Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 268

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Chapter 268: 268

Chapter 268 The Person Under the Umbrella

The strange person’s figure rapidly moved like a wandering spirit amidst the attack . He appeared and disappeared randomly like a ghost, causing all the attacks to miss .

Lu Yunxian’s domineering explosive punch created a ravine that was more than ten meters long, evaporating large amounts of blood, but it didn’t damage the strange person at all .

“Ah!” One of the officers retreated in shock . The strange person had appeared in front of him and his eyes were completely black without any white . He looked at him through his hair and left him horrified . He couldn’t help but scream and retreat .

However, the strange person’s hand had already grabbed at his neck, his hand like a ghastly claw .

“How dare you!” Lu Yunxian threw out a tempestuous punch as the flames roared out like a tiger .

However, the strange person’s figure disappeared in the blood rain . When he appeared again, he was behind the officer . His ghastly claws were just moments from grabbing the officer’s head .

Instantly, everyone felt a chill rise in their hearts . They knew very well that with one death, it would only be a matter of time before all of them were wiped out .

If one couldn’t find a way to defeat the dimensional creature, they would easily be wiped out . The only way out was to escape .

Lu Yunxian also knew this very well . Therefore, he had already prepared to give the order to retreat, hoping that as many of them could escape as possible . He would then hold back this terrifying dimensional creature alone . He was willing to sacrifice his life .

Just as the strange person’s claws were about to grab the young officer’s head, a bright beam of light shone from afar and landed on the strange person .

Under the light, the strange person subconsciously raised his hands to block his face . Then, he looked in the direction of the bright light .

“All of you, move back . ” When a voice sounded, the officer finally reacted and rushed out of the strange person’s range .

The other officers, including Lu Yunxian, subconsciously retreated a distance .


With a resonating hum, a Bamboo Blade streaked through the sky, tearing through the blood rain and stabbing straight into the strange person’s body . Then, the strange person’s body transformed into a pool of black liquid that scattered to the ground . The Bamboo Blade was left diagonally embedded in the land that was covered by the blood rain .

However, unlike before, the strange person didn’t revive again . Instead, he gradually mixed with the blood rain and seeped into the mud .

Lu Yunxian and company looked in the direction of the Bamboo Blade . They didn’t know who had saved them . However, Lu Yun found the voice rather familiar . He also seemed to have seen this strange Bamboo Blade somewhere before, but he couldn’t recall where .

Soon, they saw a figure walking across the pool of blood . That person was holding an umbrella in his hand, but he wasn’t wearing the heavy and bulky custom raincoat they were wearing . That person was only wearing ordinary black armor as he walked through the blood . His body had made contact with the blood, but he wasn’t infected by the blood rain’s virus . Lu Yunxian couldn’t help but sigh in amazement, thinking that the person holding the umbrella in front of him must be an extremely powerful Epic expert .

Lu Yunxian noticed that the umbrella looked familiar . After some careful thought, he realized that he also had one . However, he had left it in the jeep and not brought it along . It would be useless in a place like this .

The person with the umbrella walked to the Bamboo Blade that was diagonally planted into the ground . He reached out to pull it out and sheathed it .

As his face was obscured by the umbrella, Lu Yunxian couldn’t see his face clearly . He gave a standard military salute and said, “Thank you for saving us, my friend . I wonder if you can leave a name . I, Lu Yunxian, from the Sunset Army’s Seventh Brigade, Third Battalion, am eternally grateful . I will definitely repay you someday…”

Upon hearing Lu Yunxian speak, the person looked up at him . The umbrella slightly tilted up, and Lu Yunxian finally saw the person’s face clearly . Then, he was completely stunned . His mouth was wide open, at a loss for words .

Not only Lu Yunxian, but all the officers from the three camps widened their eyes in disbelief as they looked at the face that was revealed under the umbrella . They were all dumbfounded .

The blood rain continued to fall, but apart from that, there was a dead silence .

“Commander Lu, there’s not much time left . Let’s hurry up and find the dimensional creature that swallowed the stone artifact . ” Zhou Wen walked forward with the Bamboo Blade in hand .

He originally didn’t want to show his face, but Lu Yunxian and the others were clearly no match against the Wangliang . In fact, Lu Yunxian’s strength wasn’t inferior to that of the Wangliang, especially with his fire powers being effective against it . However, in this boundless blood rain, his fire-elemental powers were greatly suppressed, while the Wangliang was greatly augmented . Just its ability to travel through liquid greatly increased its speed, preventing Lu Yunxian’s attack from being able to touch it .

“Young Master Wen, Adjutant An ordered me to take good care of you, and absolutely not allow you to step into the ancient battlefield . ” The way Lu Yunxian addressed Zhou Wen was the same as before, but be it his tone or attitude, they were now completely different .

Soldiers obeyed orders and respected experts . In the past, they viewed Zhou Wen as a prodigal scion . Therefore, no matter how honorable Zhou Wen’s identity was, they didn’t treat him with any respect .

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However, Zhou Wen had come to the ancient battlefield alone and killed the dimensional creature that they were helpless against . He had even saved one of their comrade’s lives . These feats immediately earned their respect .

“But I’m already here, right?” Zhou Wen looked at Liu Chengzhi and asked, “How far is it from where you encountered that dimensional creature?”

“There’s still about five kilometers left,” Liu Chengzhi answered subconsciously .

“Commander Lu, if it’s possible, let your subordinates return to the other side of the blood river . You, Liu Chengzhi, and I can then travel light and proceed at full speed . We have to use the shortest time to retrieve the stone artifact,” Zhou Wen said to Lu Yunxian .

Being in a place like this was no different from suicide for these Legendary officers .

“Young Master Wen, take us along . We are not afraid of death . We can scout the path for you . ”

“Young Master Wen, take us along . We can help . ”

Before Lu Yunxian could say anything, the officers immediately cried out, showing their extreme agitation .

Zhou Wen frowned slightly . He really didn’t understand what was going through these people’s minds . It was as if it was a glorious thing to send themselves to their deaths .

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Perhaps the saying is right . The kind of leadership determines the type of followers . Judging from how Xu Wen, Lu Yunxian, and the rest act, I can imagine what kind of leader they have . Zhou Wen suddenly felt that the man he never took seriously might be more terrifying than he imagined .

Zhou Wen had no idea how a leader could make a soldier be willing to die . At the very least, he couldn’t, nor did he want to do it .

“Immediately return to the blood river and make preparations for any rescued casualties . That’s an order . ” Lu Yunxian knew that he had been too idealistic previously . Legendary officers and their Companion Beasts were useless here . The Primordial Gold firearms were almost useless . Letting them stay behind would be no different from sending them to their deaths .

He strictly ordered the officers to return the way they had come, leaving Liu Chengzhi and Zhou Wen behind . Lu Yunxian looked at Zhou Wen and said, “Young Master Wen, I have a question for you . Please answer me truthfully . ”

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