Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: 254

Chapter 254 Bells

An Sheng came to pick Zhou Wen up and set off with more than ten people . However, other than Zhou Wen, they were basically experts at the Epic stage .

Although most of them were older than An Sheng, they were still respectful towards him . None of them dared to put on any airs with him .

However, most of those people didn’t look like soldiers . There were men and women, old and young . They looked very strange, a mystery where they had come from .

They weren’t interested in Zhou Wen, but Zhou Wen wasn’t interested in them either . Therefore, he was happy to be at peace and game in the vehicle .

With the black-armored general guarding Tiger Cage Pass, Zhou Wen wasn’t able to make any progress . However, he recalled what the Wu siblings had said . There was apparently a secret passage that allowed one to enter Tiger Cage City . However, despite repeatedly searching in-game, he failed to find the secret passage .

Could it be that there’s no secret passage in the game? Or could there be some mechanism to the secret passage? Zhou Wen was momentarily unable to guess .

“Lad, is the game fun?” asked a man sitting opposite Zhou Wen . He had graying hair, but he looked like a middle-aged man .

They were on a military-sized truck . It had very powerful cross-terrain capabilities, but it was a little shaky . It was not too crowded even with more than ten people sitting in it .

“It’s fun,” Zhou Wen answered casually .

“It’s very rare to see young people enjoy gaming like you these days . Back when I was your age, everyone played games and there were all sorts of gaming competitions . After the dimensional storms, not many people play anymore . How nostalgic,” the man said .

“You experienced the dimensional storms?” Zhou Wen looked at the man in surprise . He didn’t look old .

Before the man could say anything, a middle-aged man beside him pursed his lips and said, “You don’t even know the name Lord Alcohol? Young man, you still have a lot to learn . Take your time to learn . ”

However, Lord Alcohol laughed and said, “I was originally the ninth child in the family and people used to call me Old Nine . However, with age, I began to enjoy alcohol . Gradually, I became Lord Alcohol . It’s just a nickname . How should I address you, young man?”

“My name is Zhou Wen,” Zhou Wen answered . Clearly, these people didn’t know of his background and only knew that he was brought here by An Sheng .

“Zhou Wen . ” Lord Alcohol repeated it twice as though he was recalling information related to the name . Unfortunately, he didn’t find anything . Hence, he added, “Are you going to the ancient battlefield in Zhuolu?”

“I’m still a student . How can I have the guts to go to such a place?” Zhou Wen said .

“Oh, then why are you going to Zhuolu?” pressed the middle-aged man .

“To study and broaden my horizons,” Zhou Wen answered . He wasn’t familiar with these people, so he was perfunctory with his answers .

“Reading ten thousand books isn’t as good as walking ten thousand miles; even more so in this era . It’s not bad for young people to come out and broaden their horizons,” said Lord Alcohol with a smile .

“What’s terrible if he dies before he learns anything,” a woman in her thirties suddenly said .

“That’s right . A place like Zhuolu isn’t a place you can visit at a whim . Even the League’s scouts get trapped inside . It’s practically a land of death . Lord Alcohol, how confident are you in our trip?” The middle-aged man wasn’t interested in Zhou Wen . After saying a few words, he directed his words at Lord Alcohol .

“It’s hard to say . The situation in the ancient battlefield is unclear . Just based on the information we have now, it’s hard to tell . I can only assess the place after I get there,” said Lord Alcohol calmly .

As they were talking, the truck suddenly came to a halt .

“What happened?” Lord Alcohol looked at the driver’s seat and asked .

“There’s something blocking the way . ” An Sheng, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, had already opened the door and jumped out .

The group of people came out from the back of the truck and saw that the road ahead was, indeed, blocked by something . However, it wasn’t anything like a rock . Instead, vines had grown on the road, circling the trees on both sides of the road and blockading the road .

Everyone could tell that the vines were somewhat strange-purple vines, dark green leaves, and a few fruits on them .

However, the purple fruits were a little strange as they were not circular . Instead, they looked like miniature, copper bells . When the wind blew, the purple copper bells shook on the vines and produced metallic tinkling .

But everyone could clearly see that the bell was clearly grown on the vines . How could it be metal?

“Adjutant An, let me lead the way,” said a muscular middle-aged man as he walked out .

“Be careful . ” An Sheng nodded slightly .

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The middle-aged man responded and summoned a dimensional creature that looked like an elephant . He immediately made the elephant charge towards the vines . Flames began to burn from the elephant’s body, making it appear like a hurtling meteor that targeted the vines .

With the Flaming Elephant’s mass and speed, it should have been easy to smash through the vines . What’s more, there were terrifying flames on its body .

But when the Flaming Elephant slammed into the vines, it seemed to fall into a quagmire . It was trapped by the vines and was unable to make any progress .

It released all its strength, hoping to use its flames to burn through the vines that had entangled its body . The flames spread over the vines, and soon, the entire vine began to burn .

However, the vine wasn’t damaged . Instead, the Flaming Elephant’s body rapidly dried up, as if it had been sucked dry by a vampire .


In just a short time, the Flaming Elephant’s body was reduced to ash .

Everyone wore a heavy expression as the stout man was perturbed . Although the Flaming Elephant was only a Legendary Companion Beast which he used to scout, for it to be so easily killed by the vines meant that they were probably not so simple .

The flames on the vines gradually extinguished . The muscular man was just about to make another move when he saw the bells suddenly shake violently .

In the next second, a few purple copper bells spewed out large amounts of flames as they swept towards the group .

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The cold woman summoned a white fox . The fox opened its mouth and spat out a cold white mist that shot towards the flames . Immediately, the flames were extinguished as the white mist continued floating towards the vines .

Soon, the cold mist enveloped the vines, causing frost to appear on them as if they had been frozen .

“Snow Fox lives up to its name,” praised the muscular man .

But just as he said that the frost on the vines rapidly melted . The purple copper bells shook a few times, and they also spat out a large amount of white mist that swept towards the crowd .

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