Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 257

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Chapter 257: 257

Chapter 257 Blood Storm

Without any hesitation, An Sheng dodged the purple vines’ attacks while cutting off another Purple Air Bell . However, An Sheng didn’t take it for himself this time . Instead, he used his dagger to lift the Purple Air Bell .

The Purple Air Bell flew straight at Zhou Wen . He reached out to receive it, and the Purple Air Bell turned into a purple gas that seeped into his skin . Without needing to expend any energy to incubate it, it had already become a tattoo that resembled a morning glory flower . It left Zhou Wen overjoyed .

It was difficult for Zhou Wen to incubate ordinary Epic stage Companion Eggs, but the Purple Air Bell was unique . There was no need for any incubation, allowing him to obtain an Epic Companion Beast .

Soon, An Sheng picked another bell and Zhou Wen caught it once again . He obtained another Epic Companion Beast .

The last bell was caught by An Sheng after he sliced it off . He also had two Purple Air Bells .

With all four Purple Air Bells cut off, the purple vine suddenly seemed to have lost its soul as it froze .

A gust of wind blew and the purple vines dissipated into dust . The perfectly fine purple vine was gone .

Zhao Xin and company looked at Zhou Wen oddly . An Sheng got everyone to return to the vehicle and they continued on their journey .

“Pal, how did you know that those bells fear physical attacks?” Lord Alcohol asked once they were on board .

The others also looked at Zhou Wen . To be able to tell the crux of the problem in such a short period of time wasn’t an easy task .

“I only gained inspiration from listening to your story,” Zhou Wen said . “My story?” Lord Alcohol was a little stunned .

Zhou Wen continued, “That’s right, your story . Didn’t you say that those flying sabers didn’t harm the three of them? I was wondering why they didn’t harm Jing Daoxian and company . Although I couldn’t think of the reason, I thought of the problems with these bells . They only counterattacked when we attacked, and they didn’t have the consciousness to take the initiative to attack . Furthermore, their counterattacks were using our powers . I then wondered if it was the same reason as those flying sabers not causing any harm . Hence, I thought about it and surmised that since they do not have any offensive abilities, I could get Adjutant An to give it a try . I never expected him to succeed . ”

“As expected of a young man . They are so quick to think . It’s no wonder Adjutant An thinks highly of you . I’m really getting old . Even if I made the connection, I wouldn’t have dared to try it,” praised Lord Alcohol .

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day . He made Adjutant An take a risk on a mere guess . He was right this time, but if he was wrong, wouldn’t he have harmed Adjutant An?” Zhao Xin said with a twitch of his lips . Clearly, he was against Zhou Wen’s actions .

Zhou Wen didn’t refute Zhao Xian and Lord Alcohol because they weren’t wrong . If it was only a guess, Zhou Wen would have been extremely irresponsible to have An Sheng take such a risk .

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t making a guess . He had crucial information and knew that Ansheng would be fine . That was why he had sent him over . However, there was no need for Zhou Wen to explain to others .

On the way, they encountered many problems . However, these people were experts at the Epic stage . They each had their own unique traits, so they resolved the problems without needing Zhou Wen to do anything .

Zhou Wen kept playing games . After respawning the tiger a few times, he still failed to have a Companion Egg drop .

When can I be like Wang Lu and run around with the baby tiger to have Companion Eggs rain? Zhou Wen yearned for a Lucky Baby Tiger, but he just couldn’t get one to drop .

Originally, driving from Luoyang to Zhuolu didn’t take more than a day . However, there were many dimensional zones everywhere in this day and age . They were unable to proceed in a straight line, and highways didn’t allow easy passage . They also encountered problems along the way, so it took them until the evening of the fourth day before they finally arrived at Zhuolu County .

There weren’t many ordinary people in Zhuolu County anymore . Most of the humans had already fled to larger cities, leaving only a small number of independent hunters and some military organizations behind .

An Sheng drove straight into a yard that looked like some unit . There were many soldiers inside .

“Adjutant An . ” An officer immediately came forward to greet An Sheng .

“How’s the situation over here? Where’s Madam?” Ansheng asked .

“Madam has already entered the ancient battlefield with the rest . ” The officer smiled bitterly .

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“What happened? Didn’t I tell you to calm Madam down first and let her wait two days before entering?” An Sheng’s expression changed immediately .

Although he was not a biological son of the An family, An Tianzuo and Ouyang Lan treated him like family . An Sheng had long treated them like family too .

“We did what you instructed . Madam had already agreed to it, but two days ago, an anomaly happened in the ancient battlefield . Madam couldn’t wait any longer, so she led people inside,” the officer said .

“What anomaly?” An Sheng’s expression turned even nastier . If there was an anomaly, it meant that it was even more dangerous .

“It began raining on the ancient battlefield . It was very heavy rain and the color of the rain was red . Anyone who came into contact with that blood-like rain would act up like a rabid dog . They would bite any living thing they saw . When the blood started to rain, a few soldiers didn’t notice it and were drenched by the blood rain . In the end, when we saw those soldiers, they had already ripped each other up into an unrecognizable mess . ” The officer couldn’t help but shiver at the mere recall .

“Young Master Wen, stay at the base and wait for me . I’ll go to the battlefield to take a look . ” As An Sheng spoke, he prepared to lead his men to the ancient battlefield .

“Ah Sheng, take me along . I’ll just stay outside the battlefield to watch . I won’t cause you any trouble,” Zhou Wen said .

“Alright . However, you have to promise me that you will definitely not enter . ” An Sheng knew that Zhou Wen’s personality was too similar to the An family’s members . Even if he didn’t allow Zhou Wen to go, he would definitely do so by himself . Therefore, he might as well take him along and watch over him .

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“I won’t enter as said . Don’t worry . I know that my powers are limited, so I won’t cause you any trouble . ” Zhou Wen was telling the truth . He had no intention of entering since it wasn’t a place he could step into .

An Sheng got someone to bring over the latest information . He then gave Lord Alcohol and the rest a copy each and let them take a look while they were on the way .

Zhou Wen also received a copy . After getting into the vehicle, he carefully read through it .

The situation at the battlefield was indeed terrible . When the expedition team first arrived, the dimensional zones there weren’t that strange, without much danger inside . Having only found some ancient ruins, they invited many experts to conduct some studies . Among them was an authority in the field of history, Ouyang Ting—the former principal .

However, with the passage of time, the ancient battlefield grew stranger and stranger . More than a month ago, the old principal, a group of experts, and the people protecting them were trapped in there and were nowhere to be found . Only one soldier in charge of watching over the equipment escaped .

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