Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: 265

Chapter 265 Heading to the Ruins

“If it wasn’t for my identity, why do you think An Sheng wants all of you to take care of me?” Seeing Xu Wen’s hesitation, Zhou Wen went against his conscience and said, “My relationship with Ouyang Lan is very good, just like a biological mother and son . My concern for her is definitely no less than the An siblings . Can you tell me what happened?”

Xu Wen hesitated for a moment . Believing that it wasn’t much of a secret, she recounted the entire incident to Zhou Wen .

After Zhou Wen heard that, he turned and walked out of the camp .

Although Lu Yunxian was an Epic expert, he didn’t have many capable people under him . The low-level officers he had taken were basically at the Legendary stage . With their abilities, it was too difficult to deal with the dimensional creatures on the ancient battlefield .

Their survival had nothing to do with Zhou Wen, but if they couldn’t retrieve the stone artifact, Ouyang Lan might very well die . It might even be possible that the former principal was also in the underground stone passageway, so Zhou Wen had no choice but to retrieve it .

“Hey, where are you going?” Xu Wen hurriedly chased after Zhou Wen when she saw him heading outside the camp .

“I’ll help Commander Lu and the rest retrieve the stone artifact,” Zhou Wen said .

“Stop fooling around . You’re just a student . Why are you messing around?” Xu Wen hurriedly stopped Zhou Wen . Lu Yunxian wanted her to watch over Zhou Wen, so she couldn’t let him do anything rash .

“Head Nurse Xu, you are the highest commander of the medical corp and also the best doctor . Why didn’t you participate in this operation?” Zhou Wen asked Xu Wen .

Xu Wen snorted and said, “It’s all because of you . If it wasn’t for the fact that I had to stay and take care of you, I would have definitely gone . So you should stay here obediently and stop causing trouble . ”

“Then are you really not going? The ancient battlefield is fraught with danger . As the best medical personnel here, how can you stay behind and watch helplessly as your comrades die without doing anything? Comrades who can clearly live but will have to die because you weren’t there . Can you really be at ease?” Zhou Wen stared at Xu Wen as he clearly enunciated each word .

Xu Wen’s expression changed slightly, but she still said, “Whatever you say is useless . We must stay in the camp and not go anywhere . Otherwise, I won’t be able to answer to Commander Lu, Adjutant An, and Madam Lan . ”

“Commander Lu got you to protect me, right?” Zhou Wen said after some thought .

“That’s right . ” Xu Wen nodded .

“He didn’t say that I can’t leave the military camp, right?” Zhou Wen asked again .

“Well…” Xu Wen hesitated .

“Since he didn’t say that I’m not allowed to go, and he wants you to protect me, that means that you will be going wherever I go, right?” Zhou Wen added .

Xu Wen was slightly taken aback .

“Then, do you want to go or not?” Zhou Wen stared at Xu Wen with a burning gaze .

“No, I can’t let you take the risk…” Xu Wen struggled internally .

“Let’s go to the blood river to take a look . We won’t cross it . Waiting here is just too torturous . You wish to wait somewhere nearby, right?” Zhou Wen said with a sincere look .

“Well…” Xu Wen was still very hesitant .

“Anyway, I have to take a look . It’s up to you to decide if you want to go . ” Zhou Wen walked around Xu Wen and walked towards the camp’s entrance .

Xu Wen gritted her teeth but didn’t stop Zhou Wen as she chased him out of the camp .

Xu Wen felt that a spoiled fellow like Zhou Wen, who stayed cooped up inside the encampment and ate supplementary tonics, definitely didn’t have the guts to enter the ancient battlefield .

The main reason she agreed was that she was also feeling anxious . If she were to continue waiting in the encampment, she would feel too uneasy . In fact, she wanted to go more than Zhou Wen . His words had already shaken her resolve .

“How long do you think walking will take? Come on up . ” Xu Wen summoned a white lion . It was extremely majestic and was even taller than a horse .

Zhou Wen originally wanted to summon his mount, but his mount wasn’t very fast . It wasn’t as fast as he ran, so it was useless .

Seeing Xu Wen’s white lion running quite quickly, Zhou Wen jumped up and sat behind her .

Xu Wen ordered the white lion to run at full speed and chased in the direction that Commander Lu and the rest had gone .

“Don’t go too fast,” Zhou Wen suddenly said to Xu Wen .

Xu Wen was slightly taken aback before she understood what Zhou Wen meant . If they ran too quickly and ended up catching up with Commander Lu and company, they would definitely be chased back .

Xu Wen grunted . When she saw the troops from afar, she slowed down a little .

Xu Wen steered the white lion in front while Zhou Wen continued gaming . Ghost Bride had found the tunnel and stone steps in the ruins .

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However, there seemed to be some terrifying power inside that made Ghost Bride hesitate .

Zhou Wen knew that Ghost Bride must have sensed something, but unfortunately, she couldn’t express it . Zhou Wen could only vaguely sense that she was afraid of something and didn’t dare enter the passageway .

Since Ghost Bride didn’t dare enter, Zhou Wen had no choice but to think of a way to enter . Ouyang Lan and the former principal might be trapped inside . Even if he didn’t enter in the future, he knew that An Sheng would definitely enter . If he could find out ahead of time what danger was inside, he could warn An Sheng so reducing their sacrifices and giving them a greater chance of rescuing Ouyang Lan and the former principal .

What kind of power does the beheading in the ruins? Zhou Wen had already restarted the game a few times and had thought of many methods, but he still couldn’t figure out what kind of power it was .

Even Doctor Darkness’s Light of Penetration couldn’t detect any problems in the ruins .

Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before turning Doctor Darkness into his companion form . He saw that Doctor Darkness’s body transformed into a beam of light that clung onto the blood-colored avatar like an illusion .

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback as he realized that in the blood-colored avatar’s skill column, there were skills—Scalpel, Fight Poison With Poison, and Light of Penetration .

Doctor Darkness’s soul state actually imbued his powers on the master, allowing the master to use them .

Zhou Wen was delighted as he controlled the blood-colored avatar to head to the ruins again . Soon, he encountered a Wangliang .

Zhou Wen knew how Doctor Darkness killed Wangliangs, so he activated Light of Penetration and shot a beam at it .

Under the Light of Penetration, the Wangliang’ body seemed to turn transparent

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-all the meridians and organs within could be seen clearly . Zhou Wen immediately saw a tiny black bead rapidly flowing within the Wangliang . The bead was only the size of a rice grain and was extremely inconspicuous . It moved at an extremely fast speed, like a cardiograph . Furthermore, it didn’t have any pattern, making it difficult to capture its trajectory .

Zhou Wen immediately understood how to kill the Wangliang .

With the Ghost Steps activated, Zhou Wen instantly appeared behind the Wangliang . With Scalpel, a white beam of light condensed into a scalpel and instantly pierced through the Wangliang’s body and struck the beating bead .


As soon as the bead broke apart, the Wangliang’s body collapsed into a pool of black liquid that sprayed onto the ground . The game also gave the notification that he had killed an Epic Wangliang .

As long as I can understand the abilities and weaknesses of an Epic creature, it’s not impossible for me to kill them with my present strength . Zhou Wen increasingly felt the importance of knowing himself as well as the enemy .

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