Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: 279

Chapter 279 Divine Wind Immortal

Previously, the banana leaf was only the size of a palm but now it was the size of a normal fan . Banana Fairy had also grown to the size of a doll as she sat on the banana leaf . She fluttered about like a little princess in the wind .

After Zhou Wen released her from the chaos space, Banana Fairy flew around him looking very happy .

“Finally . ” Zhou Wen extended his hand and Banana Fairy flew over from the banana leaf and landed on Zhou Wen . He immediately felt a breeze surround him, making him cold .

After rubbing Banana Fairy’s head, she transformed into a green stream of light and fused with Zhou Wen’s body, turning back into a banana leaf tattoo .

Zhou Wen dripped a drop of blood on his phone and respawned the blood-colored avatar . He looked at Banana Fairy’s new attributes .

Banana Fairy: Epic (Evolvable)

Life State: Great Yin Spirit Root .

Life Soul: Divine Wind Immortal

Strength: 41

Speed: 41

Constitution: 41

Primordial Energy: 41

Talent Skill: Grand Yin Wind

Companion Form: Fan

The attributes were as Zhou Wen expected . They were twice the value of 20 plus 1 . Zhou Wen didn’t know what the extra 1 point was for, but he had a nagging feeling that this additional one point wasn’t simple .

The skill was still the single Grand Yin Wind, making Zhou Wen feel a little disappointed . He originally wondered if a new kill would be learned after she evolved, but in the end, she remained with a single skill .

The Great Yin Spirit Root Life Providence didn’t change, but the greatest change to Banana Fairy’s transformation was the addition of a Life Soul . The Divine Wind Immortal undoubtedly had strong effects on the wind element . As for the actual effects, he had to test it .

Zhou Wen opened the Zhuolu instance dungeon, hoping to test the power of the Banana Fairy after it evolved .

Soon, he encountered a Wangliang . With a wave of his hand, Banana Fairy appeared in front of him while sitting on a banana leaf . When she saw the Wangliang charging at them, she immediately puffed up her cheeks and pouted her mouth, blowing right at the Wangliang .

An invisible cold wind suddenly blew as the Wangliang’s body was sent flying by the wind . It tumbled far away in the air, and at the same time, its body rapidly froze into an ice sculpture .


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The Wangliang’s body flew for an unknown distance before shattering in the air, raining down ice shards . Even the Wangliang bead inside its body shattered, causing it to die . A dimensional crystal dropped on the ground .

She’s amazing . Is this the suppression that absolute strength brings? Zhou Wen was pleasantly surprised . Having such wind powers made her the strongest Epic creature Zhou Wen had ever seen . Few creatures of the same level could withstand one fanning of hers .

On Banana Fairy’s body, there was an indiscernible wind that flowed . As the wind flowed, Zhou Wen could vaguely see a transparent woman’s figure . She looked like a deity and was likely Banana Fairy’s Life Soul, Divine Wind Immortal .

Originally, Banana Fairy could only use the Grand Yin Wind once and her Primordial Energy would be depleted . However, with the Divine Wind Immortal, Zhou Wen discovered that Banana Fairy’s Primordial Energy was rapidly recovering . It didn’t take long before she could use Grand Yin Wind again .

In that case, Banana Fairy will have a chance of continuously doing battle . Zhou Wen was delighted . Now that Banana Fairy was his strongest combat power, it was much safer to traverse the ancient battlefield with her .

He extended his hand and Banana Fairy transformed into a jade-like fan that landed in his hand . The fan was about the size of a normal fan, unlike the mini-fan from before . It fit perfectly in his hand .

Zhou Wen examined the banana fan formed by Banana Fairy . It was entirely jade-like and cool to the touch . On the surface of the fan, there was a lady’s portrait . It looked different from the previous banana fan .

Zhou Wen didn’t know if the banana fan would have the same potent effects as Banana Fairy . After all, Banana Fairy had 41 Primordial Energy points, and he only had 21 . If he used the Grand Yin Wind skill, there would definitely be a difference in strength .

As he continued forward, he soon ran into a Chi . Zhou Wen used it as an experiment and saw the black dragon Life Soul spew out black smoke . This time, Zhou Wen didn’t use the Purple Air Bell .

Wherever the wind reached, the black smoke was blown back, striking the Chi . Then, it was swept away by the wind .

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The black smoke immediately made the Chi fall into a deep slumber . The Grand Yin Wind from the banana fan also caused layers of ice to form outside its body .

However, when Zhou Wen used it, his Grand Yin Wind was indeed much weaker than the Banana Fairy’s . It wasn’t able to directly freeze and shatter the Chi’s body, only managing to send it flying far into the distance .

But even so, Zhou Wen was satisfied . He was only at the Legendary stage . To send an Epic creature like the Chi flying hundreds of feet away using the Grand Yin Wind and freezing it into an ice sculpture was already remarkable .

Now, let’s see if Banana Fairy can resist the Realmwind in the ruins . Zhou Wen rushed to the ruins at full speed . He encountered another Chi on the way and easily slew it . It was effortless .

After arriving outside the ruins once again, Zhou Wen got Banana Fairy to take her original form and enter the ruins with the blood-colored avatar .

Zhou Wen kept observing his surroundings . He was already very sensitive to the Realmwind . Even without Banana Fairy by his side, he was confident that he could dodge Realmwind’s attacks .

However, Zhou Wen still wanted to see how Banana Fairy would respond to it .

As Zhou Wen was thinking, he suddenly felt a minute spatial fluctuation . He knew that it was a sign that a Realmwind was about to appear . Without any hesitation, he dodged, but he didn’t pull Banana Fairy along .

The wind was like a blade as it slashed at Banana Fairy’s neck . However, she didn’t seem to notice it as she sat on the banana leaf and swayed .

It can’t be? How can the wind-elemental Banana Fairy have such a slow reaction towards the Realmwind? Zhou Wen found it strange, but in the next second, his mouth gaped open .

The Realmwind that approached Banana Fairy suddenly spun like an invisible wind blade as it swirled around Banana Fairy’s body, causing the surrounding space to ripple .

With a wave of Banana Fairy’s hand, the Realmwind automatically landed in her palm as though it was a whirling blade that was being controlled by her . It kept spinning until Banana Fairy flicked it, sending it flying off .


A distant stone pillar was sliced apart by the Realmwind . Blood spewed out from it while a strange scream sounded .

“Little Banana, you’re really awesome . ” Zhou Wen wished he could summon Banana Fairy over and hug her, planting a deep kiss onto her cheeks .

With Banana Fairy by his side, he was free to enter the ruins . He no longer needed to worry about the terrifying Realmwind .

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