Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 267

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Chapter 267: 267

Chapter 267 Strange Person in the Rain

“Don’t come over . ” Zhou Wen shouted coldly as he stopped the officers who were rushing over . He placed Xu Wen, who was moaning in pain, on the ground and said, “Do you have water? Bring me some water . ”

The officers looked at Zhou Wen, who was covered in blood, and their eyes looked odd and complicated . They had no way of connecting him to the former prodigal student .

“Yes . ” One of the officers answered and quickly brought a water bottle over .

“Just throw it over and bring some more,” Zhou Wen said .

The officer quickly threw the water bottle over and the other officers quickly went to get more water too .

Xu Wen felt as though her entire body was being stabbed by needles . She was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t say a word . However, her mind was a lot clearer . She watched as Zhou Wen used water to wash the blood rain from her face and hair before finally washing the blood rain from her armor . Then, he lifted her up and placed her on a clean patch of grass .

“She will recover in a while . Take good care of her . ” Zhou Wen glanced at Xu Wen before standing up and flying across the river again .

Xu Wen endured the pain as she pressed her hands against the ground to support her upper body . Seeing Zhou Wen’s figure disappear into the blood rain, an inexplicable expression appeared on her face .

The officers surrounded her and asked, “Head Nurse Xu, are you alright?”

“I’m fine . ” Xu Wen was still in great pain, but she could feel that her condition was improving

She didn’t know how Zhou Wen had done it . Up to this point, they had yet to come up with a method to effectively resist the blood rain . One could withstand the blood rain only if their physique was strong enough-at the Epic stage-coupled with some protective Primordial Energy Skills .

Once someone was infected by the blood rain, there was no proper treatment . As the head nurse, Xu Wen knew how terrifying the blood rain was .

However, not only was Zhou Wen able to ignore the virus in the blood rain, but he was also able to remove the blood rain’s virus from her body . This left her feeling incredulous . There was no way to connect Zhou Wen with the prodigal student who stayed cooped up all day gaming and consuming tonics .

Could it be that as long as one enters the An family, those who aren’t surnamed An will become strange? Another figure appeared in Xu Wen’s mind . It was a harmless-looking man who always wore a smile . Zhou Wen was extremely similar to the man she had met back then .

Zhou Wen quickly proceeded through the blood rain . He had to quickly catch up with Lu Yunxian and company and track them down to find that Chi . After hearing Xu Wen’s description, Zhou Wen knew that the entity that swallowed the stone artifact was definitely a Chi .

They were unable to see anything in the blood rain, but Zhou Wen could use Truth Listener’s powers to grasp his surroundings . Soon, he found Commander Lu and company .

However, to Zhou Wen’s surprise, Commander Lu and company hadn’t gone far . They were proceeding forward very slowly .

Although they were wearing custom raincoats, the blood rain had affected their visibility . They didn’t dare move too quickly, afraid that they might bump into dimensional creatures . Once their raincoats were torn, they would die .

Zhou Wen didn’t know where the Chi was, so he could only follow them patiently . Thankfully, there was the blood rain . Zhou Wen didn’t need to stay too far from them, nor did he need to hide himself too much . All he needed to do was follow them since no one could discover him in the blood rain .

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With an umbrella in hand, Zhou Wen slowly proceeded through the blood rain while observing the situation ahead . If they encountered other dimensional creatures, Zhou Wen had to ensure their safety, to ensure that they could find the Chi that had swallowed the stone artifact .

Lu Yunxian wore a heavy expression as he proceeded through the blood rain . Even at the Epic stage, he only had a visibility range of ten meters . He was blind to anything further .

Under such circumstances, it was as if they were in a dangerous forest . The blood rain around them was like a dense bush, and it was possible for a venomous snake to jump out of it at any time .

Even Lu Yunxian himself was terrified, let alone those Legendary officers .

Suddenly, Lu Yunxian felt a chill run down his spine as an ominous feeling arose in his heart . He immediately shouted, “Be careful . There might be an enemy attack . ”

Lu Yunxian believed in his intuition . This was something forged over the years while on the battlefield . Although it wasn’t necessarily accurate, it had saved his life many times .

The group looked around, but it was useless . The blood rain affected their vision, preventing them from seeing anything .

Lu Yunxian tried his best to look forward, but no matter how he tried, the raindrops quickly blurred the scenes . He vaguely made out a figure walking in front of him . He took a careful look, but he couldn’t confirm the figure .

“Who’s that in front? Say something if you are human . ” Lu Yunxian shouted, but no one answered him except for the sound of rain .

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However, as the figure approached, Lu Yun finally saw it clearly . It was a strange person with black hair hanging low . He was drenched in the blood rain and his skin was stained with blood . It was certain that even if he was human, he was probably a monster now .

“That’s a ghost… a ghost…” Liu Chengzhi immediately shouted as he saw the figure, his voice filled with fear .

“Vanguard team, attack . ” Lu Yunxian summoned his Companion Beast . It was a stone golem that could withstand the power of the blood rain .

The other officers also summoned the few Companion Beasts that could withstand the blood rain as they charged alongside the stone golem .

The few Companion Beasts used their various abilities to attack the strange person that was slowly walking through the blood rain . The Epic stone golem, in particular, struck the strange person’s head with a terrifying punch .


The strange person’s head exploded before his entire body exploded, splattering into black liquid .

The group of officers cheered, but halfway through their cheers, their faces froze . This was because the Companion Beasts that were stained with the black liquid appeared to be snow that made contact with burning charcoal as they emitted large amounts of white gas .

A few Legendary Companion Beasts instantly melted into a pool of liquid . The stone golem’s body was riddled with holes from the corrosion, and its arms were cracked apart . One of its legs corroded and broke off as it fell into the pool of blood .

Under the horrified gazes of the group, the black liquid once again coagulated into the black-haired person, who had half his face covered by black hair . He opened his mouth and gave them a silent and eerie laugh . It left everyone’s scalp tingling as they suffered goosebumps . They wished they could immediately turn around and flee .

However, as soldiers, although they were terrified, they still raised their weapons and launched their most intense attack on the strange person the moment they heard Lu Yunxian’s order .

The sword and saber beams criss-crossed as Lu Yunxian’s punch was as violent as a volcanic eruption . It was the most domineering strike under his Life Soul Fire General’s augmentation . It could even melt solid gold .

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