Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 251

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Chapter 251: 251

Chapter 251 All Three Skills

Zhou Wen waited for An Sheng’s notice as he made preparations for heading to Zhuolu .

Although Zhou Wen didn’t plan on truly entering the dimensional zone and only wanted to search for the tiny palm symbol, there was nowhere that was safe and peaceful now . Even Luoyang City had been attacked by a break-out creature . No one knew what would happen in uninhabited places .

The Gold-Armored Beast that Ouyang Lan had given him had been hatched . The Three-Eyed Golden Warrior was also on him at all times . Once he left Luoyang, Zhou Wen planned on transforming the two Companion Beasts into their companion forms and wearing them—Golden Silk Soft Armor within and the full-body armor on the outside as double protection .

The Companion Beast reward at the assembly was a Legendary Bronze Figurine . It was a Legendary-grade Companion Beast without a companion form, but its combat strength was one of the best among Legendaries . It had a Life Providence of Undying Soldier, which greatly enhanced the Bronze Figurine’s survivability . It was very suitable for being a scout and vanguard .

This was what Zhou Wen deserved . He wouldn’t reject it just because of his relationship with An Tianzuo, so he also hatched it .

However, all of these were just support . The Companion Beasts that Zhou Wen could truly rely on were Truth Listener and Banana Fairy . There was naturally no need to elaborate on Truth Listener’s support abilities . It supported him in all kinds of situations .

Banana Fairy was currently undergoing evolution . If it succeeded in evolving to the Epic stage, it would definitely be a tremendous boon for Zhou Wen .

The effects of Ghost Bride couldn’t be neglected . Instead, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and Mutated Lotus Flower Ant that Zhou Wen had used often in the past, now appeared somewhat useless .

The Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s flight ability was dispensable to the present Zhou Wen . The Mutated Lotus Flower Ant’s combat strength was only considered average .

Zhou Wen wished to fuse the two together, but despite both being ants, their compatibility was astonishingly low, making it impossible for a fusion to succeed .

After sorting out his pets, he did another careful look . He was surprised to find that the Sky Spider youngling he had obtained recently was surprisingly compatible with the Silver-Winged Flying Ant . It had a compatibility of more than 80% .

Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen chose to fuse the two together .

The fusion compatibility of that number didn’t disappoint him . The fusion was successful and, because both of them had been hatched, there was no distinction between main and supplement . The outcome of the fusion left Zhou Wen slightly stunned though .

After the fusion, the Companion Beast looked like it was mainly a Sky Spider . It still maintained the snow-white spider body, but it had four silver wings on its back . At the end of its tail, there was a stinger like a bee’s . It looked beautiful, and its silver-colored appearance made it look like a silvery-white plush toy .

Silver-Winged Sky Spider Youngling: Legendary (Youngling)

Life Providence: King of the Sky

Strength: 19

Speed: 20

Constitution: 19

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Primordial Energy: 20

Talent Skill: Silver Wing Flash, Magical Needle, Sky Spider Silk, Sky Spider Sanguine Venom .

Companion Form: Sky Spider Silver-Silk Glove

Zhou Wen was slightly surprised . This fusion could be said to have been unprecedentedly successful . Not only had its stats increased, but it had also inherited all of the talent skills of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and Sky Spider youngling . Furthermore, its Life Providence had also changed .

Previously, the Sky Spider Child was the Son of the Sky, while the Silver-Winged Flying Ant was a King of Low Altitudes . Now that the two had fused, it became the King of the Sky . Zhou Wen took a look and realized that the Life Providence had increased its flying abilities . It wasn’t like it had been in the past where it could only fly at low altitudes .

What was even more valuable was that the Silver-Winged Sky Spider was still a youngling . There was still room for future growth, so it would definitely be able to advance to the Epic stage in the future . However, it was unknown how long it had to be fed before it could advance to the Epic stage .

Summoning the Silver-Winged Sky Spider in its companion form, a translucent silver-silked glove immediately appeared on Zhou Wen’s left hand . The glove clung tightly to his skin as though it was weightless . It was difficult to sense its existence as though it was a layer of skin .

Zhou Wen tested the glove’s ability and found that it was rather interesting . Apart from its excellent defensive powers, the Sky Spider Silver-Silk Glove also possessed a type of stickiness . As long as Zhou Wen was willing, the Sky Spider Silver-Silk Glove could stick to anything . Furthermore, if Zhou Wen didn’t deliberately separate, it would be difficult to pull him away from the adhered surface .

It’s an interesting companion form gear . If I use it well, it might be of great use in the future . Zhou Wen retracted the Sky Spider glove .

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After organizing his gear, Zhou Wen refreshed the instance dungeon once again . To his pleasant surprise, he finally gathered the three Mutated Demonized Generals’ abilities and had Astral Fist, which he had always wanted, drop .

He directly learned Astral Fist and focused all three Demonized Generals’ skills on him, but Zhou Wen didn’t feel any qualitative changes in his strength . The might of the three Demonized General techniques was no different from the typical Demonized General .

From the looks of it, what the Wu siblings said was a lie . Nothing impressive happens when all three Demonized General skills are gathered . How is it possible to catch the arrow shot out from Tiger Cage Pass? Although he had already obtained confirmation by using his Mutated Demonized General, he was still somewhat disappointed .

However, with this in mind, Zhou Wen suddenly had a thought . Would there be any changes if I were to use three Demonic General techniques at the same time?

But I only have two hands . I can use the Astral Slash Blade with one hand and the other with the Astral Suction Palm . What other free hand do I have to use Astral Fist? Zhou Wen carefully sensed the information regarding Astral Fist, only to have his expression turn odd .

Although the Astral Fist was called a fist, it was a Primordial Energy Skill that condensed all of one’s strength . When using the Astral Fist, one’s body would produce an effect similar to a Dominance Body . It wasn’t really necessary to deliver an actual punch .

In that case, I can try using all three skills at once . Zhou Wen tried once in the game and used the three demonized skills at the same time, but he encountered difficulties again .

The three demonized skills were all unranked Primordial Energy Skills . When used, the amount of Primordial Energy allocated determined their might . Basically, Zhou Wen had to use all his Primordial Energy at once to produce the greatest strength of Astral Slash Blade .

Now that the three skills were used together, it was impossible for him to use his Primordial Energy in such a manner . All he could do was distribute his Primordial Energy equally among the three Primordial Energy Skills .

When Zhou Wen’s three Primordial Energy Skills were activated, his body experienced a strange change .

The three Primordial Energy Skills resonated with one another, attracting and repelling each other . They formed a very subtle balance that caused the blood-colored avatar’s body to emit a strange sanguine glow . It was as though it was enveloped by a sanguine light .

If one looked closely, they would discover that the sanguine light was rapidly revolving around the blood-colored avatar’s body . Zhou Wen had no idea how to use this force, so all he could do was attempt to strike forward .

Immediately, a blood-colored wheel of light flew out of his body, striking the battlefield in front of him . It immediately minced an ancient war chariot into pieces .

That’s right, it wasn’t cleaving, but mincing . It was as though the chariot had been stuffed into a meat grinder and had instantly been minced into pieces .

What terrifying strength! Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be alarmed as he looked at his palm .

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