Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 287

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Chapter 287: Chapter 287 - Underground Starry Sky

Chapter 287 Underground Starry Sky

“Young Master Wen, I’ll go with you . ” Lu Yunxian rushed over and jumped onto the vehicle .

Lu Ning was still hesitating, but when she saw that the strange vehicle had already tilted and was about to slide into the underground tunnel, she gritted her teeth and let the Snow Fox rush her to the strange vehicle .

Lu Ning jumped onto the strange vehicle just as it slid down .

Cha-chuff… Cha-chuff… Cha-chuff…

The strange vehicle entered the tunnel, and like a roller coaster, it suddenly sped up and dived deeper underground .

Zhou Wen and company hurriedly grabbed the edge of the carriage and saw the scenery behind them rapidly retreating . The strange vehicle charged forward as though it was charging through the criss-crossing caves, but it seemed to have a fixed trajectory .

The puppet moved its arms, pushing the crank wildly; its body moving up and down like a sewing machine at full speed .

“Hold tight . Don’t get thrown out . ” The strange vehicle was too fast, and it didn’t slow down when it made turns . Zhou Wen and company nearly flew out due to the shift in their center of gravity .

The three of them grabbed onto the edge of the carriage as their bodies floated up . They waited for the bend to pass before slamming into the back of the carriage . Before they could heave a sigh of relief, the next bend was up .

Zhou Wen and Lu Yunxian were fine, but Lu Ning had yet to recover . These jolts made her expression change .

Fortunately, Lu Ning was not a pampered child . She had traveled across the League as a mercenary hunter, hunting countless dimensional creatures . She had experienced many battles and had encountered situations many times more difficult than she was in now . This wasn’t enough to throw her into a panic .

After a while, the slope of the cave slowed down and the speed of the strange vehicle slowed down .

Zhou Wen and company could finally sit safely in the carriage without being flung around .

Lu Yunxian held onto the edge of the carriage and stood up . He looked outside and saw stone walls and tunnels . Looking around, he soon realized that he couldn’t even tell which direction they were facing .

“Young Master Wen, I don’t even know where I’m heading to now . ” Lu Yunxian looked at Zhou Wen helplessly .

“Lu Ning, look around . Do you remember this place?” Zhou Wen asked Lu Ning .

He knew the direction and had even memorized the route of the strange vehicle . His focus allowed him to remember everything even under harsh conditions . This was not something the average person could do .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t say this out loud . Instead, he asked Lu Ning .

Lu Ning’s face was pale . She stood up, with the help of the carriage’s sides, and looked around . After a while, she said, “There are no obvious landmarks here . It’s the same as the average cave . I don’t know if I’ve been here before . ”

After some thought, Zhou Wen agreed . There weren’t any special characteristics here other than stone walls and forks everywhere . Furthermore, with their poor eyesight, they only had a visibility of less than twenty meters from the illumination of the stone lamp at the front of the vehicle .

Suddenly, their eyes lit up . They saw a starry sky appear in the darkness in front of them . In the pitch-black night sky, countless stars shimmered .

Zhou Wen and company quickly discovered that it wasn’t the night sky but a type of ore on the dark stone walls . It was similar to mica which gave off fascinating lights .

The vehicle traveled in the dark cave, and with the scattered ores looking like stars, it felt like they were flying in the starry sky . It was so beautiful that it made one’s soul feel liberated .

“Not good . When we came here, we passed similar places . Beside those strange light-emitting ores are strange Epic creatures . They resemble bats but do not have sonar skills . Their eyes will shoot out light beams . Once contact is made, the body will melt like snow . It’s extremely terrifying,” Lu Ning said .

“How many did you meet earlier?” Zhou Wen asked as he looked at the top of the stone tunnel .

“We met three in total, but we didn’t encounter them together . Otherwise, there might have been casualties,” Lu Ning said .

“Then you might want to be mentally prepared now,” Zhou Wen said with a strange expression .

Lu Ning and Lu Yunxian couldn’t see clearly, but Zhou Wen could see using Doctor Darkness’s Light of Penetration . There were white bat-shaped dimensional creatures hanging from the ceiling . He had no idea how many there were since he couldn’t count them all .

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Just as Lu Ning was about to ask him what he meant, she heard the flapping of her wings . A large swath of white bats swooped down from the ceiling like a thick layer of white cloud . Countless bats had flown over .

When Lu Ning saw this, the last of the color in her face drained . Just the number of bats flying over numbered at least a hundred . And this was limited to what she could see . She had no idea how many more she couldn’t see in the darkness .

When they first came, they had taken quite a lot of effort to kill a white bat . Now, to have so many bats charging at them, it could be said that they had just been passed the death sentence .

Lu Yunxian and Zhou Wen prepared for combat . Lu Yunxian didn’t know how powerful the white bats were, but Zhou Wen did . However, he wasn’t afraid . He had already seen these white bats in-game .

The light beams produced by the white bats’ eyes were indeed powerful, but Zhou Wen had his ways of dealing with them .

Seeing large swaths of bats fly over, Zhou Wen held the banana fan and waved it at the bats . An invisible Grand Yin Wind gushed out, sending the white bats flying .

Lu Ning summoned the Snow Fox and was about to fight to the death when she saw Zhou Wen standing in front of the vehicle, holding an extremely beautiful fan in his hand . He gently fanned the white cloud-like bats .

The white bats suddenly seemed to be swept away by an invisible force . They flew out and slammed into the stone ceiling, their bodies shattering from the impact . One by one, they smashed loudly into the surrounding stone walls and stone steps around them .

Lu Ning looked at Zhou Wen in a daze, unable to believe her eyes . The might of the fan had actually killed nearly a hundred white bats . It was truly astounding . She found it unbelievable that it was the work of a Legendary student like Zhou Wen .

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She could accept it if that had been done by a top-notch Epic expert . Yet, Zhou Wen, a Legendary, was able to produce such might . She found it surreal .

Zhou Wen didn’t find it strange . The banana fan was a top-notch Epic and the white bats also had their weaknesses . They were extremely fast and most Epic experts would find it difficult to injure them . Together with their terrifying eye beam skills, they were indeed tough to deal with .

However, the white bat’s weakness was that its Constitution was too low . It was the weakest among Epic creatures with about 20 points . It was not much stronger than a Legendary . It couldn’t withstand the Grand Yin Wind and could not avoid its huge area-of-effect attack . It could be said that the banana fan was its nemesis .

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