Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 256

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Chapter 256: 256

Chapter 256 Plucking Bells

Although Lord Alcohol’s story sounded interesting, they still had no clue how to pluck the purple copper bells from the vines .

To follow what Lord Alcohol had said and walk over directly to pluck it? Not only did Zhou Wen find it unreliable, but Zhao Xin, Lu Ning, and company also found it unreliable . The stories that Lord Alcohol told could be treated as a fairytale, but it was impossible for them to act on it . No one would use their lives to verify the authenticity of the story .

Seeing that Lord Alcohol couldn’t come up with any ideas, Zhao Xin summoned a long saber and slashed out a saber beam, hoping to slice through the vines .

However, when the saber beam struck the vines, the vines remained intact as the saber beam shattered .

The few bells shook as they sucked in the broken saber flashes . Soon, they spat them out again . However, when they spat out again, the saber beams poured out like a torrential storm . Everyone quickly used their own abilities to block the saber beams that filled the sky .

An Sheng stood in front of Zhou Wen as he brandished his dagger a few times, shattering the incoming saber beams .

Although no one was injured, everyone’s hearts were shrouded in gloom . The vines and bells were so bizarre that not only could they devour all kinds of powers, the strength of the objects they spat out was even stronger than before . It was truly terrifying .

Instantly, no one dared to attack the vines again . They still had stronger powers up their sleeves, but if the power was absorbed by the vines and spewed back, they were not confident that they could withstand it .

Zhou Wen sized up the vines from behind as he took a picture of it with his cell phone . Although a living dimensional creature couldn’t be acquired through the phone, he wanted to see if he could see its information .

The phone’s screen locked onto the vines . There was actually some information on the vines .

Yin-Yang Purple Air Bell Companion Egg: Epic

Life Providence: Mountain River Absorption

Life Soul: Purple Light Bell

Strength: 38

Speed: 0

Constitution: 39

Primordial Energy: 40

Talent Skill: Yin and Yang Reversal

Companion Form: None

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback when he saw it . This was clearly the stats of one of the Purple Air Bells . He looked at the other bells and realized that other than the four fundamentals, the rest were the same . There was basically no difference between the four bells .

It’s really a Companion Egg . However, will plucking them really be considered as incubating them? Zhou Wen wasn’t certain . He took out his cell phone to take a picture of the purple vines, but he couldn’t see its stats .

The mysterious phone seemed to only be able to snap Companion Eggs and not dimensional creatures, so there was nothing Zhou Wen could do about it .

After studying the four bells’ Life Providence, Life Soul, and talent skill, Zhou Wen gained something unexpected .

Mountain River Absorption allowed the Purple Air Bells to be unafraid of Primordial Energy Skills . No matter how powerful a Primordial Energy Skill was, it would be useless if it landed on it . Instead, it would be absorbed .

As for Yin-Yang Reversal, it could release whatever Primordial Energy it absorbed multifold . Apart from not being able to move, the Yin-Yang Purple Air Bell was indeed an extremely powerful Companion Beast .

However, plant-type Companion Beasts were somewhat odd . Even without hatching them, they could still release their powers . Furthermore, as long as they were plucked, one didn’t need to use their Primordial Energy to especially hatch them even if they had already been incubated .

However, the Yin-Yang Purple Air Bell also had its weakness . It was not afraid of Primordial Energy Skills, but it was afraid of physical attacks . It was completely opposite from the characteristics of Ghost Bride .

Furthermore, it didn’t have any destructive power . It needed to absorb energy from the outside world to produce a backlash . It was a very passive Companion Beast .

In that case, as long as I walk over and don’t use any Primordial Energy Skills to attack it, I should be able to pluck it? Zhou Wen felt that it was feasible, but his only concern was the Purple Vine .

The bells themselves didn’t have any offensive properties, but it wasn’t necessarily the case for the purple vine . It had easily squeezed the Flaming Elephant to death .

Lord Alcohol and the others were still discussing . It wasn’t that they were lacking in intelligence, but that they had never seen the Yin-Yang Purple Air Bell before . They didn’t know what abilities this thing had . It was akin to an ancient person who had just come into contact with a smartphone . No one taught them nor was there any manual, so it was impossible for him to immediately know how to use it .

However, Zhou Wen was different . He had the Purple Air Bell’s manual and knew how to restrain it .

It was a rare opportunity . These four Purple Air Bells would be of great use in the future, but Zhou Wen didn’t want to risk it himself . Hence, after some thought, he said to An Sheng, “Ah Sheng, I’ve thought of a way to pluck the bells . When you pluck all four of them, how about giving me two?”

Zhou Wen spoke very softly, but Lord Alcohol and the others were Epic experts . They had sharp senses and heard Zhou Wen’s words .

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Zhao Xin looked at Zhou Wen and said, “This isn’t a game . Don’t harm Adjutant An with your speculations . ”

Lord Alcohol added, “Zhou Wen, tell us what method you have and let us study it . If it’s really valuable, we naturally won’t hold back what you deserve after plucking the bells . ”

Some people felt that Zhou Wen was young and naive, while others wished that Zhou Wen could share his thoughts .

“Young Master Wen, tell me what needs to be done . I’ll do as you say and pluck the bells . We’ll split them two-two . ” An Sheng seemed to believe in Zhou Wen without any hint of doubt .

Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment, unsure if he should reveal his thoughts in front of Lord Alcohol and company .

“Young Master Wen, please speak your mind . Even if someone else uses your method, they will still have to give you the bell after plucking it . No one can take that bell,” An Sheng said with a smile .

Zhou Wen nodded and handed his Bamboo Blade to An Sheng . “Just walk over and chop off the bells . However, you have to be careful . Don’t be entangled by the vines or use Primordial Energy Skills . Just slice off the bells with the blade . ”

Zhou Wen had seen An Sheng’s capabilities and knew that his movement techniques were extremely strange . Even Ghost King’s movement technique wasn’t as strange as his . With his ability and reaction, it was difficult for an Epic creature to injure him .

“I thought you had some good ideas . Aren’t you asking Adjutant An to send himself to his death?” Zhao Xin turned to look at An Sheng and said, “Adjutant An, don’t listen to the young man’s nonsense . Let’s quickly discuss something else and remove these vines . ”

When An Sheng pushed the Bamboo Blade back, Zhou Wen imagined that he hadn’t believed him . Just as he was about to explain, An Sheng pulled out his dagger and walked towards the vines .

“Adjutant An, are you really going?” Zhao Xin and the others were shocked .

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An Sheng said calmly, “If Young Master Wen says it will work, then it will definitely work . ”

With that said, An Sheng had already approached the vines . Indeed, the purple vines moved, wanting to bind him . However, An Sheng was just too fast . He easily avoided the vines’ entanglement and came in front of the bells . With a swift slash, his dagger sliced at the roots of a bell .

The previously imposing Purple Air Bells remained motionless . An Sheng’s dagger had directly cut off a bell .

An Sheng reached out to catch the bell . The moment the bell touched his skin, it transformed into a purple gas and melted into a tattoo that resembled a morning glory flower .

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