Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 263

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Chapter 263: 263

Chapter 263 Battlefield Ruins

Without a word, Zhou Wen summoned his Yin-Yang Purple Air Bell and aimed it at the black smoke .

The black smoke seemed to be sucked away as it surged into the Yin-Yang Purple Air Bell . In the blink of an eye, it was sucked clean .

The monster seemed somewhat puzzled as it stared at the Yin-Yang Purple Air Bell with its strange eyes . Zhou Wen held the bell and shook it at the monster .

Black smoke immediately gushed out from the bell, enveloping the monster’s body . When the black smoke touched its scales, it immediately seeped in . The monster’s eyes rolled back as it collapsed to the ground .

Holy sh*t, is this black smoke that powerful? It even poisoned the monster to death? Zhou Wen was alarmed but upon closer inspection, he realized that the monster hadn’t died . It had only fallen asleep .

The monster had fallen asleep and its Life Soul seemed to lose control . It floated above its head motionlessly .

How could Zhou Wen miss such a good opportunity? He charged forward with the Overlord Spear in hand and stabbed the monster in the abdomen .

Ever-Victorious showed its effects as the tip of the spear stabbed into the monster’s abdomen . A hole was torn open in the monster’s abdomen and black blood immediately flowed out .

It was unknown what the black smoke’s strength was, but after having such a huge hole stabbed through, the monster didn’t react at all despite bleeding excessively . It continued sleeping soundly, leaving Zhou Wen astonished .

Zhou Wen naturally wasn’t going to be merciful with it . He stabbed it again and again, stabbing at it for a total of 18 times before the monster was finally dead . The black dragon-like Life Soul also shattered .

A notification popped up in-game: ‘Killed the Epic creature, Chi . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ’

Zhou Wen saw that the dimensional crystal that dropped was a Strength Crystal with 32 points . Although its value was very high to him, Zhou Wen’s limit was at 21 . It was useless no matter how good it was .

After absorbing the 32-valued Strength Crystal, Zhou Wen felt that he was brimming with strength . His earlier fatigue was wiped clean, but his Strength stat didn’t increase . It remained at 21 points .

Since the Wangliang and Chi have appeared, there should be a Mei . I wonder what kind of creature the Mei is . Zhou Wen was filled with curiosity .

However, he was not that bored to the point of deliberately searching for the Mei . He headed for the ruins through the blood rain before he encountered another Wangliang .

With a Dark Doctor to restrain it, it was rather easy to kill it . However, it didn’t drop any Poison Crystals and only dropped an ordinary Speed crystal . It was useless for Zhou Wen now .

As he charged towards the ruins, he encountered several Wangliang and Chi . However, he didn’t see the Mei, nor did anything useful drop .

After battling the entire night, Zhou Wen finally arrived at the spot where the map marked the ruins .

He wasn’t in a rush to get the blood-colored avatar to walk over when he saw the broken stone pillars and the stone walls that stood in the middle of the blood rain not far away . Instead, he took the information An Sheng had handed out before leaving and carefully read it again . According to the information, the League had sent a few more groups of people to the ruins to find Ouyang Ting and the others .

However, when they entered the ruins, they died for no explicable reason . Even Epic experts were no exception . Until now, they had not found the reason .

It was also because of this that they felt that the former principal and the others were already dead inside . Hence, they didn’t send any more search and rescue teams . Help came only when the An family received the news .

Zhou Wen observed the ruins from afar, hoping to find any clues no matter how minute . However, there were ancient symbols on them that he couldn’t decipher . No matter how he looked at them, he couldn’t tell anything

I’ll still have to risk my life to scout the way . Zhou Wen summoned Doctor Darkness and Ghost Bride . Together with Three-Eyed Golden Warrior and Gold-Armored Beast, they entered the ruins as the blood-colored avatar remained outside .

Golden Warrior and Gold-Armored Beast were pets with powerful bodies, while Ghost Bride had the body of a ghost . Doctor Darkness was an Epic pet, so Zhou Wen wanted to see who would die among them . Through this, he could determine how terrifying the powers were inside .

The four pets carefully walked into the ruins and slowly explored .

After walking for a short distance, a cracking sound was heard as the Golden Warrior’s head flew up from his neck as he died instantly .

Just like what was written in the information . Dying from a beheading . Zhou Wen frowned slightly . Although he had read it very carefully, he didn’t see any creatures appear . Nor did he notice any power fluctuations . It was as though an invisible executioner had cleaved off the Golden Warrior’s head .


As Zhou Wen was pondering over the matter, Doctor Darkness’s head fell to the ground and he died on the spot . He didn’t put up any resistance just because he was an Epic creature . His death was equally clean .

Zhou Wen still couldn’t see what was in the ruin . He couldn’t even tell how Doctor Darkness died .

Not long later, Gold-Armored Beast suffered the same fate . Similarly, it had no chance to react . It died quickly, and in less than thirty minutes, Zhou Wen’s three Companion Beasts, including the Epic Doctor Darkness, had been killed silently . Only Ghost Bride remained floating forward .

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Ghost Bride continued forward for a while, but her head wasn’t chopped off . This delighted Zhou Wen . It looks like that power is ineffective against ghosts .

Zhou Wen didn’t dare enter, but with Ghost Bride around, she could scout the path for him .

Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate any further as he sped her up . He began his carpet search of the ruins, hoping to discover something .

Perhaps it was because the power in the ruins was too terrifying that even ChiMeiWangliang didn’t appear . There was only a dead silence . Apart from the blood rain outside, all that was left were those decrepit ancient buildings .

Zhou Wen controlled Ghost Bride to get her to search for clues in all sorts of rundown buildings .

This was a game, so he definitely couldn’t find the former principal and company here . However, it was impossible for them to vanish into thin air . They must have gone somewhere . All Zhou Wen wanted to do was find the place .

At the encampment, the soldiers guarding the door suddenly saw someone in front of them rushing over like madmen . They hurriedly raised their rifles .

“Halt . Don’t move any further, or else we’ll shoot . ” A soldier hurriedly warned when he saw that the person was charging over .

However, that person didn’t stop and continued running like a madman .

Just as the soldier was about to deliver a warning shot, he suddenly realized that the person was wearing the same military uniform as them . However, because he was covered in blood, most of the parts of his military uniform had turned dark red .

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“It’s Liu Chengzhi… Didn’t he follow Madam Lan to the ancient battlefield? Why is he running back alone? Where’s Madam Lan and the rest?” One of the soldiers took a closer look and instantly recognized who that person was . He was shocked and quickly went forward to welcome him .

Liu Chengzhi, who was covered in blood, pounced over when he saw the two of them . The two soldiers quickly held him up .

“Quick… Quick, tell Adjutant An… Madam is in danger… Save her immediately… If there’s any delay, it’ll be too late…” Liu Chengzhi said anxiously as he coughed out blood .

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