Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: 253

Chapter 253 Introspection Silence

“Overseer, the people you invited have arrived . Would you like them to immediately head to Zhuolu County?” An Sheng came to An Tianzuo’s office and asked .

“Let them rest at the villa first . After I’m done with my work, I’ll head to Zhuolu with them,” said An Tianzuo .

“Overseer, are you really heading to Zhuolu personally?” An Sheng asked .

“My mom is there . If I don’t go, how can I feel at ease?” An Tianzuo said .

“Overseer, please consider it carefully . Even if you were to go, Madam won’t change her mind because of your request . When that happens, it will be hard to deal with the situation on both ends . Neither will Madam be invited back, nor will Chess Mountain have you around . There will be no way to resolve problems that happen . When the time comes, the An family’s business and the Luoyang City that you swore to protect will be destroyed . If that happens, Miss Luo won’t be happy if she learns of it,” An Sheng said .

Upon hearing the words “Miss Luo,” An Tianzuo’s eyes revealed a strange look . However, he said coldly, “Don’t mention it to Little Luo . It won’t work this time . Filial piety is most important of all the virtues . My mom is in such a dangerous place with her life possibly at risk at any moment; how can I sit at home?”

“Then let me ask you . Will Madam return if you go?” An Sheng asked .

“No, but I can accompany her to the ancient battlefield,” said An Tianzuo .

“You can indeed do that, but what about Luoyang? It can’t run without someone watching it for even a single day . This place needs you . Besides, even if you accompany Madam to the ancient battlefield, won’t she still be in danger? You can’t guarantee that she will be safe and sound,” An Sheng said .

“If I don’t go, she will be in even greater danger . ” An Tianzuo was adamant .

“The safest way is to persuade Madam back . Actually, there’s a way to get her back,” An Sheng said with narrowed eyes .

“And what do you plan on doing? How are you going to persuade her?” An Tianzuo curled his lips . He knew Ouyang Lan’s character very well . Since she had decided to go, no one could persuade her to return .

“I’m definitely not capable of doing so, but there’s someone who can,” An Sheng said .

“Who? Uncle Feng? I’m afraid he can’t do it either . If he could, my mother wouldn’t have gone to Zhuolu . ” An Tianzuo shook his head slightly . Ouyang Lan wouldn’t give up on her thoughts and principles for Zhou Lingfeng .

The reason she chose Zhou Lingfeng was partly because he was a man who knew how to respect her .

“Uncle Feng naturally can’t, but there’s someone who can,” An Sheng said confidently .

“Who else?” An Tianzuo frowned slightly, but he couldn’t figure out who An Sheng was referring to .

“Overseer, how could you forget that there’s still Zhou Wen? Madam wanted Zhou Wen to take the risk in the Holy Land in An Jing’s stead . Although Zhou Wen returned safely and even benefited from it, he has offended the six families because of this . With Madam’s personality, she definitely feels that she owes him . With Zhou Wen’s relationship with the former principal, if Zhou Wen were willing to persuade her, Madam might have a change of heart . No offense, but letting Zhou Wen go will be more effective than both you and Miss Jing,” An Sheng said .

“No way . There’s no need for an outsider like him to interfere with the An family’s matters . Besides, he’s only a Legendary student . Going to a place like Zhuolu would only add trouble to the mix . Who knows what trouble he will cause . ” An Tianzuo immediately objected .

“I’m afraid that to Old Mr . Ouyang, you are an outsider . He treats Zhou Wen better than he treats you . This time, Zhou Wen has taken the initiative to request to go to Zhuolu, so we can get him to persuade Madam . I think it’s rather suitable . It’s more useful than you going,” said An Sheng .

An Tianzuo frowned and thought for a moment before saying, “Watch him well . Don’t let him cause any trouble . Also, if he wants to go, it has nothing to do with our An family . He can’t blame others even if he dies there . ”

“Overseer, don’t worry . I will watch over him and not let him cause any trouble,” said An Sheng hurriedly .

Zhou Wen received An Sheng’s notification that he would be setting off for Zhuolu tomorrow . Therefore, he had no choice but to head to Wang Mingyuan’s place at night to bid farewell .

“You are going to Zhuolu?” Wang Mingyuan frowned slightly when he heard Zhou Wen say that .

“Yes, the former principal treated me like family . If I don’t go, I will never be able to feel at peace,” Zhou Wen said .

“Zhuolu is an inauspicious land . It’s fine if you don’t enter, but if you enter, it will be very difficult for you to escape unscathed,” said Wang Mingyuan after some thought .

“I know my strength is limited, so I’ll only wait outside . I won’t enter the dimensional zone,” Zhou Wen said .

When Wang Mingyuan heard that, he only smiled and patted Zhou Wen on the head . “Although you haven’t been with me for long, I know your personality quite well . If you don’t wish to do something, why would you travel so far?”

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Zhou Wen opened his mouth to explain, but Wang Mingyuan waved his hand, gesturing for him to not say any more .

“Wait a moment,” Wang Mingyuan said . He walked to his desk, took a piece of paper and pen, and wrote a few words . Then, he folded the paper into a small square and placed it into a metal box the size of a matchbox .

“Take this . If you really find yourself trapped in that inauspicious land, open the box and read the words on it . It might be beneficial to your situation . ” As Wang Mingyuan spoke, he stuffed the tiny metal box into Zhou Wen’s hand .

“Thank you, Teacher . ” Although Zhou Wen felt that it was useless, he respectfully received it with both hands and bowed in thanks .

“How many times have I told you that there’s no need for all these proprietaries with me? Look, when did Ziya ever say ‘thanks’ when he took something from me?” Wang Mingyuan smiled .

“I’m different from him, but I respect you the same way . ” Zhou Wen shook his head and said . He really couldn’t be like Zhong Ziya .

However, Zhou Wen had an indescribable sense of familiarity towards Wang Mingyuan . It was as though his fate with him was like the former principal . With his cold personality, he couldn’t help but get close to him .

Wang Mingyuan thought nothing of it . He took a book from his desk and handed it to Zhou Wen . “You should have plenty of free time on your way there . You can’t forget your homework . Take this book and tell me your understanding and thoughts when you’re back . ”

Zhou Wen took the book and agreed . Wang Mingyuan didn’t keep him any longer and told him to return to do some packing . After Zhou Wen exchanged a few more words with the reading Jiang Yan, he saw that Zhong Ziya and Hui Haifeng weren’t around . Since it was late, they probably wouldn’t be coming, so he bade everyone farewell and left .

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After informing Li Xuan and company, he asked Wang Lu to take care of the antelope . Zhou Wen went to the supermarket again and bought large quantities of food and water, placing them in the chaos space to prepare for emergencies .

The tiny metal box that Wang Mingyuan had given him had also been placed into the chaos space . He had no intention of entering the dimensional zone, so it definitely had no use .

He picked up the book that Wang Mingyuan had given him and flipped through it . He realized that it wasn’t about palm techniques, but was a book named “Introspection Silence . ” It was filled with Wang Mingyuan’s experience and insights . However, it wasn’t about his experience in experimenting, but his experience in cultivating the various realms .

Although the book didn’t have any cultivation methods or techniques, Zhou Wen read with relish as though he had obtained a treasure .

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