Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: 278

Chapter 278 Banana Fairy Evolution

If my reaction can’t be perfect, then I have to think of a way to predict when the Realmwind will appear . Zhou Wen knew that unless he advanced to the Epic stage, it would be impossible for him to completely avoid all the Realmwind attacks .

It’s already too late for me to react when Truth Listener hears the sound of the Realmwind . But what can I do to discover where it comes from? Zhou Wen thought to himself .

Eyes were definitely out of the question . It was impossible to see the Realmwind . Using one’s body to feel it would be even more ridiculous . When the Realmwind touched his body, it was the moment he was beheaded .

What should I do? How do I predict the moment when the Realmwind appears? Zhou Wen repeatedly tried, but the outcome wasn’t ideal .

Hence, he removed Truth Listener’s companion form and allowed it to play in the tent . He was accustomed to the convenience that Truth Listener had given him . The sudden loss made Zhou Wen feel like he was blind . Although he could still see with his eyes and hear with ears, he still found it awkward, as though something was missing .

Indeed, I can’t rely too much on a Companion Beast . Otherwise, it will greatly affect my own powers . Zhou Wen took a deep breath and calmed his mind before he once again controlled the blood-colored avatar to enter the ruins .

Truth Listener climbed onto Zhou Wen’s shoulder and scanned its surroundings . When its gaze landed on Zhou Wen’s pocket, its eyes suddenly lit up . With a leap, he jumped into the pocket like a diving athlete .

The pocket contained the stone artifact that Zhou Wen had retrieved .

The monkey-like Truth Listener landed on the stone artifact and used its claws to touch the stone artifact a few times before sticking out its tongue to lick it . As though it wasn’t satisfied, it opened its mouth wide and swallowed the stone artifact .

Its petite body wasn’t even as large as the stone artifact, but it managed to swallow the entire stone artifact with the only clue of its actions: the tiny bump on its abdomen . It was unknown how it managed to do it .

Zhou Wen was now completely immersed in the game . Furthermore, he had just lost Truth Listener’s listening ability and Doctor Darkness and Truth Listener were guarding the tent . He would know immediately if there was any commotion, so he didn’t think too much about it .

However, Zhou Wen never expected Truth Listener to actually commit embezzlement by swallowing the stone artifact that he had painstakingly retrieved . Then, with four legs raised, Truth Listener collapsed into Zhou Wen’s pocket .

The golden fur on its body gradually turned into a grayish-white stone color that resembled stone . Its entire body rapidly petrified . In a few seconds, it turned into a mini monkey stone sculpture .

However, the change to Truth Listener’s body did not end . It produced a substance similar to a stone pulp from its body . The liquid gradually wrapped around its body and soon, Truth Listener turned into an egg-shaped rock .

Zhou Wen had no idea of the astonishing changes happening in his pocket . Otherwise, he would definitely have stopped Truth Listener . After all, the stone artifact was key to saving Ouyang Lan and the former principal . He simply couldn’t afford to lose it .

Zhou Wen constantly battled as he sensed the impact of the Realmwind on his life . Without Truth Listener’s ability to support him, the blood-colored avatar’s death rate soared once again . Sometimes, it wouldn’t even survive once in ten times .

However, under the stimulation of death, Zhou Wen, without Truth Listener’s support, seemed to vaguely grasp something, but he was unable to confirm it .

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As the drops of blood vanished, Zhou Wen’s senses became sharper and sharper . It wasn’t like Truth Listener’s pure sense of hearing . His eyes, nose, ears, and even his skin became more sensitive under the pressure of death . His overall senses were greatly enhanced .

Finally, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to take a step forward . And at the spot where he stood, a stone pillar was sliced off by an invisible Realmwind that appeared out of thin air before it collapsed to the ground .

I succeeded! Zhou Wen was delighted . He seemed to have figured out something, but he still needed to prove it with repeated successes .

Over and over again, Zhou Wen constantly dodged the wind . The chances of him being injured by the Realmwind decreased as he finally grasped the key to dodging it .

I’ve finally done it . Zhou Wen was delighted . He wanted to summon Truth Listener back and try to see if he could better predict the appearance of the Realmwind with it .

However, after two summonings, he failed to sense Truth Listener returning to his ears . He could not help but look around . All he saw was Doctor Darkness standing silently in a dark corner, but there was no sign of Truth Listener, nor could he sense where it was .

Just as he was feeling puzzled, Zhou Wen’s expression suddenly changed . He hurriedly reached into his pocket and touched it, his expression turning ashen .

The stone artifact was triangular in shape, and the stone that he was touching was clearly shaped like an egg .

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He hurriedly took out the stone in his pocket . Indeed, it was a stone egg the size of a fist . However, it emitted the aura of Truth Listener .

I was careless . Why didn’t I guard against this thief!? Zhou Wen regretted his decision .

The situation was very obvious . Truth Listener must have swallowed the stone artifact to cause such a change . Perhaps, it was evolving .

If it was only an ordinary treasure, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have been unwilling to part with it no matter how precious it was . He wouldn’t have minded Truth Listener swallowing it since it was his main combat pet .

However, this item might very well be used to save the former principal and Ouyang Lan’s lives . Now that Truth Listener had devoured it, Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss .

Smashing the stone egg and see if the stone artifact remains inside? It was naturally infeasible .

I can only take the stone egg in to give it a try . The stone egg should possess the power of a stone artifact . It might be able to replace the stone artifact’s effects . Zhou Wen had no choice but to rely on a last-ditch effort .

This time, Zhou Wen didn’t dare be careless . He directly placed the stone egg into the chaos space, but when he saw the scene in the chaos space, he couldn’t help but feel delighted

The hurricane that had been spinning around had already weakened . It was getting thinner and thinner as though a wind egg was suspended in the air .


A green light emitted from a crack in the wind egg . Wearing a green robe, Banana Fairy flew out and floated through the air like a fairy in the wind .

She had grown a lot taller, and her every move seemed to have an invisible wind supporting her . It made her clothes dance in the wind, as though a hairdryer was blowing her at all times .

Banana Fairy has finished evolving? Zhou Wen was pleasantly surprised . This was considered the best news in recent times .

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