Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 270

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Chapter 270: 270

Chapter 270 The Strange Chi

Zhou Wen felt his heart wince in pain . Although the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior was only a Legendary pet, it was extremely rare . Furthermore, it was a tank . Zhou Wen had always used it to scout in-game, so with him dead, it was impossible for him to revive like in-game .

Zhou Wen’s tattoo that represented the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior also vanished . It made Zhou Wen realize that this wasn’t a game, and he only had one life . If he died, that was it .

Lu Yunxian let out a roar and struck out with an explosive flaming fist . The terrifying flames charged towards the Stone Chi like a ferocious tiger .

A light beam shot out from the Stone Chi’s eyes once again and collided with the flaming tiger . A violent explosion occurred in the air and the flaming tiger and light beam dissipated together .

Flames burst out from Lu Yunxian’s body, as though a flaming general had possessed him . He continuously released flames with his fists, each punch like a ferocious tiger pounce as they rushed towards the Stone Chi .

Although the light beam the Stone Chi shot out was powerful, the speed at which it shot was relatively slow . The time gap between shots was a little long, so it was unable to withstand the numerous flaming tiger punches .

Seeing that more than ten flaming tigers were about to hit it, it roared and the gray gas over its body condensed into a grayish-white stone dragon .

The stone dragon opened its mouth and took a deep breath before swallowing the flaming tigers . It didn’t even make a sound, as though its stomach was a bottomless abyss .

Although the power of the stone dragon Life Soul was terrifying, Zhou Wen had already seen it in-game . He wasn’t surprised, but instead glad to see something he knew .

At the very least, this strange Stone Chi still retained some of its powers and characteristics . It was not completely different .

Zhou Wen didn’t have any intention of helping Lu Yunxian in the battle against the Stone Chi . Instead, all he did was watch from the side .

After all, he was only at the Legendary stage . Before he figured out the Stone Chi’s strengths and weaknesses, even if he went up to help, it would not be of much use . It might even affect Lu Yunxian’s performance .

Sometimes, appropriate observation could be more efficient than direct combat . Zhou Wen waited patiently by the side for an opportunity .

Lu Yunxian was indeed the commander of a battalion . His flaming powers were extremely tempestuous . Other than being a little slow, the other aspects were considered quite impressive amongst those at the Epic stage .

Furthermore, with the augmentation of the Flaming General Life Soul, Lu Yunxian kept striking out with the Flaming Tiger Fist without any signs of Primordial Energy depletion .

The man and Chi fought an intense battle, but the Stone Chi clearly held the upper hand . The stone dragon Life Soul on its body could devour all of Lu Yunxian’s flaming tiger punches with a single inhale . It looked like it was completely effortless .

Fortunately, the stone dragon wasn’t able to redirect the attacks like the Purple Air Bells . It just swallowed the attack; otherwise, it would have been even more terrifying .

The Stone Chi was unable to break through Lu Yunxian’s Flaming Tiger Fist and became a little irritable . It actually tried to charge at Lu Yunxian, slamming straight into the Flaming Tiger Fist . It ended up retreating from the blow, but its body didn’t suffer any damage . With a roar, it rushed over again .

The stone dragon swallowed and the light in the Stone Chi’s eyes shone out gray rays . It forcefully broke through the airtightness of the Flaming Tiger Fist and slammed into Lu Yunxian .

Lu Yunxian hurriedly summoned a few Companion Beasts because his best stone golem had already died in the previous battle . Although the few that he could use weren’t bad, they weren’t as good as the stone golem .

The Stone Chi wreaked havoc as its gigantic claws ripped at him while sweeping its eye rays across . In moments, all the Companion Beasts that Lu Yunxian summoned were killed .

Zhou Wen was secretly alarmed when he saw this . The Stone Chi hadn’t used the black smoke skill of ordinary Chi . This left Zhou Wen somewhat helpless .

When in-game, Zhou Wen used the Purple Air Bells to absorb the black smoke from the Chi before letting it have a taste of its own medicine .

The black smoke possessed powerful hypnotic powers that even the Chi couldn’t withstand . Therefore, Zhou Wen was able to easily kill the Chi .

However, this Stone Chi hadn’t released any black smoke skills the entire time . Zhou Wen had no way of absorbing it even if he wanted to .

Now, all I can do is absorb the Stone Chi’s gray ray . Seeing that Lu Yunxian was no longer able to put up a fight, Zhou Wen couldn’t wait any longer . He summoned the Purple Air Bell and, with a flash, arrived beside Lu Yunxian .

The Stone Chi’s ray was directed at Lu Yunxian, so when Zhou Wen appeared in front of him, he raised the Purple Air Bell to meet the incoming gray ray .

Immediately, he saw a blurry light shoot into the interior of the bell as though it had been slurped up like noodles .

Then, Zhou Wen held the bell and shook it at the Stone Chi . A thick gray pillar of light spewed out from the bell’s mouth as it shot towards the Stone Chi .


The ray shot out from the Stone Chi’s eyes clashed with the pillar of light from the bell . However, it was shattered . Just as the light pillar was about to land on its body

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The stone dragon Life Soul let out a roar as it opened its mouth and inhaled . It swallowed the pillar of light, averting any harm to the Stone Chi .

Indeed, it doesn’t work . Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed .

Previously, when he used black smoke to deal with the Chi, if the black dragon Life Soul were to suck the black smoke, it too would fall into a slumber . Now, there were none of the benefits .

Lu Yunxian took the opportunity to attack the Stone Chi, but his attacks failed to be effective .

Zhou Wen relied on his Purple Air Bell’s powers to absorb the Stone Chi’s rays as he joined forces with Lu Yunxian . All he could do was hold back the Stone Chi, but killing it was nearly impossible .

Before long, Lu Yunxian’s punches began to weaken . Although he was augmented by Flaming General, his Primordial Energy consumption was just too high . He could not hold on much longer .

Zhou Wen allowed Doctor Darkness to possess him as he used Light of Penetration to illuminate the Stone Chi, but the result left Zhou Wen alarmed . Under Light of Penetration, the Stone Chi’s body was covered in a gray blur that prevented him from seeing through anything .

What’s going on? Why can’t I see through it? Zhou Wen was alarmed and puzzled .

Previously, when he was fighting Wangliangs and Chis, he could use the Light of Penetration to observe their bodies’ interior . But now, it was completely ineffective . It could only mean that this Stone Chi was extraordinary .

Could it be that this Stone Chi is the Chi that devoured the stone artifact? The stone artifact affected it, making it undergo such a strange mutation? Zhou Wen secretly guessed .

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At that moment, the Stone Chi’s patience seemed to be completely worn out by the duo . It roared as the stone dragon emitted a dragon roar before spewing out a mouthful of gray smoke .

The gray smoke looked like the normal black dragon’s black smoke, but the color was a little different .

Zhou Wen didn’t have the luxury of time to think . He raised the Purple Air Bell and sucked in the gray smoke as he saw it surge into the Purple Air Bell’s interior .

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