Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: 284

Chapter 284 Operation

Zhou Wen pushed the syringe in very slowly because he didn’t know how much poison was needed to kill the worms . If the dosage was too high, he might poison Lu Ning to death . He couldn’t be too reckless .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen had experienced the poison himself in-game, so he knew at what concentration it would be fatal . Although it was by his own standards, Lu Ning was at the Epic stage, so she likely could endure more than he could .

As the poison slowly entered Lu Ning’s body, Zhou Wen carefully observed her reaction to see if there was any change in the strange worms due to the poison .

If they struggled too hard, he feared that they might damage Lu Ning’s body . When that happened, Lu Ning’s body would be riddled with holes . Even if the worms were poisoned to death, it would be useless .

However, with how serious Lu Ning’s situation was, he could only take the risk and give it a try . If he didn’t get rid of the worms, she would die sooner or later anyway .

Fortunately, the worst situation that worried everyone didn’t happen . After the poison was injected into Lu Ning, her body started to twitch violently, but it did not wake her up .

Zhao Xin and company looked at Lu Ning worriedly, but Zhou Wen continued to inject more of the poison without any expression . He carefully controlled the amount .

It looked like Lu Ning was in great pain, but it was the result of the poison acting up, not because of the strange worms .

The poison flowed through her bloodstream . It was excruciating, but very effective . After absorbing the poisoned blood or being corroded by the poison, the worms quickly stopped squirming .

Before long, all the worms in Lu Ning’s body had been killed, but it didn’t ease Zhou Wen’s furrowed brows . After the worms died, their corpses remained in Lu Ning’s body . This might lead to a blockage, causing problems .

If he couldn’t remove the hair-like worms, death was a certainty for Lu Ning . It was obvious that she had not fully recovered from her persistent coma .

But to extract such thin worms from so many tiny blood vessels, and with so many of them in her organs, even the best surgeon in the world wouldn’t be able to cut open her blood vessels and organs to extract the worms, right? Zhou Wen thought to himself .

As though sensing Zhou Wen’s thoughts, Doctor Darkness informed him with a strong thought, as though telling him that he could do it .

This left Zhou Wen somewhat astonished . Although every Companion Beast had their own will, most of them didn’t have much of a mind of their own . Up to now, Zhou Wen only had four Companion Beasts that could clearly express their thoughts:

Truth Listener, Banana Fairy, Ghost Bride, and Doctor Darkness .

Doctor Darkness was born from the Dead Man Tree . It might be extraordinary . Zhou Wen was a little worried . If Doctor Darkness really gained complete sentience in the future, would he turn back into that crazy doctor?

He summoned Doctor Darkness and he walked to Lu Ning, his slender fingers holding a scalpel .

Zhao Xin and company looked at Doctor Darkness who was holding the scalpel like a puppet . They knew that it was Zhou Wen’s Companion Beast, but they didn’t know why he had summoned one .

To have a Companion Beast operate on humans? This was not something they would have come up with even in their wildest dreams .

Indeed, many Companion Beasts possessed powerful healing abilities that could even revive those on the brink of death . However, they were manifestations of dimensional power, and surgery was a professional technique that was completely different from simple powers .

In the next second, Doctor Darkness completely overturned their understanding of Companion Beasts . The scalpel in Doctor Darkness’s hand flashed as it sliced through Lu Ning’s blood vessels . Then, with a syringe in hand, he injected the poison into her blood vessels . The entire process was so fluid that it was harrowing

If not for the fact that there were no medical equipment, they might even feel like they were watching the most outstanding doctor in an operation theater .

As the poison entered her body, Lu Ning’s body convulsed once more . Then, at the spots where the blood vessels had been cut open, blood slowly flowed out . The hair-like strange worms flowed out with them .

Zhao Xin and the rest were shocked when they saw the strange worms . They could not help but exclaim, “What the heck are those?”

After Doctor Darkness was done, he returned to Zhou Wen’s side . Zhou Wen was depressed as he thought, You are just leaving it like that? If she continues bleeding, she will die from excessive blood loss despite your removal of the strange worms .

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“I want her alive,” Zhou Wen said to Doctor Darkness .

Doctor Darkness didn’t have the ability to answer . All he did was send a thought to Zhou Wen, as though he was saying that he was only responsible for extracting the strange worms .

He’s still so toxic after becoming a Companion Beast . It’s no wonder he’s called Doctor Darkness . Zhou Wen had no choice but to say to Zhao Xin, “Use your Ivy to help Lu Ning . Don’t let her bleed out . ”

When Zhao Xin heard this, he summoned the Ivy again, letting it secrete the Rejuvenation Juice to nourish Lu Ning’s injured body .

The Rejuvenation Juice was rather effective . When all the strange worms had finally flowed out of the wounds, Lu Ning didn’t die from excessive blood loss . Instead, she woke up .

“Alright, stop her bleeding . ” Zhou Wen had used Doctor Darkness’s Light of Penetration to keep an eye on her the entire process . Seeing that all the strange worms had flowed out, he immediately got Zhao Xin and the rest to stop her bleeding .

The openings that Doctor Darkness had sliced were tiny . At first, it was the effects of the venom that caused the blood to flow out . When the effects of the poisons reduced, the blood would stop flowing once all the strange worms were purged . Zhou Wen couldn’t help but marvel at Doctor Darkness’s control over the poison .

“Lu Ning, how do you feel? Can you speak?” Zhou Wen asked when he saw Lu Ning open her eyes .

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Lu Ning’s eyes couldn’t focus in the beginning . It took her a while to recover . After identifying Zhou Wen and company, her face revealed a look of puzzlement as she struggled to sit up and asked hoarsely, “Why am I here?”

“It was Young Master Wen who rescued you . You aren’t aware, but you were unconscious when you were brought back . Young Master Wen’s Companion Beast showed its prowess and extracted the strange worms from your body…” Zhao Xin said as he looked at the strange, hair-like worms that coiled together on the ground . He couldn’t help but shiver .

The thought of so many worms entering a body made him shudder .

Lu Ning’s expression changed when she saw the strange worms . She seemed to finally regain complete consciousness and became angry . “Lord Alcohol and those b*stards didn’t come to help Adjutant An in a search and rescue operation . After we arrived at the underground battlefield, they suddenly revealed their true colors . They attacked us, sending us down a fault . ”

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