Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: 280

Chapter 280 Realmwind Insect

A notification of him killing an Epic Realmwind Insect popped up in-game . Zhou Wen walked towards the stone pillar that had been sliced apart by the Realmwind and saw a hole in the middle . Hidden in it was something that resembled a cricket, but it was more than a foot long . However, it had been halved just like the stone pillar .

So this is what’s causing all the problems inside the ruins . Zhou Wen didn’t expect that an insect like this would have such destructive power .

Thankfully, I have Banana Fairy . Otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy to find it . Zhou Wen got Banana Fairy to continue searching for the Realmwind Insects in the ruins . He planned on killing a few more to confirm whether Banana Fairy could completely repress the Realmwind Insects .

However, Banana Fairy’s performance was better than Zhou Wen had imagined . As long as the Realmwind appeared and wasn’t too far from her, it would be controlled by her and become her weapon . She easily found the Realmwind Insects that were hiding in stone columns or walls while releasing Realmwind . All of them were slain .


When he killed the sixth Realmwind Insect, Zhou Wen heard a familiar chime and a crystal dropped .

Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw the crystal . It resembled an ant’s egg and was the size of a chicken’s egg . There was the shadow of a Realmwind Insect inside . It was clearly a Primordial Energy Crystal with the name Realmwind Insect Crystal .

I wonder what the Realmwind Insect’s Primordial Energy skill is? It can’t be Realmwind, right? Zhou Wen thought to himself as he got the blood-colored avatar to pick up the Realmwind Insect Crystal, hoping to see what skill he would receive .

However, the system popped up a notification: ‘Requires 21 Strength and 9 Wind stats to absorb the Realmwind Insect Crystal . Insufficient Wind stats . Cannot be refined and absorbed . ’

It actually needs a Wind stat? Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed . He had an inkling what it was—it was probably similar to the Poison stat he had obtained from his previous absorption .

Epic Primordial Energy Skills seemed to have all sorts of requirements, unlike in the past where he could just master one if he so wished .

Zhou Wen had killed quite a number of Wangliang, but he only had one Poison crystal drop . The later ones were all four basic stat crystals . It was obvious that special stat crystals didn’t have high drop rates, likewise for the Wind stat crystal . It wasn’t easy to have one drop .

Zhou Wen held the Realmwind Insect Crystal and felt dismayed . If he left it on the ground, it might be gone in a respawn, but he couldn’t absorb it even if he held it in his hand . There was no inventory in the game .

If only there was a Chaos Bead in the game . Zhou Wen had no choice but to hold onto the Realmwind Insect Crystal and wander the ruins killing all the Realmwind Insects .

Just as Zhou Wen expected, a few basic stat crystals dropped, but not a single Wind stat crystal dropped . The drop rate was rather low .

However, this also had to do with the rarity of Realmwind Insects . Zhou Wen and Banana Fairy toured the ruins and only found 17 Realmwind Insects . They couldn’t find any more Realmwind Insects no matter how hard they tried .

However, once the instance dungeon was refreshed, the Realmwind Insect Crystal in the blood-colored avatar’s hand disappeared along with the refresh . Its drop rate was similarly low, making Zhou Wen reluctant to waste such an opportunity .

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It’s such a waste letting it be deleted in the refresh . I’ll make a trip to the ruins in real life and kill the Realmwind Insects to see if they can drop Wind stat crystals . Zhou Wen made up his mind-he was going to hunt Realmwind Insects in real life .

With Banana Fairy around, as long as he didn’t enter the underground tunnel, there shouldn’t be any danger . He could also take a look and see if An Sheng and the rest were still inside the ruins .

If they hadn’t entered the tunnel, he could meet up with them .

However, Zhou Wen felt that they had already entered the underground tunnel . It was highly likely that he had to go down the tunnel as well .

After packing his things, Zhou Wen left the tent . He planned on informing Lu Yunxian and the others to remain while he made a trip to the ruins .

Zhao Xin and company were chatting when they saw Zhou Wen coming over . Zhao Xin asked casually, “With your serious injuries, why aren’t you resting in the tent? Just shout if you need anything . ”

“My injuries are much better . I want to go into the ruins to take a look . Stay here . If An Sheng comes back, tell him not to enter the ruins again . Wait here for me . ” Zhou Wen turned around and left .

Zhao Xin and company widened their eyes . Previously, Lu Yunxian had mentioned that Zhou Wen would definitely head to the ruins, but they didn’t believe him . Now, they had no choice but to believe him .

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“Zhou Wen, there’s the strange spatial wind in the ruins . It’s useless even if you go . You will just suffer a pointless death,” said Zhao Xin .

“I’ve already thought of a way to deal with spatial winds . You don’t have to worry about me . ” Zhou Wen didn’t plan on letting them go, so he didn’t stay any longer and walked away .

“Young Master Wen, I’ll go with you . ” Lu Yunxian was already prepared, so he chased after him .

The remaining three looked at each other . Finally, it was Zhao Xin who said, “Let’s go and take a look outside the ruins . If they die in the ruins, we might be able to find a way to collect their corpses . ”

“Brother Zhao, do you think Zhou Wen has really thought of a way to crack the spatial wind?” asked another person .

“How is that possible? Adjutant An couldn’t even crack it, and Zhou Wen doesn’t cultivate in wind-elemental Primordial Energy Arts, and he’s only at the Legendary stage . How can he possibly succeed?” Zhao Xin wasn’t convinced .

“If Zhou Wen really cracked it, should we follow him in?” the person asked .

“It’s not going to happen, so why are you thinking so much? Let’s go take a look first . ” Zhao Xin then put on his raincoat and the three of them left the tent together .

When they arrived at the ruins, Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian had already entered . Thankfully, the blood rain inside the ruins was lighter, allowing them to see their figures clearly .

“Zhou Wen, Battalion Commander Lu, we’re here to receive you . Call for help if you need anything . ” Zhao Xin didn’t dare enter the ruins as he shouted to Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian .

Zhou Wen ignored him . He had persuaded Lu Yunxian against following him, but Lu Yunxian refused to return . All Zhou Wen could do was let follow him into the ruins .

I wonder if the Realmwind Insects are located in the same spots as in-game? Zhou Wen looked at a stone pillar . If the location was the same, he could directly go up to kill the Realmwind Insects without waiting for them to release the Realmwind .

With this thought in mind, Zhou Wen clenched the hilt of his Bamboo Blade and slowly approached the stone pillar . Regardless of whether they were in the same position as the game, there was no harm in trying

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