out a piece of paper and a pen and handed them to Zhou Wen . He asked him to have a think before he wrote a single word .

Although Zhou Wen found Hui Haifeng’s method of naming rather ridiculous, he thought for a moment under Hui Haifeng’s insistence and wrote the word “True” on the piece of paper .

After the two of them finished writing, they unfolded the pieces of paper together and saw that there was also the word “True” on Hui Haifeng’s paper . When they saw the words on the paper, they couldn’t help but be slightly stunned .

Hui Haifeng laughed . “It looks like we’re both like-minded and thought of the same thing . Let’s do it this way . It won’t be interesting to write another name . This movement technique shall be called Double True . ”

“Double True… Double True… True Double… This name sounds a little…” Zhou Wen repeated it a few times before he realized[1] that something was amiss .

After Hui Haifeng said it out loud, he clearly realized this problem . However, he didn’t mind it and said with a smile, “Double True movement technique doesn’t sound nice, but since it’s decided by fate, let’s call it Double True . ”

With that said, Hui Haifeng ran off . He couldn’t wait to head back and continue researching and perfecting the Double True movement technique .

Zhou Wen shook his head and said, “Wang Mingyuan’s disciples are all talented geniuses, but their personalities are weird . I originally thought Hui Haifeng was a normal person, but from the looks of it, he isn’t very normal . ”

An Sheng needed to do a lot of work . Not only was he An Tianzuo’s adjutant, but he was also the An family’s butler . He had to handle the matters of the military and the An family . Therefore, An Sheng had to organize people to handle many matters .

When he received a name list, his expression turned extremely odd .

There were three names written on the listone of them was Zhou Wen . These three names were specially written by Qin Wufu . An Tianzuo had also mentioned that he wanted to personally reward the three .

None of that was a problem, but one of the three names was Zhou Wen .

“Are you sure this list is correct?” An Sheng looked at the intelligence officer in front of him and asked . He had to be sure of this matter, or else there would be a huge problem .

“Yes, many officers have seen the three of them before . We have also checked the surveillance footage of some shops nearby and compared them to the school’s database . We have confirmed that it’s the three of them . Furthermore, we have also brought a photo to show those officers . It’s confirmed without a doubt that it’s the three of them,” the intelligence officer said with certainty .

“Very good . You did well . Go ahead and busy yourself . ” An Sheng looked at the name on the list and a strange smile appeared on his lips . He took some documents and got up to head to An Tianzuo’s office .

“Come in . ” An Tianzuo was handling some documents, clearly in a bad mood .

He already had a headache over the various break-out creatures from the dimensional zones . Now that Ouyang Lan had gone to such a dangerous place, he was very worried .

If it wasn’t because there were too many problems in Luoyang and he couldn’t split himself, he yearned to fly to Zhuolu immediately and get Ouyang Lan back .

However, he knew Ouyang Lan’s temper very well . Even if he went, it would be impossible for her to return because his temper was inherited from her . He knew very well that no one could stop her once she made up her mind .

“Overseer, the list of students who have rendered meritorious services has been compiled . The three students who helped us destroy the spider wells have also been found . The commendation ceremony has already been prepared . Should we start as planned?” An Sheng walked over and handed the document to An Tianzuo .

“Act according to the plan . Go ahead and do it . ” An Tianzuo didn’t look at the documents . Usually, such matters were handled by An Sheng . He didn’t think there would be any problems with such trivial matters .

“Yes . ” An Sheng took back the document and left An Tianzuo’s office .

Zhou Wen was constantly grinding at Snake Cavern, but he hadn’t had a Mutated Overlord Snake drop with Ever-Victorious . Therefore, he planned on inviting Wang Lu to try it out at Snake Cavern .

Wang Lu was listening to music in the living room when she heard the doorbell ring . When she opened the door, she couldn’t help but be surprised that Zhou Wen had actually knocked on her door . It was unbelievable .

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“Wang Lu, how much money do I need to hire you to accompany me to the Snake Cavern to hunt dimensional creatures?” Zhou Wen asked Wang Lu .

“You want to hire me?” Wang Lu was stunned before looking at Zhou Wen with interest .

“Yes, if it’s possible, we can head to the Snake Cavern now . ” Zhou Wen nodded with certainty .

“You should know that I don’t lack money, right?” Wang Lu said with a smile .

Zhou Wen was slightly disappointed . “Sorry for disturbing you . ”

With that said, Zhou Wen prepared to leave when Wang Lu hurriedly said, “Hold on . It’s not impossible for you to hire me, but I don’t want money . I have one condition . ”

“What condition?” Zhou Wen asked .

“I want to go shopping tonight . Be my lackey and help me carry things,” Wang Lu said .

“No problem, I’m going to the Snake Cavern to kill the Mutated Overlord Snakes . I wish to use your luck to have a Mutated Overlord Snake egg drop . ” Zhou Wen shared his motives .

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“It shouldn’t be a big problem, as long as there’s a Mutated Overlord Snake there,” said Wang Lu with a smile .

Zhou Wen and Wang Lu headed to Dragon Gate Grotto where Snake Cavern was . Zhou Wen was already very familiar with the place, so killing Overlord Snakes was very simple for him . He only wished to meet a Mutated Overlord Snake . After all, it wasn’t something that could be found at any time . If there wasn’t a Mutated Overlord Snake, it wouldn’t matter how lucky Wang Lu was .

However, Zhou Wen had clearly underestimated Wang Lu’s luck . Not long after they entered Snake Cavern, they saw an Overlord Snake that resembled black jade . It was a Mutated Overlord Snake .

[1] Double in Chinese lingo can mean clueless/idiot . So flipping the name becomes True Idiot .

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