Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 258

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Chapter 258: 258

Chapter 258 Ancient Battlefield

The League had already sent a few groups of people in to search for their whereabouts . However, the changes in the ancient battlefield were too intense . Many people died there, but no one was found . In the end, the League basically gave up .

When Ouyang Lan came, the League’s army was only guarding the ancient battlefield and was no longer sending anyone in .

Ouyang Lan had originally wanted to wait for An Sheng to come, but after the sudden blood storm in the ancient battlefield, Ouyang Lan was afraid that her father wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer . Without having the luxury of time to wait, she decided to lead her men into the ancient battlefield .

Based on the current information, as long as the blood rain didn’t hit the skin, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem . However, the strangeness of the ancient battlefield was far from that .

The old principal and the others were stationed in some ancient ruins as their research targets . However, when the soldiers of the military rushed over, many of them ended up dying in the ruins . Even the cause of death remained unknown .

If Ouyang Lan wanted to find her father, she would definitely head there first . An Sheng was afraid that Ouyang Lan would die there, a result that he had no way of telling An Tianzuo and An Jing when he returned .

The vehicle quickly arrived at the entrance of the ancient battlefield . The scene in front of them made Lord Alcohol and the others wear even graver looks .

A river surged down . On their side of the river there was blue sky, and opposite the river was a storm cloud blanketing the river with blood rain . The two banks of the river were like two completely different worlds .

The river was as red as blood . It roared as it flowed downwards; its ultimate destination unknown .

“There wasn’t such a river in the past, right?” An Sheng took out the map in the documents and said .

“This was formed after the blood storm . The blood storm was especially violent previously, so it’s already considered a lot smaller now,” the officer from before said .

“Prepare to cross the river and enter the ancient battlefield . ” An Sheng instructed his men to distribute the rainproof equipment to Lord Alcohol and the others .

As Lord Alcohol wore a custom raincoat, he looked at the boundless torrential rain and muttered to himself, “Legend has it that during ancient times when the Yellow Emperor fought Chiyou, Chiyou summoned the Count of the Wind and the Lord of the Rain to aid him in battle when he realized he was no match for Yellow Emperor . This caused a storm to sweep through the enemy, causing the Yellow Emperor to drop his armor and flee . This rain is blood-red and is an ominous omen . ”

Zhou Wen also knew that this was an ancient battlefield . However, that was a time from eons ago . He had only heard some legends and didn’t know exactly what had happened .

However, he had heard of the Lord of the Rain before . Some said that the Lord of the Rain was an orthodox god sealed by the Heavens and Earth, while others said that the Lord of the Rain was actually a manifestation of a crimson dragon . Anyway, there were many legends, and nothing to be treated seriously . It couldn’t be treated seriously .

“Young Master Wen, I will bring Madam back . Before that, you cannot enter the ancient battlefield no matter what . ” Before An Sheng left with the rest, he had especially told Zhou Wen not to enter .

“Don’t worry . I’ll wait for you to bring Sis Lan back . ” Zhou Wen was in a rush to find the tiny palm symbol . There were no city gates or stone monuments here, so he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to find the tiny palm symbol .

“Battalion Commander Lu, protect Young Master Wen well . No matter what happens, Young Master Wen has to live . Also, don’t let him cross the river,” An Sheng said to the officer .

“I guarantee that I will complete the mission . ” Lu Yun gave a military salute and loudly promised .

Only then did An Sheng cross the blood river with the others . Soon, they disappeared into the blood rain . The group appeared so puny in under the wrath of heaven and earth .

Zhou Wen didn’t have the time to be in a daze . He turned around and walked along the river of blood . He needed to find the tiny palm symbol so that he could provide a little help .

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“Principal, Sis Lan, please don’t let anything happen to you . ” Zhou Wen quickly walked along the river .

“Young Master Wen, where are you going?” Battalion Commander Lu Yunxian rushed forward to stop Zhou Wen .

From his point of view, Zhou Wen shouldn’t have come to such a place . For a student to come here, other than causing trouble and wasting manpower, he really didn’t know what else he could do .

“I want to tour the vicinity,” Zhou Wen said .

“No, I’m afraid not . Adjutant An told me to protect you . Nothing must happen to you . Please return to the encampment with me immediately,” Lu Yunxian said .

“Adjutant An told you to ensure my safety and not restrict my freedom . If you can’t do it, you can get someone else to do it,” Zhou Wen said as he circled around Lu Yunxian and followed the blood river upstream .

Lu Yunxian frowned slightly, but he still followed him with his guards . Although he disliked Zhou Wen very much, he had to abide by An Sheng’s orders no matter what .

Zhou Wen walked in front while Lu Yunxian led his guards to a spot not far from him . Zhou Wen stopped walking to take photos with his cell phone, as though he was here on a tour .

As such, not only did Lu Yunxian dislike Zhou Wen, even the guards couldn’t hold back their displeasure . If An Sheng hadn’t ordered them to protect a person like him, they wouldn’t have wanted to .

“Things have already come to this stage and everyone is working hard . But what is he doing? He has the mood to come here to have fun and take pictures,” a guard said unhappily .

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Another guard added, “If I had known this would happen, I’d rather have followed Adjutant An across the river to the ancient battlefield and try my best to save lives . I wouldn’t have to suffer this bullsh*t . ”

“Cut it out . ” Lu Yunxian stopped them .

Although he couldn’t stand Zhou Wen, he was a soldier after all . His profession required obeying orders .

Zhou Wen naturally heard the discussions of the soldiers, but he couldn’t explain it .

He walked along the river and walked for more than five kilometers, but he didn’t find any sign of the tiny palm print, nor did his phone respond .

They had arrived in an area that was mountainous up ahead . According to the information provided, the mountainous region was also within the dimensional zone Furthermore, there were the dark clouds of the blood rain blanketing it . Zhou Wen couldn’t find the palm symbol, so he could only head back downstream .

Lu Yunxian and company originally believed that this scion was finally returning, but to their surprise, Zhou Wen continued walking downstream without any intention of returning to his origin .

“Young Master Wen, it’s getting late . The sky is about to turn dark . We should go back . If you are interested, you can come back in the day tomorrow,” said Lu Yunxian .

“The sky isn’t dark yet . Let’s continue walking . ” Zhou Wen didn’t wish to wait another day . If he found the tiny palm symbol earlier, he could help the efforts . Perhaps this would lead to a greater chance of rescuing the former principal .

Lu Yunxian couldn’t help but frown, but since Zhou Wen had already begun walking away, he had no choice but to follow him . However, his expression didn’t look too good as he remained silent with a cold expression .

Zhou Wen knew that Lu Yunxian and the rest were unhappy, but he could only feign ignorance . He continued searching along the river and couldn’t help but pray inwardly . Please let there be the tiny palm symbol!

However, with the passage of time, Zhou Wen’s heart grew heavier . The sun had already set, but he had still failed to find the tiny palm symbol .

Just as Zhou Wen was wondering if there even was a tiny palm symbol here, his phone suddenly vibrated . Zhou Wen was immediately delighted as he hurriedly took it out and scanned his surroundings .

There it is! When Zhou Wen saw the tiny palm symbol on an ancient monument, he nearly teared up with excitement .

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