Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 275

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Chapter 275: 275

Chapter 275 Another Companion Egg

Lu Yunxian made a prompt decision and immediately attacked the kneeling Mei .

The Mei’s eyes were filled with indignation and humiliation, but she had no choice but to kowtow once more and shout, “Spare me, great lord!”

With a shout, the Mei lost her restraints and flew into a retreat once again, turning into a purple mist; thus, avoiding Lu Yunxian’s Flaming Tiger Fist .

This time, the Mei didn’t charge over as anger, resentment, indignation, and other emotions mixed together . She glared fiercely at Zhou Wen before quickly escaping amid the blood rain . Soon, she disappeared .

“Just you wait, I’ll be back . ” A charming voice drifted from the blood rain, gradually becoming indiscernible .

Zhou Wen sat in the pool of blood as he gasped for air . What had happened moments ago had been too intense . It made his heart palpitate and relax repeatedly . He felt his blood pressure was so bad that his blood vessels were about to burst .

“Young Master Wen, what kind of treasure is that? Why is it so strange?” Lu Yunxian looked at the piece of paper in Zhou Wen’s hand and the words on it with an odd expression .

“How would I know?” Zhou Wen folded the piece of paper and placed it back into the box .

He did not tell Lu Yunxian that the piece of paper was given to him by Wang Mingyuan . According to what he knew, although Wang Mingyuan’s theoretical knowledge could be said to be a grandmaster of a generation, his cultivation level only placed him as an ordinary Epic .

Yet, by just writing those words, he was able to suppress such a terrifying Epic creature . It made the Mei have no choice but to kowtow and beg for mercy . How was this an ordinary Epic level? It was simply terrifying .

Zhou Wen felt that it was best not to let others know of this matter . Furthermore, he had no idea why Wang Mingyuan’s words possessed such extraordinary power .

As for why Wang Mingyuan only restrained without killing, leaving the opponent a chance of survival, Zhou Wen could only guess that Wang Mingyuan probably didn’t want him to abuse the power in those words . Therefore, he left the words “beg for mercy,” allowing a restrained creature to have a chance of survival .

Zhou Wen didn’t know how powerful the words were, but against an ordinary Epic creature, it could be considered another life-saving charm . It was extremely important to Zhou Wen .

“Commander Lu, let’s go . ” Zhou Wen endured the pain and stood up from the mud .

“Can you still walk?” Lu Yunxian rushed forward to support Zhou Wen .

“I have to . The principal is still waiting for the stone artifact to save his life . I have to take it over . ” Zhou Wen got Doctor Darkness to carry him .

“The principal?” Lu Yunxian was first taken aback, momentarily unable to figure out who Zhou Wen was referring to .

“The missing old Mr . Ouyang . I believe Madam Lan should be trapped with him . ” Zhou Wen couldn’t forget saving the former principal . Others were secondary, so he blurted it out without paying attention .

Lu Yunxian did not think too much about it as he nodded and said, “Madam Lan and Old Master Ouyang might be trapped in the passageway . Let’s rush over now . ”

Zhou Wen had little combat strength and was weak, but he wasn’t too worried . At present, there were only three dimensional creatures —Chi, Mei, and Wangliang-on the battlefield .

Doctor Darkness had an effective advantage over Wangliang, and he still had a Purple Air Bell that was effective against Chi . With that paper slip on him, he wasn’t afraid of the Mei .

At least they would not be in too much danger before they arrived at the ruins .

What Zhou Wen was most worried about was not finding An Sheng and company at the ruins . If An Sheng and company had entered the ruins, it would be useless even if he held the stone artifact . He would probably have to enter by himself .

“Hold on . ” Zhou Wen called out to Lu Yunxian and got Doctor Darkness to carry him towards the dead Stone Chi .

Due to the intense battle just now, Zhou Wen hadn’t checked to see if the Stone Chi had dropped anything .

Lu Yunxian had forgotten about the matter . Seeing how Zhou Wen wasn’t able to take action, he hurriedly walked over and moved the rocks aside to see if there were any crystal-like objects inside .

Suddenly, Lu Yunxian’s eyes lit up . Beneath a rock was a gray stone egg . It was about the size of a fist, like a gray frosted cobblestone .

“A Companion Egg?” Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian were delighted .

With the Stone Chi so powerful, the Companion Egg it dropped wouldn’t be weak as long as Zhou Wen’s luck wasn’t too bad .

“Young Master Wen, keep the Companion Egg well . This Companion Egg is no trifling matter . In the future, it will definitely be of great help when you hatch it after advancing to the Epic stage . ” Lu Yunxian had seen the might of the Stone Chi and knew that the Companion Beast was no trifling matter .

Zhou Wen nodded and took the Companion Egg before letting Doctor Darkness carry him on their journey .

It was dark, and in the midst of a rain of blood, Lu Yunxian walked ahead while Doctor Darkness followed behind with an umbrella in one hand to shield Zhou Wen from the rain .

Zhou Wen held his cell phone and looked at the Stone Chi egg . Indeed, there was information about it .

Mutated Stone Chi: Epic

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Life Providence: Stone Beast Ghost

Life Soul: Petrified Dragon’s Son

Strength: 40

Speed: 34

Constitution: 40

Primordial Energy: 40

Talent Skill: Stone Laser, Earthly Spear Formation .

Companion Form: Stone Armor

It was a powerful Companion Beast with three of its stats reaching the limit of the Epic stage at 40 points . It also possessed two offensive skills . Furthermore, with its Life Providence and Life Soul, unless one encountered a nemesis, they were considered top-grade Companion Beasts at the Epic stage .

Unfortunately, Zhou Wen’s current Primordial Energy was insufficient for him to incubate such a top-grade Epic Companion Beast . All he could do was put it into the chaos space .

Zhou Wen lay on the back of Doctor Darkness and took out his cell phone to continue gaming . With Doctor Darkness shielding him from the elements, he was rather comfortable .

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With his attention focused on the game, the pain was greatly alleviated for him .

What Zhou Wen wanted to do now was to find the source of the beheading power in the ruins and come up with a solution to resolve the problem .

If An Sheng and company had really entered the ruins, he could only take the stone artifact in . If he couldn’t find the source of the beheading power, he wouldn’t be able to enter at all . Even if he rushed in recklessly, he would only be sending himself to his death . It was meaningless .

Lu Yunxian walked for quite a while and, noticing that Zhou Wen wasn’t speaking, he turned to look at him . He realized that Zhou Wen was being carried on Doctor Darkness’s back while he gamed fanatically . He couldn’t help but marvel inwardly, As expected of Young Master Wen . I would never be able to game with such a relaxed mindset in such a place . It’s no wonder he has such achievements at such a young age .

The human psyche was a very strange thing . When one decided that someone wasn’t good, then, no matter what he did, it was not good . However, once one had decided that the person was outstanding, one would feel that whatever he did was good and would come up with thousands of explanations .

The present Lu Yunxian was a perfect example . No matter what Zhou Wen did, he found it extremely sublime and profound .

I hope Ah Sheng hasn’t entered the ruins yet . Zhou Wen was somewhat worried .

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