Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: 259

Chapter 259 First Battle With An Ancient Creature

Zhou Wen hurriedly scanned the tiny palm symbol . He finally relaxed when the phone showed that it was downloading .

I hope I’m not too late . Zhou Wen looked at the blood rain that covered the opposite side of the river like a fog . He wondered how the former principal, Ouyang Lan, and An Sheng were doing .

Just as Zhou Wen scanned the tiny palm symbol on the stone monument, a shadow suddenly appeared behind it—a huge blood frog . It spat out a mouthful of bloody liquid at Zhou Wen .

Lu Yunxian rushed to Zhou Wen’s side and grabbed his shoulder with one hand, throwing him to the back . At the same time, he raised a shield with his other hand to block the bloody liquid .

The metal shield was corroded, leaving pockmarks . It had nearly melted through .

Lu Yunxian held a saber in his other hand and slashed with a blade beam, splitting the blood frog into two .

“Young Master Wen, can we return now?” Lu Yunxian turned to Zhou Wen and asked .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen stood up and patted the dust off his body .

He then followed Lu Yunxian back to the garrison . The game had finished downloading . On the cell phone’s home screen, there was an icon of a Boundary Stone . On it was the word, Zhuolu .

He clicked and entered the Zhuolu instance dungeon and soon, the blood-colored avatar appeared on the ancient battlefield that was covered in blood rain . However, before Zhou Wen could control it, he saw the blood-colored avatar charge out maniacally and fall into the river of blood . Then, the screen went black .

Zhou Wen felt a little depressed . He had died the moment he spawned . This was clearly not a good sign .

How do I defend against the blood rain? Zhou Wen lowered his head in thought . In reality, he could use custom raincoats . Not only were they waterproof, but they had pretty good defensive capabilities .

However, there were no raincoats in-game . All Zhou Wen could do was attempt to wear the soft armor manifested by the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior and the armor from the Gold-Armored Beast . However, neither of them could completely cover his body, so it was unknown if it would work .

The results proved that it was useless . As long as his skin was stained with the bloody rain-even a drop of it-he would lose control of his blood-colored avatar as it ran like it had rabies, eventually dying tragically in the blood rain .

Zhou Wen attempted to activate the Lotus Flower Buddha Body to see if he could withstand the corrosive effects of the blood rain . Only by doing so did he survive in the ancient battlefield .

However, the Lotus Flower Buddha Body constantly expended his Primordial Energy . Zhou Wen had to switch his Primordial Energy Art to a Dao Body to sustain the continuous expenditure of the Lotus Flower Buddha Body .

As he proceeded through the blood storm, his vision was seriously hampered . The visibility was reduced to less than three meters, but thankfully, Zhou Wen had the Truth Listener earring . It allowed him to possess senses similar to radar .

Trudging through the muddy land, Zhou Wen proceeded towards the location indicated by the military map . The place he was heading to was the ruins that the former principal and the others had researched . It was also where they had vanished . It was definitely the place where Ouyang Lan and An Sheng were headed for .

After a short walk, Zhou Wen heard a figure walking towards him .

It was a creature that looked like a human . Its hair reached to the ground and covered its face . Its limbs were long and slender, and its entire body was drenched in blood . Its movements were very strange, like a zombie .

Zhou Wen didn’t dare lower his guard . He summoned the Saber Shield Knight and Demonized General and got them to charge forward first . No matter what it was, it was a creature inside the ancient battlefield . It was definitely not to be underestimated .

However, the Saber Shield Knight and Demonized General were unable to withstand the blood rain’s poison . They lost control of themselves and began killing each other .

Does the blood rain have the same effect on a Companion Beast? Zhou Wen’s mood worsened . Without being able to use a Companion Beast and having to constantly activate Lotus Flower Buddha Body to expend his Primordial Energy, this greatly reduced his combat strength .


The strange creature suddenly moved at an incredible speed in the rain . Instantly, it appeared in front of the crazy Demonized General . It grabbed his head with both hands and twisted it off . Then, it casually threw the head to the ground and ripped off the Saber Shield Knight’s head .

This is indeed not a place for people . Zhou Wen could tell from his opponent’s speed that it was definitely an existence at the Epic stage .

He had encountered an Epic creature the moment he entered the ancient battlefield . It was even more terrifying than Zhou Wen imagined

Initially, he thought that even if it was the battlefield found in myths, there should be some lesser soldiers and generals . It was impossible for them to all be high-level creatures . But now, it seemed as if his wishes had been too ideal .

Zhou Wen decided to summon all his Companion Beasts to see if they could withstand the blood rain, so as to gauge how much combat strength he had left .

Ghost Bride was unafraid of the blood rain as she floated beside Zhou Wen .

The Mutated Overlord Snake in the Overlord Spear form wasn’t affected either . It could be used in the blood rain .

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The Three-Eyed Golden Warrior and the Golden-Armored Beasts were unaffected in their companion form . However, the Silver-Winged Sky Spider was unable to withstand the power of the blood rain, as it went into a frenzy .

The Mutated Lotus Flower Ant was fine and even Doctor Darkness wasn’t affected . Truth Listener and the Yin-Yang Purple Air Bell could also be used .

The number of pets that Zhou Wen could use in the blood rain was much better than he had expected .

As he watched the monster charge at him, Zhou Wen tightened his grip on the Overlord Spear . At the instant the monster reached him, he used Ghost Steps and circled behind the monster . Augmented by Ever-Victorious, the Overlord Spear pierced through the monster’s back .

Ever-Victorious was indeed useful . The tip of the spear pierced straight through the monster’s body and stabbed into its back and out of its chest .

Zhou Wen was delighted, but he suddenly saw the monster’s body explode like a water ball, splattering black liquid all over the blood-colored avatar .

The black liquid quickly flowed through the blood rain, as if it had a life of its own . It gathered together again, distorting into the monster’s appearance .

What is this fellow? Zhou Wen was secretly alarmed . Just as he was about to launch another attack, he saw the screen turn black . The blood-colored avatar had died again .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but frown . After some thought, he understood how the blood-colored avatar had died .

It must be because the black liquid came into contact with my body . From the looks of it, that monster has a toxicity that’s stronger than the bloody liquid . Zhou Wen was at a loss .

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Although he knew that the monster possessed such power, he still couldn’t find a way to resolve it .

The monsters appeared to be water-elemental, so Overlord Spear’s attack with Ever-Victorious didn’t have much effect on it . Furthermore, he possessed a powerful corruptive ability, one that Lotus Flower Buddha Body was unable to withstand . An Epic stage dimensional creature was just too strong . Before Zhou Wen advanced to the Epic stage, he would always find it difficult to fight any Epic creature .

I have to find a way to counter it . Zhou Wen knew very well that experience was the best teacher . He entered the game once again and continued to seek out the monster’s weakness in battle .

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