Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 249

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Chapter 249: 249

Chapter 249 Assembly

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen entered Dragon Gate Grotto’s instance dungeon and prepared to grind for the lucky tiger .

Wang Lu had allowed Zhou Wen to realize the magic of the Luck stat . Therefore, he wished to grind for a Lucky Baby Tiger to increase his Luck stat . It would be easier to take the Lucky Baby Tiger along with him if he wanted any Companion Egg to drop in the future .

The only problem now was that Zhou Wen needed to hatch an Epic Companion Egg at the Legendary stage . It would be somewhat difficult .

Zhou Wen didn’t know how Wang Lu had managed it . He planned on trying to use the Dao Body’s rapid recovery of Primordial Energy . The tiger was relatively weak to begin with, so the amount of Primordial Energy he needed probably would be reduced . Perhaps, he could give it a try

In reality, the tiger was in high demand, but there was no one in-game to vie for it besides Zhou Wen . After Zhou Wen arrived at Binyang Cave, he quickly found the tiger .

Without another word, he summoned his Overlord Spear and circled to the back of the tiger with Ghost Steps and stabbed it in the rectum .

The tiger’s reaction wasn’t slow . With a flying pounce, it dodged the fate of having its rectum torn through . In return, its tail lashed out like a steel whip .

Zhou Wen had already studied it thoroughly . As he dodged sideways, he thrust out again, stabbing the tiger’s thin waist .

The Overlord Spear finally stabbed into the tiger’s waist . With Ever-Victorious showing its effect, the tiger let out a tragic cry when the spear stabbed through its skin . A blood hole opened up and its pelvis was damaged . With its movements greatly restricted, Zhou Wen quickly finished it off .

This was the first time he had killed an Epic creature alone in-game . Although it was the weakest Epic, it gave Zhou Wen a sense of accomplishment . However, it was very unlikely that the tiger would drop a Companion Egg

Zhou Wen didn’t expect to have the Lucky Baby Tiger drop on his first try, he could only try in passing . It wasn’t something he could keep respawning .

This was because there was only one tiger in-game every time, just like reality . After Zhou Wen killed it, he had to drip his blood to respawn, allowing the game’s instance dungeon to be refreshed before he could kill the tiger again . It would be such a waste .

Zhou Wen would kill the baby tiger every time he dripped his blood for respawning . Then, he would go elsewhere to grind for Companion Eggs or explore new instance dungeons . He waited until he died before respawning to have a chance of killing the baby tiger again .

I wonder if there are any other Companion Beasts that can add to my Luck stat? When Zhou Wen was free, he went online to search for more information . He discovered that Luck stat was indeed rare . Although other Companion Beasts had similar effects, just like Little Tiger, they were targets that were vied for by many . It was difficult to obtain them .

Besides the baby tiger, the other known Companion Beasts with a Luck stat were extremely powerful Epic creatures . Their combat strength was many times stronger than the Lucky Baby Tiger’s .

While checking on the information, Zhou Wen also saw another Companion Beast with the opposite Luck stat . It was born with bad luck or, in other words, filled with misfortune .

One of the most famous ones in the East district was Tai Sui . If one had this Companion Beast, not only would it be the case of not having any luck with drops, but even buying a packet of instant noodles would come without any seasoning packets . Entering a dimensional zone would definitely result in trouble . It was an essential pet if one wanted to have a death wish .

The last Epic expert who had obtained Tai Sui originally believed that he had obtained a powerful Companion Beast . He had even shared the information he gained on his WeChat Moments to flaunt it, but he ended up dying in a dimensional zone the next day .

Who the hell would hatch such a Companion Beast? Zhou Wen carefully read the description of Tai Sui and remembered its appearance . It would be truly troublesome if he were to accidentally hatch it in the future .

Just as they were about to continue grinding instance dungeons, the school sent a notice to all the students, requesting that they gather at the field . It was unknown what had happened .

When he arrived at the field, he saw Wang Fei and his classmates already lined up . Li Xuan was waving at him .

Zhou Wen hurriedly walked over and stood behind Li Xuan as he asked, “Li Xuan, what happened at the school? Why are all the students suddenly gathered?”

Such situations were rare in Sunset College . It focused more on pragmatic education, so it was rare for it to organize any student assemblies .

“I have no idea . I was sleeping soundly when I was awoken by a message . I don’t know what happened either,” Li Xuan said as he spread out his hands .

Soon, all the teachers and students gathered . Zhou Wen found it odd that there were even rows of soldiers on the field .

Although there were troops stationed on campus, they only guarded the school’s entrance or special places like the dimensional zones’ entrances . They rarely interacted with students .

Yet, the soldiers were participating in the student assembly held by the college . Moreover, the soldiers’ uniforms seemed different from those of the ordinary soldiers . It seemed like they were not the usual soldiers in the college .

After the managing vice-chancellor went on stage to say a few words, Zhou Wen and the rest of the students realized that the student assembly was to commend the students who had contributed when the Sky Spider wreaked havoc .

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Zhou Wen didn’t pay much attention to this because he, Hui Haifeng, and Zhong Ziya hadn’t reported their names . The school didn’t include them, so even the rewards had nothing to do with them .

It wasn’t that Zhou Wen and company weren’t willing to accept the rewards, but that they originally believed that the credits given weren’t much . The trio weren’t people who lacked credits, so they were too lazy to report it . When the time came, the military would have to verify it and it would be extremely troublesome .

Since Zhong Ziya and Hui Haifeng found it troublesome, and Zhou Wen didn’t have any strong desire for credits, the three of them hadn’t bothered reporting .

If he had known that there would be actual material rewards, Zhou Wen would have reported his name no matter what . But now, it was too late for regrets .

As Zhou Wen was thinking about this, he saw a few military officers arrive in the field . They were being escorted by soldiers . The managing vice-chancellor and the school’s upper management hurriedly stood up to welcome them, inviting the leading officer to the main seat .

“Wow, it’s Overseer An . He’s so handsome!”

“I’ve been in school for three years, but this is the first time I’ve seen the Overseer in person . He’s even more valiant and imposing than the legends . ”

“It’s nothing to get excited about . We Luoyang locals often get to see him . ”

Instantly, there was a commotion among the students . An Tianzuo was like a god of war in Luoyang . Many of the students believed that he was a target and an idol to aim for in cultivation .

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In fact, a large part of the reason many outstanding students chose Sunset College was because it was the An family’s school and An Tianzuo had also graduated here

Zhou Wen didn’t feel anything special when he saw An Tianzuo . He treated him like a passerby .

An Tianzuo had acute senses . Even among the thousands of students, he immediately sensed Zhou Wen’s spot . However, he didn’t even look at him, as though Zhou Wen didn’t exist in his books .

An Sheng nodded at Zhou Wen with a smile, but the smile seemed to carry a deeper meaning .

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