Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 283

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Chapter 283: 283

Chapter 283 Strange Underground Vehicle

Zhou Wen’s eyes illuminated like two miniature floodlights, shooting out two light beams into the dark tunnel . Although the main purpose of this skill was to see through things, viewing things in the darkness wasn’t too difficult either . The only limitation was that it could only view things that were close by, not something too far away .

The sound of a train in the darkness wasn’t far from the exit . With a glance, Zhou Wen’s expression immediately changed .

There was actually a vehicle in the dark tunnel . It came up from the bottom, it wasn’t a train but a strange vehicle made of stone and wood .

The design of the vehicle looked ancient . It was a square-shaped horse-drawn carriage . However, the vehicle didn’t have any horses or other creatures pulling it . At the front of the carriage was a human-shaped puppet . It stood at a stand at the front of the vehicle, both hands holding onto a crank . Its body moved up and down as it rhythmically rotated the stone crank .

With the rotation of the stone crank, the strange vehicle moved up the stone steps . The stone wheels collided with the edge of the stone steps, producing loud thuds . It moved at a rather slow speed .

Beside the puppet was a wooden rod with a stone lamp hanging from it . The light that Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian saw earlier was emitted from the stone lamp .

Apart from the puppet, there were no other creatures to be seen . It was as if the puppet was driving the vehicle .

The puppet was strange . It looked human, but its face was flat without any facial features, making it look very bizarre .

rre .

Zhou Wen only took a few looks before the strange stone carriage reached the mouth of the entrance . It then slowly came to a stop .

Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian sized up the strange vehicle warily, but after the carriage left the stone path, it stopped moving . The puppet on it seemed to have used up all its energy . It stopped there and kept the pose of rotating the crank .

Lu Yunxian leaped up, but he didn’t approach the vehicle . He only wanted to jump up to see what was inside the vehicle .

“Lu Ning!” After Lu Yunxian reached a certain height, his gaze fell on the back of the vehicle and he screamed .

Zhou Wen also flew up to look inside . He saw that there was only a woman lying there . She looked like she had passed out . Apart from that, there was nothing else . It was empty inside the vehicle .

Zhou Wen kind of knew the woman-Lu Ning who had come with An Sheng . Zhou Wen had a deep impression of her, especially her Snow Fox . It had powerful ice elemental powers, making Zhou Wen envious .

“I’ll go see if she’s dead . ” Lu Yunxian said as he prepared to jump onto the strange vehicle .

“Don’t go yet . ” Zhou Wen had a nagging feeling that the vehicle was a little strange . He stopped Lu Yunxian and used Demonic Astral Wheel to suck at the vehicle .

The unconscious Lu Ning was immediately sucked out by him and she flew towards Zhou Wen’s palm .

With Liu Chengzhi having served his lesson, Zhou Wen was a lot warier . He didn’t touch Lu Ning; instead, he retracted his strength, causing Lu Ning to fall to the ground .

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He didn’t know if she was dead or not, but she did not react at all when she fell to the ground . She just lay there motionless .

Zhou Wen first used the Light of Penetration to look at Lu Ning and discovered that her heart was still beating . Her bodily functions seemed normal .

However, the strange thing was that inside her body, there were many extremely slender worms that looked like snakes squirming along her veins . It looked abnormally terrifying

Zhou Wen had an inkling that the reason Lu Ning was unconscious was probably because of these worms .

The worms were like strands of hair that squirmed through the blood vessels . Even her heart and organs were filled with them .

“She’s still alive and doesn’t seem to be injured . Her heart is also beating . For some reason, she’s unconscious,” Lu Yunxian said as he checked Lu Ning’s body .

“Her raincoat has been torn, so she can’t avoid the blood rain here . It’s not convenient to treat her here . Take her back to the tent first . We can ask her what happened inside when she’s awake . ” Seeing that there were no signs of the hair-like worms drilling out of her body, Zhou Wen got Lu Yunxian to wrap Lu Ning in a rainproof cloth he had brought along . Lu Yunxian then piggybacked her out of the ruins .

When Zhao Xin and company saw Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian coming out unscathed and bringing someone back, they were quite surprised .

“Lu Ning! What happened to her?” Zhao Xin was shocked when he saw Lu Ning .

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He knew Lu Ning’s might . Her ice-elemental Primordial Energy Art was considered top-notch at the Epic stage . With the help of many excellent-grade Companion Beasts, not many people could defeat her .

Now that Lu Ning had been brought back by Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian in a coma, it meant that the situation below wasn’t looking good .

“What happened? How’s Adjutant An and the rest?” Zhao Xin asked .

“I don’t know . When we arrived at the entrance of the underground tunnel, we happened to see her come out . We will have to wake her up before we can figure out what happened underground,” Zhou Wen said .

“Let me try . I have an Ivy Companion Beast with good healing abilities . ” As Zhao Xin spoke, he summoned a plant-type Companion Beast .

The green vine wrapped around Lu Ning’s body like a snake, its sprouts crawled across Ning’s face and reached into her nostrils, mouth, and ears, producing some liquid that resembled water .

The liquid had decent healing properties . Even a severely injured person would be able to temporarily awaken .

However, despite Zhao Xi making the green vines produce the liquid, he failed to wake Lu Ning .

“Strange… If she’s only injured, the Rejuvenation Juice would still be effective even if her brain has been injured . Why isn’t she reacting at all? Could she have been hypnotized?” Zhao Xin asked, puzzled .

The others did not have any treatment abilities . They looked at each other, but there was nothing they could come up with .

“Don’t let your Companion Beast waste its energy . Let it rest for a while . It might be needed later,” Zhou Wen said to Zhao Xin .

“Young Master Wen, do you have a solution?” Zhao Xin had changed his mind and called him Young Master Wen like Lu Yunxian .

“I’ll give it a try . It’s a last-ditch effort . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, he flicked his wrist . A strange energy condensed in his hand, forming a metal syringe .

Walking to Lu Ning’s side, Zhou Wen’s eyes stared at Lu Ning like a floodlight . At the same time, he injected the syringe into Lu Ning’s arm .

When he was in school, he had learned about injections, but it was limited to the basics . Furthermore, it was only theory with no practicals . Zhou Wen was only trying to see if Doctor Darkness’s poison could kill the strange worms inside Lu Ning’s body .

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