Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 264

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Chapter 264: 264

Chapter 264 Tunnel Ruins

“Liu Chengzhi, what happened?” Lu Yunxian asked as he looked at Liu Chengzhi, who was being treated on a sickbed .

Liu Chengzhi’s injuries were horrifying . Under the treatment of a Companion Beast with healing abilities, his life was saved . However, his injuries still required a longer period of treatment .

“Commander, quickly tell Adjutant An that Madam Lan is trapped in the ruins . Quickly send someone to help her . It will be too late if we delay any longer,” Liu Chengzhi said anxiously .

“Adjutant An entered the ancient ruins two days ago . Didn’t you encounter them?” Xu Wen asked .

Liu Chengzhi was stunned when he heard that . He shook his head and said, “Adjutant An has already entered the ruins? Why didn’t I see them? I escaped from the ruins and rushed back with all my might, but I didn’t see anyone . ”

“That’s strange . Tell me clearly what happened to Madam Lan,” Lu Yun asked first .

Liu Chengzhi hurriedly said, “We entered the ancient battlefield with Madam Lan and encountered many strange things . However, under Madam Lan’s lead, we managed to arrive at the ruins where Old Mr . Ouyang and the rest studied without any mishaps . That place had already become extremely bizarre . Many of our Companion Beasts were beheaded there . Finally, Madam Lan came up with a way to safely enter the ruins . ”

Due to the excessive loss of blood, Liu Chengzhi felt a little thirsty as he swallowed his saliva before continuing, “In the ruins, we found an entrance that leads underground . There was also a mark left behind by Old Mr . Ouyang . In the beginning, we used many of our Companion Beasts to scout the area, but nothing happened . However, when Madam Lan led the group down, the entrance to the passageway was sealed . The few of us who stayed outside did all we could to open the stone door . ”

“And then?” Xu Wen pressed .

Liu Chengzhi panted a few times before continuing, “Three hours later, the stone door at the entrance opened automatically and Old Qiu rushed out . By then, old Qiu was covered in blood and I almost couldn’t see the color of his military uniform . He rushed over and directly handed me a strange stone artifact . In a very urgent tone, he told me to pass the stone artifact to Adjutant An and get Adjutant An to lead men into the ruins to save Madam Lan or it would be too late . He was in such a hurry that he spoke in a delirious manner . He said that the stone artifact is a key that opens some doors . The stone artifact needs to be returned before the door can be opened to save Madam Lan . We have to be fast, or it will be too late . He kept repeating himself, and the few people we left guarding the spot couldn’t say a word . Just as they were about to ask questions, Old Qiu suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and passed away . ”

“What about the stone artifact?” Lu Yunxian asked .

Liu Chengzhi wore a look of guilt . “Even people like Madam Lan and Old Qiu were unable to deal with the situation in the stone passageway, so it would be impossible for us to do so . After our discussion, we planned on returning with the stone artifact and report the situation . However, the ancient battlefield is simply too terrifying . A few of our brothers died while I barely survived . The stone artifact was swallowed by a dimensional creature with a wyrm’s head and a lion’s body along the way . It’s all my fault for not being able to hold onto it…”

“Do you still remember where that dimensional creature is?” Lu Yunxian asked after some thought .

“I roughly know the location, but I wonder if the dimensional creature is still there,” Liu Chengzhi said .

“Alright, Xu Wen, do your best to treat Liu Chengzhi’s injuries . Everyone else, prepare to be on standby . Prepare to set off anytime,” Lu Yunxian said .

“Commander Lu, since Adjutant An has already gone, it probably won’t be of much use for us to enter, right?” a middle-aged officer asked .

Lu Yunxian said, “When Liu Chengzhi and company returned, they didn’t encounter Adjutant An . Therefore, even if Adjutant An reached the ruins, he wouldn’t know of the stone artifact’s existence, much less know that it has been swallowed by a dimensional creature . We have to deliver it to him . ”

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“We can’t do much, but killing a dimensional creature shouldn’t be difficult . Furthermore, Liu Chengzhi is still familiar with the situation . There shouldn’t be any major problems . Go and prepare,” said Lu Yunxian in a tone that didn’t allow for doubts .

Right now, Lu Yunxian was the highest-ranking officer . Since he had already decided, no one doubted him . They went back to prepare to enter the ancient battlefield .

Xu Wen also wanted to go, but Lu Yunxian rejected her request . Lu Yunxian wanted her to stay behind to take care of Zhou Wen, to ensure that nothing happened to him .

“Commander, just let me go . My healing abilities can reduce the number of casualties . Zhou Wen can just be taken off by the female soldiers at the medical corp,” Xu Wen requested once again .

“Stay behind to take care of Zhou Wen . That’s an order . If anything happens to him, you will be court-martialed . There’s absolutely no room for negotiation,” Lu Yunxian said firmly .

He had said it in a relaxed manner earlier, but he knew that the ancient battlefield was very dangerous . They would be placed in grave danger by heading in, and he didn’t want Xu Wen to take the risk .

Xu Wen opened her mouth but was at a loss for words . She was a soldier, so she could only obey Lu Yunxian’s orders . However, she felt extremely indignant .

Zhou Wen was gaming in his room, but he wore the Truth Listener earring at all times, so he could clearly hear the sounds nearby .

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When Liu Chengzhi returned, the place was a little far from where Zhou Wen bunked . Zhou Wen didn’t hear it, but when Lu Yunxian and the others prepared to set off, he heard the commotion .

When he came out to take a look, Lu Yunxian and the rest had already boarded their vehicles and set off . Two jeeps and a huge truck were driving out of the camp .

Zhou Wen realized what had happened . Seeing Xu Wen standing at the entrance of the camp, he walked over and asked, “Head Nurse Xu, what happened? Where are Commander Lu and the rest going?”

“Why are you asking so much? Do you dare to go to the ancient battlefield to rescue lives? Go back and play your game,” Xu Wen snapped .

Xu Wen believed that if it wasn’t for Zhou Wen, she wouldn’t have been left behind .

“Rescue lives in the ancient battlefield? Who are they going to rescue? Ouyang Lan or An Sheng?” Zhou Wen was alarmed as he hurriedly asked .

“It’s none of your business who’s being rescued . ” Xu Wen didn’t wish to say much to Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen frowned slightly . He knew how dangerous the ancient battlefield was, which was why the An family had invited so many Epic experts from outside . However, if Commander Lu and those low-ranking officers were to enter the ancient battlefield, it was basically equivalent to sending themselves to their deaths .

“Head Nurse Xu, I believe you still don’t know that Ouyang Lan is actually my mother, right? I hope you can understand my feelings and tell me what happened,” Zhou Wen said when he saw that Xu Wen wasn’t willing to tell him what had happened .

“Who are you lying to? Madam Lan only has two children-Overseer and Miss An Jing . Do you think you’re the Overseer? Or Miss An Jing?” Xu Wen said with a pout .

“You should know about Ouyang Lan’s remarriage, right? I’m her new husband’s son . Who do you think I am to her?” Zhou Wen asked .

Xu Wen looked at Zhou Wen in disbelief .

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