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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 250

Published at 27th of May 2020 05:20:08 PM

Chapter 250: 250

Chapter 250 We Are Honored By Them

The process of the assembly was very simple . There weren’t many bigwigs speaking . Only An Tianzuo spoke a few words . Although he didn’t say a lot, his oomph left many students boiling with excitement . They wished they could join the army and fight to protect their homeland .

Many girls even had the urge to follow An Tianzuo to battle on the battlefield, even if they died for him .

Even Zhou Wen had to admit that An Tianzuo was the kind of person who was born with the charisma of a leader . If someone else were to say the same words, it would only appear awkward and pretentious .

However, An Tianzuo’s delivery was infectious . He had a convincing charm, but Zhou Wen found it odd regardless .

Following that, it was the award ceremony for the students who had helped the army . All of them were named and invited on stage to receive their awards and military honors . Zhou Wen listened for quite a while but didn’t hear his name . It wasn’t unexpected .

An Tianzuo was in a rather good mood today . Although he had had many troubles to deal with recently, he was in a better mood after seeing so many outstanding students at Sunset College . These people would imbue the army with fresh blood in the future .

An Tianzuo was waiting for the three most outstanding students’ turn and was prepared to personally decorate them with the medals .

“Overseer, the rewards for the other students have been distributed . Only the three students with outstanding contributions are left . Do you want to personally announce them?” An Sheng came to An Tianzuo’s side and handed a script to him .

“Alright . ” An Tianzuo received the script and stood up from his chair before walking to the stage .

This was a very good opportunity to promote the military . An Tianzuo hoped that more students would be inclined to join the military in the future . This was one of the reasons why he had personally come to hand out the awards .

“I’m very relieved that there are so many outstanding students in my alma mater . While the students from other colleges are still studying hard, you have already grown to become a cornerstone of the League . On the battlefield, you poured your blood, using your bodies to create a steel wall for our siblings, parents, and elders . You have not let down the name of Sunset College . ” An Tianzuo read the script written by An Sheng and found it somewhat odd . It didn’t seem to be his normal style .

This fellow has been lazing off again . He must have gotten a subordinate to pen it . With this thought in mind, An Tianzuo took a glance at the script before continuing .

He had a photographic memory . Just one glance was enough for him to memorize the entire contents of the piece of paper in his head . There was no need for him to continue reading from the script .

“Among excellent students like you, three of you have made me proud . They aren’t afraid of death, nor are they afraid of danger . They went deep into the spiders’ nest and destroyed the source of the disaster, saving the lives of countless citizens . They used actions to prove their excellence and, as a man, I’m glad that Sunset College has such students . I’m also proud that there are such men among humanity . Seeing them makes me see the League’s future . It’s a bright and glorious future…” An Tianzuo was almost done reading the contents of the first page, so he flipped to the second page and took another look .

The content on the second page was very simple . There were only three names .

An Tianzuo continued, “Let me invite these three outstanding students up on stage . I want to personally decorate them with a medal . Everyone, please remember their names . All of us should be proud of them . These three students are: Hui Haifeng… Zhong Ziya… Zhou… Wen…”

When he said the last name, An Tianzuo’s eyes glared at An Sheng as if he was shooting daggers at him with an extremely fierce killing intent .

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If looks could kill, An Sheng would have been torn apart .

However, An Sheng lowered his head as if he had not seen anything as he concentrated on taking notes .

When Zhou Wen heard his name, he was slightly taken aback before his expression turned extremely odd . The words that had just been said left him feeling a little odd . Furthermore, it came from An Tianzuo’s mouth, making him find it even stranger .

An Jing was stunned when she heard Zhou Wen’s name . She couldn’t believe that An Tianzuo would use such words to describe Zhou Wen, much less believe that he was one of the three .

“Was the person that the Overseer mentioned really Zhou Wen? Could it be someone sharing the same name?” It wasn’t only An Jing who didn’t believe it, even Wang Fei found it unbelievable . She had no way of connecting the selfish and indifferent Zhou Wen, who was engrossed in games, with the outstanding student An Tianzuo mentioned .

However, Wang Fei soon realized that the school only had one student named Zhou Wen, so it was impossible for it to be someone else who shared the same name .

“Why are you still standing there in a daze? Hurry up and go onstage to accept the medal . This is a medal, not something meaningless like a commendation certificate . Furthermore, it’s personally given out by Overseer An . I’m so envious . If I were to obtain such an honor, I could brag about it for three years…” Li Xuan said as he nudged the dazed Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment . He didn’t wish to have any interaction with An Tianzuo . Furthermore, with their past, it made him feel uncomfortable standing in front of An Tianzuo and letting him decorate him with a medal .

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“What are you waiting for?” Wang Fei came over and gave Zhou Wen a nudge .

She felt gratified that she had taken Zhou Wen to Wang Mingyuan . Not long after, Zhou Wen had become so responsible and reliable .

Although she found it a little unreal, this was her initial wish for Zhou Wen-to go onstage to receive a medal . It was also a form of affirmation of her educational methods . It left her feeling honored .

Seeing that Hui Haifeng and Zhong Ziya were already onstage and how everyone was looking at him, Zhou Wen had no choice but to walk up to the podium .

An Sheng walked over with a tray in hand . An Tianzuo expressionlessly helped Hui Haifeng and Zhong Ziya wear the medals before rewarding each of them with a Companion Egg

When it was Zhou Wen’s turn, An Tianzuo walked over with a deadpan expression . His eyes met Zhou Wen’s for a second before they repelled like magnets of the same polarity . Their eyes subconsciously darted to the side .

An Tianzuo instantly returned to normal as he expressionlessly put on Zhou Wen’s medal . However, his actions were clearly much faster than when he decorated Hui Haifeng and Zhong Ziya .

“Let us applaud Hui Haifeng, Zhong Ziya, and Zhou Wen for their sheer fervor, bravery, and responsibility,” An Sheng said .

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The applause below the stage boomed like thunder . Zhou Wen and An Tianzuo felt uncomfortable standing together, and their expressions were extremely stiff .

An Sheng took a photo of the two of them and recorded this moment .

After Zhou Wen left the venue, he immediately took off the medal and threw it into the chaos space . Then, he felt discomfort in his chest as he patted it, as though he was swatting away something .

An Tianzuo got into the car and took off his white gloves, throwing them at An Sheng . With a cold expression, he said, “Drive . ”

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