Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 246

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Chapter 246: 246

Chapter 246 Cracking the Cocoon

Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw the Mutated Overlord Snake as he ordered the Saber Shield Knight to charge forward .

The Saber Shield Knight had a Life Providence of Offense and Defense . Furthermore, his shield skills, saber skills, and battle aura skills were very powerful, making him the best at restraining Overlord Snakes .

The Mutated Overlord Snake charged over as the Saber Shield Knight activated the Everlasting Shield . The cross symbol on his shield immediately lit up with a holy radiance, as though it was a holy light that enveloped his entire body and his mount .

He used the shield technique to block the Mutated Overlord Snake’s attack before chopping down with the saber in his right hand with Cross Sword’s sword beam to kill it . This was what the Saber Shield Knight had always done .

However, this time, the Mutated Overlord Snake slammed into the shield, tearing it apart . It opened its mouth and bit down on the Saber Shield Knight’s head .

Zhou Wen hurriedly got the Demonized General to charge forward as he struck out with Astral Fist, sending the Mutated Overlord Snake’s body flying out .

The Demonized General and the Saber Shield Knight attacked the Overlord Snake together, but they were still at a tiny disadvantage . When its tail swept, whatever was in its way, directly shattered .

Could it be that this is the Ever-Victorious skill? Zhou Wen was delighted instead of shocked . The Mutated Overlord Snakes he had encountered in the game weren’t that powerful .

“Baby Tiger, attack, bite it . ” Wang Lu let her Lucky Baby Tiger help .

The abilities of Lucky Baby Tiger were considered inferior amongst the Epic stage, but it was naturally much stronger than the Legendary stage . It was very agile as it dodged the attack from the Overlord Snake . It pounced forward and bit down on the Overlord Snake’s neck, splitting it into two pieces .

Zhou Wen allowed his pet to withstand the attacks of the other Overlord Snakes while he took Bamboo Blade and peeled off the Overlord Snake’s head . Immediately, he saw two crystals inside .

One crystal was obviously a stats crystal, while the other was a black metal egg . It was none other than the Mutated Overlord Snake egg .

“Mission accomplished . Remember to be my lackey tonight,” said Wang Lu with a cheeky smile .

“Alright, I’ll definitely be there on time . ” Zhou Wen put away his Companion Egg and rushed out of Snake Cavern with Wang Lu .

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen hurriedly used his cell phone to snap the Mutated Overlord Snake Companion Egg .

Mutated Overlord Snake: Legendary

Life Providence: Born Overlord

Strength: 20

Speed: 19

Constitution: 20

Primordial Energy: 16

Talent Skill: Death Wrap, Devourer, Ever-Victorious .

Companion Form: Spear

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Zhou Wen was delighted to see this . Indeed, it was an excellent-grade Mutated Overlord Snake . Not only did it possess the Ever-Victorious skill, but it also had another skill, Devourer . It was much better than the one which dropped for him previously .

Luck is indeed useful . From the looks of it, I have to think of a way to have a Lucky Baby Tiger drop . Zhou Wen already had the urge to head to the Binyang Cave to grind for one .

He now had the two Epic skills—Ghost Steps and Transcendent Flying Immortal . He also had the Overlord Spear with Ever-Victorious . There was likely a chance for him to kill the weakest Epic tiger alone .

However, what was most pressing for Zhou Wen was still the white cocoon protected by the Golden Flying Ant; therefore, he headed to Ant City to try it out first .

After hatching the Mutated Overlord Snake, it didn’t take long for a black metal spear that was about twelve feet long to appear in Zhou Wen’s hand . Its entire body was made of black metal and the two blades on the spear emitted a cold glow that sent shivers down one’s spine .

Zhou Wen had never practiced with spears before, but he had a Legendary Primordial Energy Skill-Penetrating Pierce . It possessed decent armor-piercing strength which suited Zhou Wen’s current use .

He waved his Overlord Spear a few times to familiarize himself with its weight and center of mass before putting it away and opening the Ant Nest instance dungeon .

After storming all the way to Ant City, Zhou Wen couldn’t be bothered clearing the ordinary flying ants and armored ants . He allowed his pets to battle the ant horde before taking Truth Listener and Ghost Bride to the Golden Flying Ant’s nest at the top .

The Golden Flying Ant lunged forward at an astonishing speed . Zhou Wen used Ghost Bride to lure the Golden Flying Ant, while he used Ghost Steps to instantly charge to the side of the white cocoon .

With the Golden Flying Ant being led to the other side by Ghost Bride and how Zhou Wen’s Ghost Steps were ridiculously fast, making him no way slower than the Golden Flying Ant, it was already too late for it to rush back .

Zhou Wen held the Overlord Spear and used Penetrating Pierce . At the same time, he unleashed all his strength and stabbed the white cocoon .

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The spear’s blade chafed against the white cocoon, making metal-grinding sounds . It was harsh to the ears .

Zhou Wen was alarmed . The Overlord Spear’s tip had only stabbed a few inches in, failing to completely penetrate the cocoon .

The Golden Flying Ant had already flashed over . It released golden beams at the blood-colored avatar furiously .

The silver wings on the back of the blood-colored avatar flapped as Zhou Wen used Ghost Steps again and charged out of the nest . At the same time, he ordered Ghost Bride to attack the white cocoon to attract the Golden Flying Ant’s attention .

The Golden Flying Ant was fooled as expected . It stopped chasing after Zhou Wen and charged at Ghost Bride . Golden beams of light shot through Ghost Bride’s body, but they didn’t injure her .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but sigh . The strength of a dimensional creature isn’t absolute . If one’s attributes and skills are restrained, even an inferior Companion Beast might not necessarily be useless .

Using Dao Body to keep replenishing his Primordial Energy, Zhou Wen charged into the nest and stabbed the same spot again . However, he failed to completely pierce through the white cocoon and only broke a portion of it .

Zhou Wen’s attack was augmented by Ever-Victorious and the armor-piercing strength of Penetrating Pierce, making the destructive power extremely terrifying . Yet, the cocoon remained resilient in a shocking manner .

After exiting the nest once again, Zhou Wen used the same trick to constantly entice the Golden Flying Ant and repeatedly attack the white cocoon . He repeated it dozens of times until Zhou Wen struck the same spot on the white cocoon again and felt the tip of the spear lighten as though he had penetrated half the spear into it .

It penetrated! Zhou Wen was delighted as he hurriedly pulled out his spear .

When Zhou Wen pulled out the Overlord Spear, he saw a beam shoot out from the hole . It was orange-red in color and looked extremely bizarre, but it didn’t seem to have any lethal force . It was like the light of an electric lamp .

Zhou Wen glanced at the white cocoon’s hole and saw that it was entirely orange inside . And the source of the orange-red light was actually a curled creature .

The creature looked a little like a human . Its body was curled up and its hands hugged its legs as it curled into a ball . Its orange long hair covered most of its body .

On his head, there was a pair of strange feelers and on his back, there was a layer of translucent thin wings . The thin wings were very soft and looked like they hadn’t fully matured .

Inside the white cocoon is indeed a dimensional creature, but it doesn’t look anything like an ant . Zhou Wen dodged the Golden Flying Ant’s angry attack as he thought to himself .

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