Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 276

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Chapter 276: 276

Chapter 276 Realmwind

Since Ghost Bride didn’t dare enter the underground tunnel, Zhou Wen could only let her circle the interior of the ruins .

The entire ruin consisted mainly of broken stone walls and pillars in an area spanning a radius of more than ten kilometers . There was no dimensional creature to be seen . Even the blood rain’s scale reduced significantly .

Ghost Bride had already searched the ruins several times, but Zhou Wen still failed to discover the root of the problem . When he sent Companion Beasts in, all of them were beheaded apart from Ghost Bride .

It’s impossible that there aren’t any clues . Since Ouyang Lan and Ah Sheng can enter, it means that they must have discovered the source of the beheading power . Zhou Wen repeated, again and again, allowing his Companion Beasts to enter one after another . Then, he scrutinized how they were beheaded, hoping to find clues .

It was true that nothing could be seen with his eyes, but after repeatedly listening with Truth Listener, Zhou Wen finally discovered the root of the problem .

Every time Zhou Wen’s Companion Beast was beheaded, he would hear a faint sound .

The sound was not produced from the severing of flesh and bone during the beheading . Instead, it was an extremely concealed sound that sounded like a breeze .

However, it would be strange if that was the wind . As the ruins were very strange, even the blood rain outside suddenly stopped wafting in . Blood rain descended slowly like snowflakes, with no signs of a wind blowing .

However, when the pets were beheaded, Zhou Wen heard the sound of the wind .

After letting the Gold-Armored Beast enter the ruins again, Zhou Wen closed his eyes and listened attentively with Truth Listener’s powers .

As the Gold-Armored Beast walked, something suddenly lopped off its head, but there was nothing there .

Wind… It’s indeed a wind… Zhou Wen suddenly widened his eyes as the blood-colored avatar looked at the Gold-Armored Beast’s corpse in the ruins .

At the instant the Gold-Armored Beast was beheaded, Truth Listener’s abilities had allowed him to capture traces of the wind . However, the wind that appeared out of nowhere did not come from the outside world . It was as if it had suddenly appeared beside the Gold-Armored Beast’s neck, chopping off its head .

Wind can’t be generated for no reason, but no wind blew from the outside towards the Gold-Armored Beast . Where did the wind come from? Zhou Wen frowned in thought .

“Commander Lu, do you know how winds are formed?” Zhou Wen suddenly looked up and asked Lu Yunxian who was ahead of him .

Lu Yunxian thought for a moment and said, “According to the scientific explanations from the past, wind is a natural phenomenon caused by the flow of air . Under normal circumstances, the movement of the wind is facilitated by the heat of the sun . The temperature on the surface rises due to the sun’s rays, causing the temperature of the air above the surface to expand and rise…”

After explaining how winds were formed, Lu Yunxian said, “I wasn’t a stellar student in school, so I only remember this . Young Master Wen, is what I said correct?”

“I’m a lousier student . ” Zhou Wen fell into deep thought after hearing Lu Yunxian’s words .

Zhou Wen didn’t sense any abnormality in temperature while inside the ruins . Furthermore, the blood rain poured straight down, so there weren’t any signs of airflow . He really couldn’t figure out how the wind could appear out of thin air .

Battalion Commander Lu continued, “But in this era, there are many things that cannot be explained by science . Speaking of the wind, I do recall something . When Madam Lan was watching the blood rain, she said that the blood rain might be the Baneful Blood Rain produced by Chiyou’s subordinate, Lord of the Rain . And equal to him, is another mighty god also subordinate to Chiyou named Wind God . He was proficient in the wind . Madam Lan said that he possesses a wind force known as Realmwind . ”

“What’s Realmwind?” Zhou Wen hurriedly asked as he realized something .

Battalion Commander Lu’s words reminded him that Wind God and Lord of the Rain were of equal ranks . The entire ancient battlefield was enveloped by the blood rain, but he did not feel the power of the wind .

The wind that appeared out of nowhere in the ruin might have something to do with Wind God .

“Actually, I’m not too sure either . I’ve only heard Madam Lan’s comments . ” After a pause, Battalion Commander Lu continued, “Wind is the result of the flow of air . However, this is in regards to one world . If two different worlds have a passageway open up, then the air in the two worlds will flow as well . Wind God possesses this ability that’s known as Realmwind . As for how Wind God does it, or if he and Realmwind even exist, it eludes me . ”

Zhou Wen was in thought as he felt that Commander Lu’s words had inspired him greatly

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The wind couldn’t have been generated out of thin air, but in the ruins, wind had appeared out of thin air . It could be explained if the wind was generated from the connection between different worlds .

Could it be that the beheading in the ruins is secretly done by Wind God? Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss when he thought about it . For a legendary figure like Wind God, there was no need for him to resort to such tiny tricks . Just a casual blow from him would probably be enough to kill countless Epic experts .

If it isn’t Wind God, it would have to be a dimensional creature with similar Realmwind powers . It would definitely be hidden in the ruins . As long as I can find it and kill it, I can safely enter the ruins . But how can I find it? Zhou Wen felt a headache coming on .

Ghost Bride had already searched the ruins several times, but she had not found anything . It was very likely that the wind-elemental creature hid in the dark, making it difficult to find its location .

If only Banana Fairy were here . She’s also of the wind element . She should be able to achieve a certain effect . Zhou Wen glanced at the chaos space and saw that the tornado was still swirling .

As for the Goddess of Wind’s Protection, the necklace was no longer effective after Banana Fairy ate the gem . In fact, it did not even have the ability to imbue immunity to wind-elemental powers .

Zhou Wen experimented the entire way and encountered two Wangliang en route . They were killed by Doctor Darkness, so they didn’t encounter any more trouble . The Mei had vanished as though she had really escaped .

When the two arrived in front of the ruins, they saw several tents, as well as people in custom raincoats patrolling .

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The prowler was first taken aback when he saw Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian . Then, he walked over and asked, “Zhou Wen, why are you here?”

“Zhao Xin, where’s An Sheng?” Zhou Wen recognized Zhao Xin and couldn’t help but feel delighted . Since Zhao Xin was still here, An Sheng and company might not have entered the ruins yet .

“Adjutant An has gone into the ruins with the rest . They have been in there for almost a day . Young Master Wen, it’s best you go back quickly . It’s too dangerous here,” Zhao Xin said .

Zhou Wen frowned and continued asking, “Isn’t there a terrifying beheading power in the ruins? How did An Sheng and company enter?”

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