Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 262

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Chapter 262: 262

Chapter 262 Returning to the Epic Stage

Light arose from Doctor Darkness’s body, forming a shadow projection of a doctor over his head . It was none other than the Dr . Soul Life Soul which Zhou Wen had seen before .

Seeing the monster charge at him again, Doctor Darkness raised the scalpel in his hand while Dr . Soul moved as well . He held the scalpel formed from light and stabbed it into the monster .

The monster’s originally running body seemed to be nailed to the ground as it stopped moving .

Zhou Wen was delighted . He knew that Doctor Darkness had returned to the Epic stage . He finally had a powerful fighter who could be used .


However, the monster’s body turned into black liquid and exploded . Dr . Soul pinning him down with the scalpel shadow had instantly lost its effect .

However, the black liquid of the monster was useless against Doctor Darkness . It once again condensed into a monster and in an instant, it was behind Doctor Darkness . It wanted to twist Doctor Darkness’s head off with its advantage of speed .

But now, Doctor Darkness had evolved to the Epic stage and he could keep up . With a slight flash of his body, he managed to dodge its hands . At the same time, the scalpel in his left hand flashed rapidly, slicing across the monster’s body continuously .

In the blink of an eye, the scalpel diced the monster’s body into several pieces .

However, the monster’s body was not affected at all . It quickly merged into one and pounced towards Doctor Darkness once again .

Zhou Wen became a bystander in the battle between the two Epic creatures . Taking this opportunity, he glanced at the information of Doctor Darkness after his evolution .

Doctor Darkness: Epic

Life Providence: Golden Left Hand

Life Soul: Dr . Soul

Strength: 27

Speed: 40

Constitution: 29

Primordial Energy: 39

Talent Skill: Scalpel, Fight Poison With Poison, Light of Penetration

Companion Form: Soul

It was somewhat different from the original Epic Doctor Darkness’s attributes . The four basic stats had increased, but they were still mainly concentrated on Speed and Primordial Energy . This was not much of a change .

The biggest transformation was his companion form . Doctor Darkness didn’t have a companion form previously, but he did now . Zhou Wen didn’t quite understand what a soul companion form was .

While Zhou Wen was thinking about this, he suddenly saw a strange light shoot out from Doctor Darkness’s eyes . Dr . Soul’s eyes lit up as well . With that, four beams shone on the monster’s body, overlapping each other like a spotlight, illuminating the monster’s body .

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The beam of light didn’t have any lethality . Zhou Wen knew that it was likely the Light of Penetration skill of Doctor Darkness, but he didn’t know how effective it was .

In the next second, Doctor Darkness moved . He held the scalpel in his left hand and disappeared like a magic trick . He was incredibly fast as he moved the scalpel with almost indiscernible trajectories .

The monster that flew towards him was stabbed in the waist .

This time, the monster didn’t explode into black liquid . Zhou Wen thought he heard something shatter inside its body . In the next second, the monster took a few steps back and exploded, turning into a pool of black liquid . However, this time, he wasn’t reborn again . Instead, he slowly merged into the mud, leaving only a crystal behind .

A notification popped up in the game: ‘Killed Epic creature, Wangliang . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ’

However, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be taken aback when he saw the crystal’s name clearly . The dimensional crystal was different from what he had seen before .

The small black crystal’s size wasn’t obvious in-game . He estimated it to be about the size of a quail egg, but its name was a little odd .

Poison Crystal: 7

Zhou Wen got the blood-colored avatar to pick up the virus crystal, and the game system immediately asked if he wanted to absorb it .

Zhou Wen chose to absorb it and soon, a strange force fused into his body . Then, he looked at the blood-colored avatar’s attributes and realized that its stats had changed from four different types to five . The new attribute was Poison, and its value was seven .

Zhou Wen didn’t know much about Epic matters, he didn’t know what the Poison stat was for either .

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However, he soon discovered that he had obtained quite a lot of benefits after obtaining a seven-valued Poison stat . This was because he could directly withstand the blood rain and not be reduced to a lunatic by the poison .

From the looks of it, the Poison stat gives me quite a good viral immunity . However, I still need to further test how strong this resistance is . Zhou Wen was in a good mood as he continued walking forward with Doctor Darkness .

He had already wasted too much time here . He had to rush to the ruins as soon as possible .

After walking for more than half a kilometer, a monster appeared in front of him . Zhou Wen originally imagined that it was a Wangliang, but upon careful inspection, something was amiss .

The monster that appeared wasn’t a Wangliang, but rather, a very strange creature . The creature’s head looked like a wyrm with no horns on its head . Its body was like a lion’s, its tail like a crocodile’s . Its body was also covered in crocodile-like skin .

Zhou Wen’s heart stirred . The one I killed previously was a Wangliang . Could this be the Chi from ChiMeiWangliang?

It was common to use the term ChiMeiWangliang to describe monsters of the mountains and rivers in the East District . Even if one didn’t recognize the word, most people in the East District could guess that this phrase was used to describe all kinds of bad people . And with these four words all having the “ghost” radical in their characters, it meant a kind of ghost or monster .

Based on what Zhou Wen knew, the term “ChiMeiWangliang” represented three types of monsters . Wangliang referred to the ghost of plagues according to legend . There were also tales that he was one of the legendary Five Emperors of ancient times—Zhuan Xu’s third son that had drowned to death .

Although it was a tale and couldn’t be taken seriously, since a Wangliang had appeared, such a strange creature in front of him might just be the Chi of ChiMeiWangliang

This was because the legendary Mei, or succubus, was a ghost found in mountains and forests . It was a wood spirit that didn’t match the monster’s image in front of him . On the other hand, it was a beast-like ghost . There were also tales that it was one of the nine sons of the dragon . It did resemble the monster in front of him .

However, these were tales . They might not be the same as the dimensional creature in front of him .

Seeing the monster rushing over, Zhou Wen ordered Doctor Darkness to charge forward . Dr . Soul also condensed a scalpel made of light as he stabbed the glimmering weapon at the monster .

“Roar!” The monster let out a roar as black flames burst out from its body, transforming it into a Life Soul that was in the form of a black dragon . Without waiting for Dr . Soul to react, it swallowed him in one bite .

“Ah!” Doctor Darkness cried out in pain . A powerhouse’s pain of having a Life Soul devoured was an excruciating pain that was akin to having his heart dug out .

While Doctor Darkness was in pain, the monster pounced on him and swallowed him .

Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar and circled to the back of the monster with Ghost Steps, stabbing its soft waist with his Overlord Spear .

However, before Overlord Spear could stab into the monster’s waist, the black dragon-resembling Life Soul spewed out black smoke at the blood-colored avatar . This resembled a volcanic eruption as it enveloped the blood-colored avatar’s body .

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