Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Jiang Hao’s death signified the dissipation of his Companion Beast . The Explosive Scaled Snake and the bone armor Companion Beasts exploded, turning into bits of Primordial Energy that scattered across the land .

Li Xuan didn’t have the luxury of time to entertain nonsensical thoughts like Xu Miantu . After finishing Jiang Hao, he rushed straight for the Skeleton General . At the same time, he shouted, “Zhou Wen, I’ll attract his attention . Try to find an opening to deliver the lethal strike . ”

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen retreated . Just as the Skeleton General was about to chase after him, Li Xuan had already delivered a punch to the skeleton horse’s head .

This contained the Strength of a Black Knight, but all it did was cause the skeleton horse’s head to flinch and its feet to stagger for a moment .

“Pledge my life to defend the city…” The Skeleton General was enraged as the glow in his eyes burgeoned . He let out a furious roar as he charged at Li Xuan with his spear .

Li Xuan could barely kite the Skeleton General with the Black Knight’s powers, but he was completely suppressed . He had no means to counterattack .

Zhou Wen circled around the skeleton horse without giving the Skeleton General a chance to attack him . From time to time, he would deliver a Vigor Divine Fist at the horse’s legs or body . It affected the skeleton horse’s mobility, giving Li Xuan a breather .

The two besieged the Skeleton General, but everything remained in a tizzy .

The Skeleton General in-game doesn’t seem this powerful? Zhou Wen was quite puzzled . He was certain of his judgment .

It wasn’t only aspects like Strength or Speed, most importantly, the Skeleton General in-game was rather uniform in his attacks . It was obvious he was a NPC 1 in a game . But in real life, the Skeleton General was clearly more intelligent and autonomous than in-game . His combat experience seemed to be honed from multiple battles, making him completely different .

Zhou Wen hadn’t seen this phenomenon on the ordinary Skeleton Soldiers . Be it in-game or in real life, the Skeleton Soldiers shared the same rigidness .

What’s the reason? Zhou Wen was momentarily unable to figure out the reason .


Li Xuan was sent flying by the Skeleton General’s spear sweep, but he managed to stop himself after tumbling about eight meters .

He got to his feet and charged forward once again while enduring the pain . Meanwhile, he shouted, “This Skeleton General is a little odd . He appears to be getting stronger!”

If any other Mortal stage were to suffer such injuries, they would probably be dead, even if they had a Legendary Companion Beast protecting them .

However, Li Xuan’s Invincible Connate Divine Art was indeed formidable . It allowed him to continue battling with full force .

Zhou Wen had heard of how potent Epic stage Primordial Energy Arts were in the past, but it was only today that he realized how disparate things were .

The Ascetic Meditation he cultivated had similar benefits to the Invincible Connate Divine Art . They were Primordial Energy Arts that strengthened one’s Constitution, but the differences were huge when a comparison was made . If he had suffered injuries as terrible as Li Xuan’s, it would be unlikely that he could get back on his feet .

As expected, I need to cultivate in a top-grade Primordial Energy Art . But where am I to get one? These things aren’t like Primordial Energy Skills that can drop from the game .  Zhou Wen was slightly vexed .

In the schools of Earth’s League, especially in university, different Primordial Energy Arts would be taught . However, they were capped out at the Legendary stage . There weren’t any Epic stage Primordial Energy Arts to be taught . Zhou Wen had no chance of cultivating in such Primordial Energy Arts even if he wanted to .

“Bro, stop daydreaming . Help me finish him quickly!” Li Xuan was running about yelling while being pursued by the Skeleton General . The black armor that encased him had nearly shattered .

Zhou Wen had no intention of helping . Instead, he said, “It’s useless . My Strength isn’t enough to injure it . I think it’s better we flee . ”

“Don’t you have a weaponized Companion Beast?” Li Xuan exclaimed .

“It’s only a Mortal Companion Beast . Although the augmentation to Strength is great, it wouldn’t be very effective against such a Legendary stage dimensional creature,” Zhou Wen explained .

“Mortal Companion Beast?” Li Xuan immediately felt speechless .

The higher the grade of a dimensional creature, the easier it could condense a dimensional crystal . The chances of producing a Companion Egg was also higher . Therefore, it was the low-grade dimensional creatures that could hardly produce Companion Eggs .

Therefore, a Mortal Companion Beast could be more expensive than his Black Knight Legendary Companion Beast, but at this juncture, money meant nothing .

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“That’s bad . Although my Black Knight also augments my Strength, it mainly augments my defense . It’s not great when it comes to Strength… Damn it… I should have learned a few Primordial Energy Skills with potent destructive forces… Or I should have incubated a Strength-type Legendary Companion Beast…” Li Xuan said in regret .

“If not for your black armor protecting you, you would have died a couple of times . Having a Strength-type Legendary Companion Beast is useless,” Zhou Wen said with a shake of his head .

Li Xuan no longer had the time to chat with Zhou Wen for the Skeleton General almost stabbed him in his thigh .

The Black Knight Companion Beast didn’t enhance his Speed, so Li Xuan was unable to dodge the Skeleton General’s thrusts . All he could do was rely on the black armor to resist the blows . It seemed quite tragic for it appeared as though he would be stabbed to death at any time .

The skeleton horse was too fast and, with Li Xuan not being at the Legendary stage, there was no way of escaping .

“Zhou Wen, I beg you to save Brother Xuan . ” Xu Miantu struggled to get up as he pleaded with Zhou Wen .

At this moment, Xu Miantu no longer had the arrogance from before . Instead, he treated Zhou Wen as a pillar of support .

Deep down, he no longer treated Zhou Wen as a higher schooler from a small city . Just the Mortal Companion Beast was not something the typical person could possess . From his point of view, Zhou Wen definitely had an extraordinary background .

And his previous actions made Xu Miantu believe that the former could save Li Xuan if he so wished .

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Zhou Wen pondered for a moment and said, “It’s not completely impossible, but I’m not sure if it will work . ”

“We have to try it regardless,” Xu Miantu said .

Zhou Wen nodded slightly as he observed the Skeleton General but was thinking about the Skeleton General in-game .

He had fought the Skeleton General several times in-game . It wasn’t without any benefit because through his observations, he had noticed a weakness on the Skeleton General .

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t certain if the weakness in-game was the same in real life . After all, the Skeleton General was a lot more powerful in real life .

But at this moment, Zhou Wen could only give it a try .

Seeing Li Xuan being pursued by the Skeleton General, Zhou Wen silently circled to the back and gradually approached to await an opportunity .

Without needing Zhou Wen to say a word, Li Xuan knew that he needed to create a window of opportunity for Zhou Wen . Li Xuan gritted his teeth and used his black armor to envelope the left area of his abdomen to take on the Skeleton General’s thrust .

When the sharp tip plunged into the black armor, it ripped apart Li Xuan’s flesh . However, before the spear could be retracted, he gripped the stone spear tightly .

Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen leaped up and jumped onto the Skeleton General’s back . He rode on the skeleton horse just like the Skeleton General while reaching out his hand at his target’s neck . Lodging the head up to the sky, he used his other hand which wore the Vigor Ant’s boxing glove, slamming it heavily at the Skeleton General’s eye sockets .