Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 260

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Chapter 260: 260

Chapter 260 Finding Weakness

Lu Yunxian was extremely displeased with Zhou Wen . He just couldn’t understand why An Sheng would bring him to such a place .

Ignoring the reckless touring of the area, he spent all his time gaming after he returned to the garrison . He truly was an eyesore .

However, Lu Yunxian was relieved that Zhou Wen didn’t cause any trouble for them .

It wasn’t their fault they were irritated by Zhou Wen . The way he acted was just detestable . If Zhou Wen were in Lu Yunxian’s shoes, he probably wouldn’t have liked such a person either .

However, Zhou Wen had his reasons . Even though he knew it incurred the displeasure of others, he could only continue doing so .

Through repeated battles and repeated deaths, Zhou Wen’s physical condition and blood regeneration abilities began to find it difficult to keep up with the expenditure, despite it only being one drop of blood each time .

Usually when gaming, Zhou Wen would switch to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, significantly improving his ability to recover . However, when he died too frequently, he would still suffer from anemia . He didn’t know if it would cause any latent risks to his body .

Zhou Wen had also thought of getting a blood transfusion to make up for the loss . Although the blood transfusion required some troublesome paperwork, he should be able to obtain it if he thought of a way .

Zhou Wen ultimately gave up on the idea of a blood transfusion . He didn’t know if the blood that was transfused into his body would count as his or the other person when dripped onto the mysterious phone .

He took out the blood supplements he had brought from the chaos space . Although he didn’t know if they were of any use, it was better than nothing . Even a placebo was useful .

As he had earned a huge sum of money from selling Companion Eggs the last time, the supplementary medicine Zhou Wen had bought was clearly a lot more high-end . There was also good stuff like American ginseng and donkey-hide gelatin .

However, Zhou Wen searched everywhere, but he didn’t find any ingredients like an electric pot . He didn’t even have a hot water flask, so he could only call Lu Yunxian .

Lu Yunxian was discussing the latest intelligence with his colleagues . The changes in the ancient battlefield were getting more and more serious . Besides the blood river, dimensional creatures would occasionally appear .

Now, the garrison troops of the League were constantly clearing the monsters and, although they came under the jurisdiction of Luoyang’s An family, the situation was so terrible that An Sheng and company would definitely be affected while inside .

Suddenly, Lu Yunxian heard his phone ring . He took a look and realized it was Zhou Wen . He frowned and answered the call .

“Zhou Wen, what’s the matter?” Lu Yunxian asked .

“Is there anything like a rice cooker or an electric kettle? I need to cook something,” Zhou Wen said as he gamed .

“This is a military encampment, not a college dormitory . There are no such things,” Lu Yunxian said .

“Then, is there any way to boil stuff here?” Zhou Wen asked again .

“I’ll send someone over . If there’s anything you need, tell her . I’m currently in a meeting . ” Lu Yunxian said before hanging up .

Zhou Wen didn’t take it to heart . He was only asking and it was fine if he couldn’t boil the supplement . He planned on buying the utensils needed to boil the blood replenishing supplement the next time before coming out and placing them into the chaos space .

In-game, Zhou Wen was fighting a monster . So many deaths weren’t without any rewards . He had mostly figured out the monster .

The monster was like a water ghost . It possessed water-elemental strength and ordinary physical attacks were useless against it . Furthermore, its body had a powerful virus . Any contact with its body would result in infection, even if it were a drop of water .

If one was physically resistant enough, they could still last for a period of time . Otherwise, an instant death was possible .

Zhou Wen was only at the Legendary stage . Relatively speaking, his physical qualities were relatively weak . He could use the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra to withstand the virus for a little while longer, but it wasn’t of much use .

What was even more frightening was that the monster could mix its poison into the blood rain . It was completely impossible to defend against, and if one weren’t careful, one would succumb to it .

When Zhou Wen used the Ancient Sovereign Sutra, it had a certain effect that restrained it, allowing him to injure its body . However, to kill it, just the augmentation of Primordial Energy was clearly insufficient .

If I could advance to the Epic stage, I could blast it apart with a punch with the augmentation of the Ancient Sovereign Sutra . Unfortunately, I’m still a Legendary . Zhou Wen sighed slightly as he continued sacrificing the blood-colored avatar’s life to study his opponent and think of means to kill it .

Zhou Wen had also thought of circling around it, but after doing so, he ended up encountering another one . Clearly, there were more than one or two such monsters on the battlefield . If he couldn’t think of a way to kill them now, he would definitely be unable to inch his way through the ancient battlefield .

While he was fighting the monster, there was a knock on the door .

“Come in,” Zhou Wen said without looking up as he gamed .

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Xu Wen walked in and frowned when she saw Zhou Wen gaming on his phone . However, she still said, “I’m Xu Wen from the medical corp . Battalion Commander Lu wanted me to come over to see if you need anything . If you need anything in the future, just let me know . ”

“Please cook the bag of medicine on the table for me . ” Zhou Wen was fighting the monster, so he was unable to divert his attention to speak to Xu Wen .

“You’re injured?” Xu Wen asked with a frown .

Lu Yunxian wanted her to take good care of Zhou Wen . If Zhou Wen was injured, she had to do something immediately .

“No, it’s just some supplements for blood replenishment . If it’s convenient, can you boil it? If it’s not convenient, just leave it there,” Zhou Wen said .

Upon hearing Zhou Wen’s words, Xu Wen bit her lip and left Zhou Wen’s room without a word .

For Zhou Wen, who had been gaming all day in the dorm and doing nothing, to still drink such supplementary tonics left Xu Wen stupefied .

I really don’t know why Adjutant An brought such a good-for-nothing wastrel here . Although Xu Wen was displeased, she still found a female soldier from the medical corp to boil the medicine for Zhou Wen .

Xu Wen glanced at the medicine—they were all rather good supplementary tonics, and she couldn’t help but curse him for being such a wastrel .

When She took the medicine over, Zhou Wen was still gaming . She wasn’t in the mood to bother with him, so she just left the medicine and returned to take care of the injured .

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Recently, a large number of dimensional creatures had appeared beyond the blood river and many soldiers had been injured in battle . Xu Wen felt that it was a waste for Zhou Wen to be drinking such tonics . She believed that it should be given to the injured soldiers .

Zhou Wen naturally didn’t know what Xu Wen was thinking . As he drank the medicine and gamed, he was once again tragically killed in the ancient battlefield .

I wonder when Banana Fairy will finish evolving? Zhou Wen glanced at the hurricane in the chaos space . It was still spinning without any signs of stopping .

Once again, he dripped his blood and entered the ancient battlefield . When he met the monster again, he took a deep breath and charged forward once more .

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