Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 261

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Chapter 261: 261

Chapter 261 Fight Poison With Poison

When Zhou Wen stabbed the monster, it burst into a mass of black liquid once again . Zhou Wen hurriedly summoned his pet to block it . With most of his other pets killed in action, Zhou Wen summoned the weak Doctor Darkness to block the black liquid .

Zhou Wen originally imagined that Doctor Darkness would be killed instantly, but to his surprise, Doctor Darkness’s body turned black due to the virus but didn’t immediately die .

Doctor Darkness used a certain technique and a syringe appeared in one hand . He aimed the syringe at his arm and stabbed it in .

Zhou Wen only saw the liquid in the syringe being pushed into his body before he lost the luxury of time to look further . The monster had taken form and attacked again .

After dealing with him for a while, Zhou Wen was gradually left at the disadvantage . At that moment, he realized that the Doctor Darkness had rushed over to help him in combat . The scalpel in his hand shimmered with a thin blade beam . Although it was useless, it left Zhou Wen somewhat astonished .

Even the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior and the Golden-Armored Beast couldn’t withstand the terrifying poison after they made contact with the black liquid . Even if they turned into armor, they would still be corroded .

Doctor Darkness’s body wasn’t as strong as the Golden Warrior and Gold-Armored Beast; yet, he still survived after making contact with the black liquid . Furthermore, after a short period of time, he became energetic and lively . It was as if he had never been injured .

Zhou Wen wasn’t a match for the monster, so he was quickly forced to block the black liquid that splattered out from the monster’s body . This time, Zhou Wen summoned Doctor Darkness to help him block it . To his surprise, Doctor Darkness became even stronger this time . His body was stained with the black liquid, only to turn black from contact and then quickly recover their rosy colors .

Apart from the corrosion of his flesh, he didn’t suffer any damage from the virus .

This left Zhou Wen very surprised . Although the black liquid on the monster’s body was highly corrosive, it wasn’t lethal enough . Zhou Wen still had a way to deal with it .

However, the virus in the black liquid was something Zhou Wen was unable to defend against . He was basically killed by the virus every time .

Yet, Doctor Darkness was immune to it and seemed to have adequate resistance against the corrosive forces of the black liquid .

As Zhou Wen was so surprised, that moment of distraction allowed one drop of the monster’s black liquid to splatter onto him .

Black gas immediately arose from the blood-colored avatar’s body as it rapidly expanded . Zhou Wen knew something was amiss as he suddenly recalled the scene of Doctor Darkness stabbing himself with a syringe . He immediately thought of something

“Doctor Darkness, use Fight Poison With Poison . ” Zhou Wen gave the order . Without any hesitation, Doctor Darkness carried out Zhou Wen’s order . A syringe appeared in his hand and stabbed the blood-colored avatar’s body, injecting the poison into the blood-colored avatar’s body .

Zhou Wen immediately felt a spasming pain spread throughout his body, but the pain slowed the spreading speed of the monster’s virus, preventing him from dying as quickly as before .

It actually works! Zhou Wen was only giving it a try, he never expected it to be that effective . Although the pain was intense, he didn’t die .

However, the poison could only temporarily withstand the virus and prevent the virus from spreading within his body . It had not been eliminated .

From the looks of it, Doctor Darkness isn’t afraid of the virus solely because of Fight Poison With Poison . It has a lot to do with his own physique and Life Providence . Zhou Wen persisted for a while longer before being sprayed by the black liquid once again . The virus in his body exceeded the poison that Doctor Darkness had injected into him, and the virus began to spread again .

Zhou Wen hurriedly got Doctor Darkness to inject him with more poison using Fight Poison With Poison .

After injecting two batches of poison, the virus in Zhou Wen’s body was stabilized again . However, the poison that Doctor Darkness had injected was extremely stimulating for his body . It made Zhou Wen feel pain as if he was being pricked by needles and he nearly stumbled to the ground .

The blood-colored avatar was ultimately killed . It was not that the monster had ripped off his head, but that he had made contact with some more of the black liquid . After injecting the poison again, the blood-colored avatar could no longer take it physically .

From the looks of it, Fight Poison With Poison cannot be used constantly . After injecting more than a certain amount of poison, it will cause tremendous damage to the body . Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed as he originally imagined that he had found a way to deal with the monster . From the looks of it, it was only temporary .

On the other hand, Doctor Darkness’s resistance to the virus was getting higher and higher . He could actually ignore the virus of the blood rain and the monster .

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Unfortunately, he was still at the Legendary stage and had few combat skills . The monster could easily rip its head off . Otherwise, with his abilities, he would have perfectly countered such monsters .

Doctor Darkness was an Epic in the first place . It was only because Zhou Wen had insufficient Primordial Energy in his incubation that he had fallen to the Legendary stage . When he evolved into a mature body, he might be able to restrain that monster .

Although he had such thoughts, Zhou Wen knew that it was impossible for Doctor Darkness to evolve into his mature form in such a short period of time .

The abilities of Doctor Darkness allowed Zhou Wen to gain the ability to circle around the monster a little more . However, Fight Poison With Poison was just too painful . His organs felt like they were being pricked by needles, something ordinary people would find difficult to tolerate .

After injecting the poison a few times, Zhou Wen discovered something strange . Doctor Darkness’s Fight Poison With Poison seemed to have more resistant traits against the virus .

In the beginning, Zhou Wen had needed an injection after making contact with one or two drops of black liquid . However, after a few times, Zhou Wen discovered that Doctor Darkness needed very little poison to put the virus at bay . Furthermore, its restraining effects were improving .

He’s growing? The virus here has made Doctor Darkness rapidly grow? Zhou Wen immediately understood what was happening .

When Zhou Wen realized this, he consciously allowed Doctor Darkness to come into contact with even more poison . The blood rain which was everywhere and the black liquid on the monster’s body were all candidates to be his nutrients .

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As the poison that Doctor Darkness came into contact with increased, his resistance towards the virus increased . Apart from his physical traits being inferior to the monster, he eventually became immune to the monster’s virus .

Furthermore, his usage of Fight Poison With Poison became more and more effective . As a result, one injection from Doctor Darkness after the blood-colored avatar made contact with a few drops of black liquid ended up being an overdose, causing the blood-colored avatar to be poisoned to death .

Zhou Wen once again came in front of the monster . When Doctor Darkness helped him block the black liquid, the system suddenly produced a notification: ‘Doctor Darkness has reached the growth requirement and evolved into a mature body . ’

Following the system’s notification, a strange change occurred to Doctor Darkness’s body . White streams of light emitted from his body . The white doctor robe flared up with the streams of light as a terrifying aura erupted from him .

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