Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: 248

Chapter 248 The Hope of Advancing to Epic

The blood he obtained from the cocoon allowed Zhou Wen to see the hope of advancing to the Epic stage, he was just short of his Constitution reaching 21 points .

Now, Zhou Wen was aware of two locations where white cocoons could be found . One of them was at the nest of the chick’s mother . Zhou Wen didn’t dare go there . Even Ah Sheng didn’t dare put up any resistance . Even if he were to activate Sigh of the King, he would probably only be courting death .

Besides, now that the chick was with Zhou Wen and had helped him before, Zhou Wen couldn’t bring himself to touch the white cocoon that the giant bird was protecting .

Then the only one left is the white cocoon that’s protected by the wyrm under the Old Dragon Cave . Zhou Wen felt a headache coming on when he thought of the wyrm .

The wyrm was obviously much more powerful than the Golden Flying Ant . Perhaps the wyrm itself was a Mythical creature to begin with . If he wanted to tear through the cocoon and obtain the blood of the living creature within, he might as well have a fight with the wyrm and die a faster death .

Although he knew that there was no chance, Zhou Wen was bent on trying . As expected, before he even reached the stone pillar, the wyrm was jolted awake as it opened its mouth and roared, instantly killing the blood-colored avatar .

Even Ghost Bride’s soul body wasn’t spared . Her soul was shattered by the dragon’s roar .

How can this be obtained? It’s impossible . Unless my body can withstand the power of the Sigh of the King and allow its full powers to manifest, only then might there still be a sliver of a chance . Zhou Wen put down his phone, having no intention of trying it a second time . It was useless even if he tried . They were not at the same level . In front of absolute strength, everything was in vain .

“Zhou Wen, where are you? I’ve been waiting for you all day . ” Wang Lu called, her voice sounding rather angry .

“Sorry, I’ll be there soon . ” Only then did Zhou Wen recall that he still needed to be Wang Lu’s lackey that evening . He hurriedly washed his face and left the building .

“What’s wrong with you? You’re a man, and you’re late . You are in no way a gentleman,” Wang Lu said angrily .

“I’m sorry . My bad . ” Zhou Wen felt that there was no way of explaining himself because he had indeed done something wrong . All he could do was lower his head and admit his mistake .

“Since it’s your fault, you have to accept punishment . Do you have any objections?” Wang Lu said .

“No . ” Zhou Wen shook his head .

“That’s what you said . You are not to go back on your word . ” Wang Lu narrowed her eyes .

“Apart from committing murder, arson, and immoral acts, you can punish me for anything . ” Zhou Wen could only accept it .

“It’s not that serious . Follow me . ” Wang Lu beamed even more, happy as she led Zhou Wen out of the school .

Zhou Wen originally believed that randomly leaving Sunset College was a privilege of people like An Sheng . Even Li Xuan couldn’t casually leave the school, but Wang Lu had easily led Zhou Wen out .

It’s still good to be privileged . Zhou Wen sighed inwardly .

There was already a car waiting outside the school . Wang Lu led Zhou Wen to the car and they headed for the biggest commercial street in Luoyang . Qin Xiyuan’s Xiyuan Crystal Shop was also on the street .

Wang Lu did not go to the crystal shop . She went to a store selling all kinds of cosmetics and clothes .

Zhou Wen couldn’t understand why Wang Lu was buying these things .

Sunset College was a partially militaristic school . Back on campus, students were only allowed to wear uniforms . The school uniforms were basically simple military uniforms .

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Moreover, the college didn’t allow students to put on makeup . It was alright to secretly put on some light makeup, but if it was a little more obvious, the student council would find out and carry out disciplinary action .

Although Wang Lu was one of the elites of the college, Zhou Wen hadn’t seen her wear make-up when he saw her in school . He really didn’t know what those things were bought for .

However, Wang Lu was very happy as she flitted through the various shops . Soon, Zhou Wen became a humanoid rack with various bags hanging over his body . They were all things Wang Lu had bought .

“Does it look good?” Wang Lu walked out of the fitting room and walked around Zhou Wen in a lovely dress . She posed in a beautiful way as she asked Zhou Wen .

“Such clothes aren’t suitable for practice or battle, right?” Zhou Wen said as he looked at the various cloth decorations hanging from the clothes .

Wang Lu glared at Zhou Wen fiercely . “I’m happy and it’s all out of my own free will . This, this, and this . Give me one of the same

color . ”

Hence, Zhou Wen had a lot more bags on him . Although with his physique, it wasn’t a problem for him to carry more, he just couldn’t understand the point of buying them . The clothes looked identical, just in different colors .

After shopping for nearly four hours, and having two sumptuous meals in the middle, Wang Lu was finally satisfied . She went back to school with bags of all shapes and sizes .

Zhou Wen took the items into Wang Lu’s building and was about to leave when Wang Lu stopped him .

“Are you leaving just like that?” Wang Lu asked Zhou Wen .

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“Didn’t I already fulfill my promise?” Zhou Wen looked at Wang Lu in puzzlement .

“The promise is fulfilled, but the punishment for being late hasn’t been done yet . Don’t tell me you want to go back on your word?” Wang Lu’s eyes were filled with doubt about Zhou Wen’s character .

“Of course not . Tell me how you would like to punish me,” Zhou Wen said as he spread out his hands .

“Actually, it’s very simple . I only bought the cosmetics looking at the color palette . I can’t see the real effects . Help me try them,” Wang Lu said with a cheeky smile as she took out a lipstick .

“You… want me to try this?” Zhou Wen immediately widened his eyes .

“You want to go back on your word?” Wang Lu’s questioning eyes became more obvious .

“No . ” Zhou Wen gritted his teeth as the word seemed to be squeezed out through his teeth .

“That’s good . Sit tight . Don’t move . ” Wang Lu was immediately delighted as she took out all the new cosmetics she had bought and swept them across Zhou Wen’s face .

Zhou Wen sat there motionless, feeling as though he was sitting on pins and needles .

Always angering me? Today, I’ll let you know what happens when you anger me . A devilish tail seemed to grow behind Wang Lu .

When it was almost midnight, An Jing returned from the device room . When she passed by Zhou Wen’s building, she subconsciously took a glance and saw that it wasn’t lit .

Just as she was about to return to her own building, she heard the door open to the building beside hers . A figure walked out .

An Jing originally thought nothing of it, imagining it was Wang Lu, but to her surprise, the figure walked to Zhou Wen’s building and entered the yard’s door .

Zhou Wen? An Jing couldn’t help but be taken aback when she saw that it was Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen also saw An Jing, but his relationship with her was never that great . He nodded slightly as a form of greeting before opening the door and entering his building

Just a few results to show for and he’s already so brazen . Not only does he game every day, but he’s also fooling around in the dorm of a girl in the middle of the night . I really wonder what Grandpa and Mom see in him . An Jing felt extremely unhappy as her good mood instantly vanished .

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