Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: 272

Chapter 272 Killing the Stone Chi

“Pfft!” When Zhou Wen pressed down on the stone, he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood . He had used the Sigh of the King for too long and his internal organs had been torn apart . He was already suffering from severe internal bleeding .

If it were any ordinary person, they would have been dead, but Zhou Wen held on . He looked at the shattered stone that manifested the Stone Chi . If the Stone Chi wasn’t dead, the three of them would be doomed . Zhou Wen was powerless to continue fighting .

Lu Yunxian and Liu Chengzhi stared intently at the pile of rubble . The entire world seemed to quieten down at that moment as the three of them could almost hear their rapidly-beating hearts .

After the silence continued for a while, Liu Chengzhi was a little unsure, but he said hopefully, “It’s not… It’s not moving… It really seems to be dead…”

Zhou Wen exhaled as he felt the pain in his body . It made him feel like his skin was being ripped off, but he still held onto the stone with one hand .

When he first pressed down on the piece of stone, Zhou Wen could still sense it throbbing and struggling a few times . However, it quickly calmed down, as though it was a lifeless object .

“Commander Lu, your raincoat…” Zhou Wen had just heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Liu Chengzhi exclaim .

Zhou Wen looked at Liu Chengzhi and saw his horrified expression . He had his finger pointed at Lu Yunxian as his fingers trembled nonstop .

Zhou Wen looked in the direction of his finger and saw that Lu Yunxian’s custom raincoat had torn at his waist . Although the opening wasn’t large, the blood rain was already dripping in .

Lu Yunxian didn’t know when the raincoat had been torn apart during the intense battle . The color in his face drained as his pupils gradually turned red .

“Young Master Wen, I’m afraid I can’t accompany you any further . I have let down Adjutant An and failed to complete the mission he assigned me . I even brought you into the ancient battlefield . However, I beg you to take the stone artifact to the ruins and hand it over to Adjutant An . I’m sure you can do it . ” As Lu Yunxian spoke, his eyes became increasingly bloodshot . His breath also became heavier .

“Young Master Wen, I’ll make a move now . I hope I can still be a member of the Sunset army in my next life . ” Chaos began to rule Lu Yunxian’s consciousness as bloodthirst overwhelmed his intelligence . He knew that he didn’t have much time left . Unwilling to become a rabid monster, he raised his fist that had gathered flames and was about to smash himself in the head .

“Stop!” Zhou Wen endured his pain as he ordered Doctor Darkness to leave his body and charge at Lu Yunxian . At the same time, he activated his surgical skills .

Lu Yunxian did not listen to Zhou Wen . He did not wish to die like a rabid dog .

However, his fist did not land on his head . Dr . Soul’s scalpel was faster as it stabbed into his neck, causing his body to stiffen and become motionless .

At the same time, Doctor Darkness came in front of Lu Yunxian . A syringe appeared in his hand as he stabbed into his blood vessel, injecting the poison into his body .

Lu Yunxian felt the excruciating pain in his body . He could not help but let out a cry, but the blood color in his eyes gradually faded away as he slowly returned to normal .

Zhou Wen propped himself up . With the stone artifact in one hand, he picked up the umbrella that he had thrown into the rain with the other . After shaking away the blood rain on it, he opened it . He then stood in front of Lu Yunxian and sheltered him with the umbrella .

“Do you still have any armor-type Companion Beasts? Can they first block the damage from the rain?” Zhou Wen asked Lu Yunxian as he unsummoned Doctor Darkness .

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Lu Yunxian’s consciousness had mostly recovered . He could feel that the virus that had invaded his body was being expelled by the pain .

“There isn’t any armor left, but I still have a Companion Beast that should be able to remedy the situation . ” Lu Yunxian looked at Zhou Wen with a complicated expression .

Back when An Sheng ordered him to protect Zhou Wen, he had never imagined such a day would come . He never expected so many things to happen between him and Zhou Wen, making him feel as if he was in a dream .

“Then quickly fix it . My body is very weak, so I’m afraid there’s no way for me to fight again . If we encounter a dimensional creature again, I’ll be relying on you,” Zhou Wen said .

Lu Yunxian gritted his teeth and nodded at Zhou Wen . Then, he summoned a Companion Beast . It was a snake that transformed into a strange leather belt . He wrapped it around his waist, perfectly blocking the hole on his raincoat .

Zhou Wen staggered before he collapsed into the muddy ground that was covered in blood . The damage to his body was too serious . Despite switching to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, it was still difficult to completely recover in such a short period of time .

The Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra’s restoration is still lacking . If only I could have Li Xuan’s Immortal God of Combat body, that would allow me to quickly recover from this injury . Zhou Wen sighed inwardly .

“Young Master Wen, are you alright?” Liu Chengzhi hurriedly came forward to help Zhou Wen .

“Let him rest for a while . ” Lu Yunxian spoke, but his pupils suddenly constricted as his eyes widened .

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Liu Chengzhi struck Zhou Wen’s head with his palm, and the purple light from his palm flashed with a ghastly glow . His aura was not inferior to Lu Yunxian’s, and it was even more demonic and powerful .

Lu Yunxian couldn’t figure out how Liu Chengzhi, who had yet to recover from his injuries, could produce such terrifying strength . Even in perfectly good condition, he wouldn’t have such strength, let alone when he was seriously injured .

Furthermore, Lu Yunxian knew that Liu Chengzhi likely cultivated a wind-elemental Primordial Energy Art, but his palm was clearly not wind-elemental .

There was no time for Lu Yunxian to think further . Liu Chengzhi was too close to Zhou Wen, so there was no way for him to dodge the strike . Furthermore, Zhou Wen’s body was too weak .

Without thinking, Lu Yunxian extended his hand, hoping to use his arm to block Zhou Wen’s strike .

However, Zhou Wen was faster than Lu Yunxian . He raised the stone artifact in his hand and parried Lu Yunxian’s arm, causing Liu Chengzhi’s palm to land on the stone artifact .


A blurry light emitted from the stone artifact . The purple light on Liu Chengzhi’s palm shattered as he retreated a few steps due to the recoil . Standing amid the rain of blood, he stared at Zhou Wen with an odd expression .

The raincoat covering his palm had torn, and his unshielded palm was exposed to the blood rain . However, the blood rain had failed to penetrate his body .

“You are not Liu Chengzhi, who exactly are you?” Lu Yunxian stared at Liu Chengzhi and asked .

Although Liu Chengzhi was also an Epic, he was only considered average among them . Even Lu Yunxian couldn’t fend off the blood rain with his bare body, much less Liu Chengzhi .

“Hehe… I’m Liu Chengzhi…” Liu Chengzhi’s expression and voice became strange . It was clearly a man’s body, but his demeanor and voice were that of a woman’s .

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