Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: 266

Chapter 266 Are You Nuts?

Both banks of the blood river were two completely different worlds . On one side, the weather was perfect while on the other side, there was a bloody storm that stretched for thousands of kilometers . Mountains and rivers were dyed with blood, as though they were in hell .

When Zhou Wen and Xu Wen arrived at the blood riverbank, Lu Yunxian had already led the officers across the river .

“Head Nurse Xu, why are you here?” A low-ranking officer who was staying behind quickly greeted Xu Wen when he saw her .

“It’s a little unsettling to stay in the garrison . Let’s just wait here for Commander Lu and the rest to return,” Xu Wen said as she sized up the interior of the vehicle .

Although she felt that she shouldn’t cross the river and had to obey orders and take care of Zhou Wen, she couldn’t help but look inside the car, hoping to find the remaining custom raincoats .

Without the custom raincoat, one wasn’t able to move an inch in the blood rain . Upon contact with the raindrops, they would become lunatics . Entering would be suicide .

Unfortunately, the number of custom raincoats was limited . Ouyang Lan and An Sheng had taken two batches away one after another . There weren’t many left after that . Lu Yunxian and the others had only obtained about ten sets, so only about ten people had crossed the river . The others could only wait here to receive them .

Without any custom raincoat left, Xu Wen felt extremely disappointed . It was impossible for her to even think about crossing the river now .

Zhou Wen stood by the blood river and looked at the blood rain with mixed emotions . Before he came to Zhuolu, he believed that he definitely wouldn’t enter the ancient battlefield . All he needed to do was game outside and provide some help .

But now, he had to cross the river and enter that terrifying place personally .

I hope there’s no need to use the words left behind by Teacher . Zhou Wen didn’t think it would be too dangerous . He had already gained a better understanding of the ancient battlefield in-game . As long as he didn’t enter the ruins, there wouldn’t be too much danger .

“Do you have any more raincoats left?” Zhou Wen asked the officer .

Xu Wen said, “The number of raincoats we have is too limited . There wasn’t enough for Commander Lu and the rest, so how can there be any left? Don’t think too much . Just wait here for Commander Lu and the rest to return . With Commander Lu and Adjutant An’s abilities, they will definitely be able to save Madam Lan and Old Mr . Ouyang and return safely with them . ”

Zhou Wen stood by the blood river and looked at the other side of the river before saying slowly, “You’re right . Ah Sheng and company are both excellent . Perhaps they can return safely . ”

With that said, Zhou Wen paused for a moment as the luster in his eyes gradually turned sharp . Then, he said, “Unfortunately, I’m a person who doesn’t like gambling . I can’t sit here and wait for the needle of a wheel of fortune to stop . I can’t watch the needle waver between luckiness and unluckiness . I want to control the needle and wheel and make them stop at the position I want . ”

The more Xu Wen processed what he said, the more she felt that something was amiss . Just as her expression changed slightly and she was about to say something, she saw Zhou Wen run towards the blood river, his body wrapped in black armor . In a few steps, he reached the edge of the river bank and leaped up, flitting across the river .

Xu Wen and company were shocked . Without any hesitation, Xu Wen reached out and grabbed an umbrella beside her . At the same time, she summoned a strange bird that was shimmering with lightning . The strange lightning bird transformed into a pair of wings and landed behind her .

Although Zhou Wen was wearing armor, the armor couldn’t protect his entire body, so there would still be blood rain touching him . To Xu Wen, Zhou Wen’s actions were akin to having a death wish .

The lightning wings on Xu Wen’s back flapped as she instantly streaked across the sky like a bolt of lightning . She caught up with Zhou Wen who was about to enter the blood rain . She grabbed his shoulder and opened the umbrella to block the falling rain .

“Are you nuts?” Zhou Wen looked at Xu Wen in puzzlement .

It was impossible for the umbrella to block all the blood rain . Furthermore, Xu Wen was mainly using the umbrella to cover Zhou Wen’s body, so many blood rain droplets splattered onto her body .

Although she had already summoned her armor-type Companion Beast to protect her, she was unable to envelop her entire body with it . A few raindrops of blood splattered onto her cheeks .

Zhou Wen couldn’t understand why Xu Wen would do that . She had nothing to do with him, and she didn’t even seem to like him . Yet, she had risked her life to rush over . This was something Zhou Wen couldn’t understand .

“You are the one who’s nuts . Go back with me . ” Xu Wen grabbed Zhou Wen and exerted her strength with her wings, trying to fly back to the other side .

However, she still underestimated the blood rain’s infectious ability . In an instant, her eyes turned red, as though they were about to drip blood . Her consciousness suddenly blurred as she nearly caused Xu Wen to fall into the blood river .

With just a tiny bit of rationality left, Xu Wen threw Zhou Wen across the river as she landed by the side of the river of blood . She stood motionless in the rain with an umbrella in hand, knowing that she couldn’t return .

“Just wait patiently for Commander Lu and the rest to come back . You’re not a child anymore . Don’t always give others trouble . No one can keep protecting you . ” Xu Wen’s voice gradually turned hoarse, and her eyes gradually turned ferocious . Blood had already begun to flow out of them .

“B*stard… You b*stard…” When the officer on the other side saw this scene, he felt like tearing Zhou Wen apart as he roared angrily .

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Zhou Wen was in the air as he looked at Xu Wen with an odd expression . He was an emotionally indifferent person, so he couldn’t understand why Xu Wen would do such a thing for a stranger she didn’t like . But at that moment, he didn’t want her to die .

As though stepping on empty space, his body circled around like a bird . In midair, he charged towards the opposite bank like an arrow, shooting towards Xu Wen, who was holding an umbrella .

When Xu Wen saw Zhou Wen returning in midair again, she wanted to say something, but her consciousness turned blurry as violent emotions filled her mind .

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Xu Wen only wanted to kill and see blood . Any living thing in her eyes appeared filthy to her . It was as if only killing and blood could make her feel comfortable .


She threw the umbrella in her hand and allowed it to fall to the ground . Pressing her palms together as the pair of wings behind her crackled with lightning, she struck out with both her hands as though she was enveloped by lightning . A lightning beam then shot towards Zhou Wen .

The officers on the other side watched as this scene unfolded, but they could not do anything . The distress drove them nuts .

From their point of view, Zhou Wen was definitely doomed facing such an attack from Xu Wen in midair . Even if he was lucky to not die from the attack, he would end up like Xu Wen the moment he landed in the blood river .

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The azure lightning snaked at Zhou Wen as if it was about to swallow him .

However, in everyone’s line of sight, Zhou Wen’s figure suddenly blurred as he vanished into thin air, leaving the officers stunned .

By the time they saw Zhou Wen again, they realized that he was already standing on the other side of the river . He was standing behind Xu Wen, emitting a faint white light . He held onto the umbrella that was about to fall to the ground with one hand and holding something in his other hand . He then stabbed Xu Wen directly in the neck .

The red-eyed Xu Wen immediately turned limp as Zhou Wen held an umbrella in one hand and held Xu Wen in the other . He leaped into the air and returned to the opposite shore like a hawk .

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