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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 285

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:24:01 AM

Chapter 285: Chapter 285 - Underground Tunnel

Chapter 285 Underground Tunnel

Zhou Wen and company were shocked when they heard that . Lu Yunxian hurriedly asked, “Lu Ning, make yourself clear . What happened?”

Lu Ning recounted everything that had happened . After following the marks left behind by Ouyang Lan, they found the entrance to the underground tunnel . Then, An Sheng led the rest in .

However, not long after they entered, the entrance to the passageway suddenly closed . A large amount of black liquid seeped out from the crevices in the rocks .

When they took a closer look, it wasn’t a liquid but worms that resembled strands of hair . The number of worms was immeasurable like a tidal wave . The moment the worms touched their bodies, they entered through their pores, quickly knocking them unconscious .

If one had too many worms in one’s body, it would be fatal .

The passageway couldn’t be opened, and they still needed to rescue Ouyang Lan . An Sheng could only order them to retreat deeper underground . After traveling for some time, they finally escaped the worm tide and found a strange underground temple .

Just as An Sheng gave the order to explore the temple, Lord Alcohol and the rest suddenly launched a sneak attack on An Sheng and Lu Ning . An Sheng was caught off guard and was thrown down the fault where the worm tide was everywhere . Although Lu Ning put up a resistance, she was outnumbered . She too was thrown down the fault .

Lu Ning only remembered that she had fallen into the worm tide and fainted . She thought she was dead for sure, so she never expected to see Zhou Wen and company when she opened her eyes .

Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian frowned after hearing that . “Don’t you know that when you came out, you were in a strange vehicle?”

“What vehicle?” Lu Ning frowned .

With Lu Ning truly unaware of this, Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian were puzzled . From what Lu Ning said, it was naturally impossible for Lord Alcohol and the rest to be magnanimous and rescue her . There was something fishy about all of this .

“Lu Ning, can you draw a map for me of places you walked past and the things you encountered?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Yes, but we were constantly on the run back then . I can remember the general direction, but not the path . I do remember some special landmarks . ” Lu Ning took a pen and paper and wrote some fragmented information .

“Have a good rest . We’ll think of a way to rescue them . ” Zhou Wen took the information and prepared to return to game . He planned on following Lu Ning’s route first .

Lu Ning shook her head and did not say anything . They only had a few people left, so how could they go in to rescue the rest? Furthermore, An Sheng had already fallen into the sea of worms . The chances of survival were slim .

Zhou Wen didn’t believe that a person like An Sheng would die so easily . Furthermore, the former principal was probably inside . He had to go in, no matter what .

After returning to his tent, Zhou Wen switched on the mysterious phone and entered the Zhuolu instance dungeon, arriving at the entrance to the underground tunnel .

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The game didn’t have the strange vehicle . Zhou Wen looked at the information Lu Ning wrote and directly controlled the blood-colored avatar to enter the tunnel .

The tunnel was dark and damp, and the stone steps were covered with moss . On both sides of the tunnel were partially dug out artificial stone walls . He could tell that this was supposed to be an underground cave, but it was slightly widened .

Not long after he entered the passageway, he heard a loud bang . The passageway’s entrance was blocked by a stone door, and the passageway turned dark .

Zhou Wen was somewhat unused to the darkness . Without Truth Listener’s ability, just his vision alone was insufficient . He couldn’t see anything in the darkness .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen still had Doctor Darkness to rely on . He activated Light of Penetration, and immediately Zhou Wen’s eyes shot out light beams, allowing him to see everything within ten meters .

This glance made Zhou Wen’s scalp tingle . He saw that there were many cracks on the stone walls . Countless strands of the strange hair-like worms were gushing out from the cracks, just as Lu Ning had described-they resembled black liquid .

Zhou Wen summoned the banana fan and fanned at the surrounding hair-like worms . Wherever the wind passed, the worms were immediately blown away . Slamming into the mountain wall, they turned to crushed ice and died .

‘Killed Legendary creature, Blood Threadworm… Killed Legendary creature, Blood Threadworm… Killed Legendary creature, Blood Threadworm…’ With one flap of the fan, the system’s notification flooded the screen .

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They are only at the Legendary level? Zhou Wen was slightly disappointed . He didn’t expect such strange worms to only be at the Legendary stage . However, they were still very impressive for drilling into the body of an Epic expert and causing her to enter a coma .

From the looks of it, level suppression isn’t absolute . The power of these Blood Threadworms is rather special and with such copious numbers of them, it’s no wonder even Epic experts have to avoid them . When Zhou Wen saw that the Blood Threadworms were surging over at him like a tidal wave, he didn’t waste his Primordial Energy any further . He immediately ran deeper into the passageway .

Lu Ning slept for more than ten hours and used some Primordial Energy Crystals . When she woke up again, she looked much better .

When Lu Yunxian saw Lu Ning sit up, he suddenly asked her, “Lu Ning, would you dare to enter the underground tunnel again?”

“If Adjutant An is already dead, what’s the point of us entering again?” Lu Ning sighed . “Now that I think of it, we were desperately running for our lives after we entered the tunnel . I didn’t realize it back then, but on second thought, we were led by Lord Alcohol and the rest the entire time . They were familiar with the underground world from the very beginning . They aren’t here to save Madam Lan . They have hatched a plot . ”

“No matter what motives they have, I don’t believe Adjutant An will die so easily . Furthermore, Young Master Wen will definitely go in to reinforce Adjutant An . But we don’t understand the situation inside too well . If it’s possible, I hope that you can follow us into the underground tunnel,” Lu Yunxian said . There were certain things that Zhou Wen didn’t need to do, but he needed to make plans .

“Young Master Wen? Do you mean Zhou Wen? I know he has great potential, but he’s only at the Legendary stage . In such a terrifying place, even we can’t protect ourselves . What can he do?”

Lu Yunxian didn’t elaborate . He looked at Lu Ning and asked, “Then are you still willing to enter the underground tunnel again? Just think of it as doing it for Adjutant An . ”

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Lu Ning gaped and was about to say something when she suddenly heard a clunking sound coming from the ruins . It sounded like a bell, but it did not sound like it was a result of metal colliding . It was more like the sound of stones colliding

Zhou Wen also heard the noise and immediately connected it to the strange vehicle . Furthermore, from the direction of the sound, it seemed to be coming from the entrance to the underground tunnel .

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