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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 271

Published at 7th of June 2020 04:50:05 PM

Chapter 271: 271

Chapter 271 Stone Artifact

When the gray smoke was sucked into the Purple Air Bell, Zhou Wen’s expression changed drastically .

The metallic purple bell began to turn grayish-white as though its surface was covered in a layer of ash . Furthermore, it was rapidly petrifying and seemed moments from becoming a rock .

Zhou Wen didn’t dare hesitate . He hurriedly shook the Purple Air Bell and spat out the gray smoke inside .

The gray smoke swept towards the Stone Chi, only to be sucked in by the stone dragon .

Unlike before, the gray smoke was ineffective against the stone dragon Life Soul . The stone dragon remained brimming with energy, but the Purple Air Bell in Zhou Wen’s hand was still gray . It didn’t recover from its original appearance after releasing the gray smoke .

There’s definitely something wrong with this Stone Chi . If it really turned into this because it swallowed the stone artifact, what is that stone object? How can it have such terrifying power? What did Ouyang Lan and company encounter in that stone cave? Many thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind .

The Stone Chi let out a ferocious roar as it charged after Zhou Wen . Rays shot out from its eyes and thankfully, Zhou Wen’s movement technique was as fast as lightning, allowing him to duck the Stone Chi’s attack .

Lu Yunxian hurriedly struck out his Flaming Tiger Fist to remedy the situation, but it was devoured by the stone dragon Life Soul . This resulted in the Stone Chi changing its target as it pounced towards Lu Yunxian .

Lu Yunxian was wearing the raincoat, so he couldn’t use his body to block the attacks of the Stone Chi . If he did, his raincoat would definitely tear and that would spell certain doom for him .

Seeing that Lu Yunxian had nowhere to retreat to, Zhou Wen hurriedly used Ghost Steps to appear behind the Stone Chi as he slashed at its neck with Bamboo Blade .

The stone dragon Life Soul that was wrapped around the Stone Chi’s body roared and spat out the gray smoke at Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen could only retreat . The Purple Air Bell couldn’t withstand the gray smoke, much less him . He naturally didn’t dare to clash head-on with it .

Lu Yunxian rolled on the ground in a sorry state before dodging the ray shot from the Stone Chi’s eyes . Instantly, the Stone Chi broke out into a frenzy, forcing Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian to flee .

Liu Chengzhi had not fully recovered from his injuries, and his Companion Beast had already been sacrificed . He didn’t have any combat strength, so all he could do was use his machine gun to shoot at the Stone Chi .

However, when the bullets mixed with Primordial Gold hit the Stone Chi, there was no effect at all . They bounced off it like billiard balls .

Seeing that Lu Yunxian could not hold on any longer and the Stone Chi was about to catch up with him, Zhou Wen summoned Ghost Bride and sent her over to release Yin Wind Claw at the Stone Chi’s back .

However, the effects of the Yin Wind Claw were very limited . Basically, they amounted to a mere scratch of an itch .

The Chi turned its head and shot a glance at Ghost Bride . A gray ray through Ghost Bride’s body, but it failed to cause any damage . However, Zhou Wen noticed Ghost Bride’s body trembling clearly . It was as though she had been struck by lightning and her aura had clearly weakened .

This Stone Chi is ridiculous! Zhou Wen was appalled when he saw that the Stone Chi could actually injure a ghost’s body .

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Knowing that this battle only had two outcomes- life or death, Zhou Wen could no longer hesitate . He held the Bamboo Blade as a mysterious and powerful aura surged out of him . Sigh of the King descended upon him, and the immense power made his body float in midair . He could levitate without needing any external help .

Lu Yunxian dodged the Stone Chi’s attack in a sorry state when he saw a bolt of lightning flash from the sky and shoot straight for the Stone Chi’s body . Then, he saw streaks of lightning interweave against each other as they shuttled back and forth through the Stone Chi’s body . It was unbelievably fast .

As it was too fast, even the Stone Chi failed to react . By the time it reacted, by having the stone dragon Life Soul spew out the gray smoke, Zhou Wen’s Transcendent Flying Immortal had already ended .

After Transcendent Flying Immortal was done, Zhou Wen immediately widened his distance with Ghost Steps to dodge the rolling gray smoke . As his feet touched the ground, he quickly suppressed the Sigh of the King’s power once again .

Just that split moment of usage was enough to make Zhou Wen feel as though all his muscles had been ripped apart in excruciating pain .


The Stone Chi’s body shattered piece by piece, turning into a pile of rocks that scattered on the ground . Its body had actually been diced into a pile of rocks with Transcendent Flying Immortal .

Before Zhou Wen and company could rejoice, the rocks began moving again as though an invisible hand was building up toy blocks . They then pieced the rocks back together, restoring the lively and energetic Stone Chi .

Lu Yunxian and Liu Chengzhi instantly felt despair . The Stone Chi was incomprehensibly strong . There was almost no loophole to speak of .

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Zhou Wen’s eyes flashed like lightning as they shimmered with a calm luster .

When the Stone Chi was cleaved apart by Transcendent Flying Immortal, Truth Listener’s powers allowed him to piece together a projection of whatever he heard in his mind . At that time, Zhou Wen realized that there was a strange triangular stone in the Stone Chi when it was being diced up .

The stone was different from the rocks that made up the Stone Chi . Although it was triangular in shape, there was a curve at the edge . In the middle, there was a circular hole that looked ancient and mysterious .

Furthermore, when the Stone Chi was resurrected, it seemed like it had once again gathered the rubble with it at the center .

“Liu Chengzhi, is the stone artifact you brought back a triangular piece of rock with a circular hole in the middle?” Zhou Wen shouted as he dodged the Stone Chi’s attacks .

“How did you know?” Liu Chengzhi was stunned .

Zhou Wen was now certain that the Stone Chi had mutated into this strange abomination thanks to the stone artifact .

Without any hesitation, he used Sigh of the King once more, risking the damage to his body . As the terrifying power descended upon him, Zhou Wen felt his bones groan in pain as though they would suddenly break at any moment . His already tearing muscles even began to crack into bloody patterns .

Zhou Wen endured the pain and once again used Ghost Steps, appearing beside the Stone Chi like a ghost .

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However, this time, the Stone Chi was prepared… The moment Zhou Wen appeared, the stone dragon Life Soul spewed out a mouthful of gray smoke at him .

Zhou Wen held the Purple Air Bell that seemed to be covered in dust as he sucked the gray smoke into it . However, this completely petrified the bell . Before Zhou Wen could shake it, cracks began to appear on its body as it shattered and was completely destroyed .

Transcendent Flying Immortal! Releasing the bell, Zhou Wen drew his saber and used Transcendent Flying Immortal, transforming into a blur that criss-crossed around the Stone Chi as he constantly struck it .

With the sharpness of Bamboo Blade, the terrifying power of the Sigh of the King, and the dominance of Transcendent Flying Immortal, he once again split apart the Stone Chi’s body .

At the instant the Stone Chi’s body shattered, a cold glint flashed in Zhou Wen’s eyes as he threw out the Bamboo Blade in his hand . It manifested into a cold beam as it tore through the rubble and struck away a stone piece .

Zhou Wen’s figure flashed with the use of Ghost Steps, arriving in front of the Bamboo Blade instantaneously . As he grabbed the Bamboo Blade, he pressed down on the stone piece .

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