Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 255

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Chapter 255: 255

Chapter 255 Three Flying Sabers

Everyone’s faces changed .

It was fine if the Legendary Flaming Elephant was sucked dry by the vines, but the Snow Fox was an Epic creature . The frost mist it spewed out could freeze an Epic creature .

Ignoring the fact that the vines weren’t affected, it could even spew out frost snow mist . Furthermore, the frost snow mist it spewed out was even greater in quantity than the amount Snow Fox had spat out . This was quite frightening .

The woman frowned slightly, causing the Snow Fox to spit out another mouthful of frost . It mixed with the white mist that spewed out of the bells before both sides dispersed simultaneously . Neither side had the upper hand .

The woman wanted to continue but heard Lord Alcohol say, “Director Lu, don’t be in a hurry to make a move . Let me take a look first . ”

Lu Ning nodded slightly . She unsummoned the Snow Fox and retreated to the side .

The muscular man looked at him and asked, “Lord Alcohol, do you know what it is?”

Everyone looked at Lord Alcohol . They, too, wanted to know what the vines were .

Lord Alcohol sized up the vines and said, “I’ve seen a similar vine in Changbai Mountain before . It wasn’t growing bells, but three flying sabers . Back then, the people I went with wanted to cut the vines, but they were killed by the saber flashes . Many ideas were proposed until the flying sabers were plucked from the vines . ”

At this point, Lord Alcohol paused as he swept his gaze across everyone’s faces before continuing, “To everyone’s surprise, the flying sabers were a fascinating Companion Beast . Whoever plucked the flying sabers would be automatically recognized as their masters and belong to them . Back then, three people were delighted to obtain the flying sabers . The flying sabers were extremely powerful, and they were considered top-notch at the Epic stage . And it was true they were extraordinary . From what I’m seeing, these vines are somewhat similar to the one at Changbai Mountain . But it’s not completely the same . Perhaps they share some similarities . ”

When everyone heard what Lord Alcohol said, their desire for the bell heated up-it was evident from their eyes .

They had already seen the might of the bell . If they could obtain one as their Companion Beast, it would undoubtedly be a powerful aid .

“Lord Alcohol, how did you pluck the flying sabers back then?” the muscular man, Zhao Xin, hurriedly asked .

Lord Alcohol recalled and said, “Back then, that vine was the same as this one . It was invulnerable and had the saber flashes of the flying sabers protecting it . It was really tricky . ”

Everyone looked at Lord Alcohol, hoping that he could quickly tell them the solution, so that they could try it on the bells .

However, Lord Alcohol shook his head and said, “I don’t know how they managed to pluck the flying sabers in the end . ”

“Lord Alcohol, are you kidding us? Weren’t you at the scene? How could you not know?” Zhao Xin said in disbelief .

Lord Alcohol gave a bitter smile and said, “I was indeed present at that time and saw how they plucked the flying sabers . However, despite watching with my own eyes, I still can’t fathom how they did it . ”

“What? Who were the people who plucked the flying sabers?” Lu Ning was curious and couldn’t help but ask .

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Zhou Wen was also very curious . The places he had visited were limited and his knowledge was limited . To be able to hear such a secret would probably aid him in the future .

Lord Alcohol said, “You must all have heard the names of the three people who plucked the flying sabers . Even if you haven’t met them, you definitely know them . One of them is called Jing Daoxian . ”

“That devil, Jing Daoxian?” Everyone trembled when they heard that .

Jing Daoxian’s name had made the League tremble for decades . Few people who knew of his deeds were unafraid of him .

Lord Alcohol continued, “I really have no idea how Jing Daoxian managed to pluck the flying sabers . When the others approached the vines, they were slain by the saber flash . However, Jing Daoxian actually walked in front of the vines and reached out to pluck one of the flying sabers . The flying sabers didn’t react at all . I opened my eyes wide and watched him pluck them, but to this day, I have no idea how he managed to do it . ”

Although what Lord Alcohol said sounded like a fantasy, no one found it amiss . It was as though no matter how bizarre it was, it was not surprising when it involved Jing Daoxian .

“Lord Alcohol, who were the other two people who plucked the flying sabers?” An Sheng seemed interested as he looked at Lord Alcohol and asked .

“The other two people were Zhang Daotian and Wan Yiqi . ” When Lord Alcohol said these two names, everyone except Zhou Wen gaped .

“Impossible… How could the strongest of the six heroes, Zhang Daotian, and his wife, Wan Yiqi, be together with that devil, Jing Daoxian? Aren’t they arch-enemies? Why would they go to Changbai Mountain together and pluck the flying sabers together?” Zhao Xin immediately voiced the puzzlement in his heart . This was also a question on everyone else’s minds .

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Only then did Zhou Wen recall that the strongest of the six heroes was Zhang Daotian . In closed circles, people even gave him the title of Hero King . However, the Zhang family didn’t send anyone to participate in the battle at the Holy Land . It wasn’t because they had declined, but because the Zhang family didn’t believe in vying for such qualifications .

The discussion forum that Zhou Wen had posted his strategy was under the Zhang family . The other five families found it difficult to obtain information about the Zhang family . Even most of the League’s currency system was in the hands of the Zhang family . Although the Zhang family didn’t have military power, its influence on the Senate and the League could be said to be the strongest among the six families .

Zhou Wen had also heard some of Zhang Daotian’s stories . Basically, it was known to all in the League .

Back then, Jing Daoxian had stormed into the League government office and slaughtered countless League experts . He was almost unstoppable . In the end, Zhang Daoxian had defeated him . Only then did Jing Daoxian escape with injuries, failing to wipe out the upper echelons .

“Back then, they were still young . Jing Daoxian wasn’t yet the legendary devil . Zhang Daotian wasn’t a Hero King and Wan Yiqi hadn’t married Zhang Daotian either,” said Lord Alcohol with a smile .

“I see . Then how did Zhang Daotian and Wan Yiqi pluck the flying sabers?” Lu Ning asked curiously .

Lord Alcohol chuckled . “Zhang Daotian and Jing Daoxian both walked over and plucked the flying sabers . They didn’t suffer any attacks from the flying sabers . As for Wan Yiqi, you might not believe her method of plucking the flying saber . ”

“Don’t tell me she bit it off with her mouth?” Zhao Xin joked .

Lord Alcohol glanced at Zhao Xin and said indifferently, “If you were to let Jing Daoxian hear that, you would probably be dead . ”

Zhao Xin’s heart chilled as he forced a smile . “Even if there’s any anger, it should be from Zhang Daotian . It has nothing to do with Jing Daoxian, right?”

Lord Alcohol ignored Zhao Xin and continued, “Wan Yiqi had the title of a Beauty across the Seven Continents . She was definitely the most beautiful back then . Even the flying sabers were mesmerized by her . Before she even reached the flying saber, it automatically dropped and fell into her hands . ”

Everyone found it unbelievable when they heard that . They felt that Lord Alcohol was bullsh*tting . No matter how beautiful a woman was, it was impossible for her to affect dimensional creatures . Furthermore, it was a flying saber, so how could it understand the aesthetic preferences of humans?

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